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Hi, I'm Martina

I help women feel holistically beautiful inside and out with makeup, skin care, confidence and beauty from the inside. The goal is that you can experience a truly healthy and fulfilling life and really live your dreams! 


“Martina showed me what really matters for skin care and how to feel well inside and out. She answered all my questions and I got useful makeup and nutrition tips that I’m still using everyday. I love watching Martina’s live videos and reading her newsletters, because they help me question my own way of life over and over again! I did her 7 Day Beauty Challenge and was able to exchange my experiences with other likeminded women. Martina has a great positive energy and is amazing in coaching women about makeup, beauty and lifestyle!”


“I learned how to create a decent, fresh and personally tailored makeup look with the right tools and in no time.”


“I appreciated the fact that I could work with my own products, so I could continue to practice right away. I learned how little it takes to make a big difference. Thank you!”


“Less is more! Martina taught me how simple it is to apply mineral makeup, eyeshadow and blush to create a very natural look!”