FEATURED GLOW GIRL Founder of Bossy Woman Audane Leger

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Audane and I met as part of working with the same coach in a Mastermind group! I love her vibrant energy and her bossy vibes so much and am happy to introduce her to you!

What is your title?

I am the Founder of Bossy Woman

What is your business all about?

My business is centered around personal development and lifestyle design. I help to teach millennial women how to design their most empowered life and cover topics such as increasing self worth, feeling confident, and creating a fabulous lifestyle.

What inspired you do to what you're doing? WHY are you doing this?

I was once that girl who did not know how to realize her dreams. I always knew I wanted to start some sort of business and when I discovered the online business world, I was hooked. I started out teaching business and marketing primarily and worked with some of the best of the best business and mindset coaches in the industry. I did not realize that it would be through this journey that I would massively raise my self worth, confidence and literally create a dream life. There were so many parts of myself I had to face in order to become the highest version of myself who could have a successful business.

After seeing all of the effects of shifting my mindset and removing all limiting beliefs that stopped me from living my best life, I knew I had to teach others how to do this. Regardless of if a woman is an entrepreneur, freelance, or working professional, we all need this internal work, and I am making it a part of my mission to spread the wealth of knowledge of how to live an empowered life to as many women as possible.

What does living a glowing life mean to you?

A glowing life to me means fiercely going after what you want in life, regardless of what others think. To be the boss of your life and design it exactly as you wish.

What advice do you have for my readers about living a glowing life?

Fear is the number one thing that stops people from living a glowing life. Stop to think about where this fear is coming from and ask yourself, is this even real? What am I really afraid of? What is the worst that could happen? Examine your fears and then kick them to the curb, so you can shine your light!

What 3 things are you most grateful for right now?

  1. My health

  2.  The path that I am on in life

  3. The amazing people that I am surrounded by who inspire me to push myself to be the best everyday.

What mantra do you live by?

I constantly ask myself how I can bring the most love and compassion into everyday situations. When in doubt, choose love!

What would you tell someone who wants more from life, but still has lots of fears standing in the way?

Get rid of it!! Spend time journaling out what kind of life you want to live. What legacy you want to leave on this earth. Is letting fear get in the way really worth it? Time flies and you do not want to get to a point of regret and "what if's."

What podcasts are you listening to?

The Almost 30 Podcast, Love Alexi and The goop podcast come to mind!

What does your morning routine look like?

Delicious and healthy breakfast, meditate, and journal!

What is your favorite self-care activity you NEVER skip?

I meditate every single day, and it is what helps to keep me sane and grounded!

This or That?

Drink: Almond Matcha Latte
Travel: Adventure & Luxury
Skin Care: Toner/Serum


Email: hello@bossywomaninc.com
Website: bossywomaninc.com
Instagram: @bossywomaninc