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What is your title?


What is your business all about?

I help people live the life of their dreams through values and emotion led financial planning. Every single person has stories around money. The stories can be both positive and negative. And there are values and emotions at the root of all financial decisions - from the groceries you buy to the way you earn a living. Through my courses and 1:1 programs, I help people first become conscious of how the money stories, values and emotions are currently affecting their spending and earning decisions. Then we quite literally explore the life of your dreams through specialized visualization techniques. And then you decide which stories, values and emotions you want to change or focus on in the coming weeks and months to attain the life of your dreams. We then create a budget and other digital tools to keep you on-track and connected your motivational values and emotions.

What inspired you do to what you're doing? WHY are you doing this?

I was inspired to create values and emotions led financial planning when I realized that, even with my 20 years of accounting knowledge and experience, my mind went completely blank when it came to making and sticking with a financial plan for myself and my business. Because of my money stories, I experienced mental blocks and negative emotional associations with things like pricing my products and creating a realistic budget.

And I saw it in the female entrepreneurs I was working with in my accounting firm. These women were some of the most innovative and creative people I had ever met. Their intelligence and understanding of the complexities of their fields was awe inspiring. And yet, I could see their eyes glaze over and their confidence falter when we started to talk about the money flowing into and out of their businesses. It wasn't about intelligence. It was about the stories they (and others) have been telling themselves around numbers and money.

But my big why is about something both bigger and smaller.

Bigger - I want to help change the current financial systems. I want to help women shift the power dynamics with money through teaching the financial independence.

Smaller - I want to model and teach my two daughters how to be financial independent.

What does living a glowing life mean to you?

For me, a glowing life means consciously choosing joy. By that I mean that I actively try to become more conscious of the thoughts and emotions motivating me as a tool in creating a life that fills me with joy. I seek joy and beauty and magic in the mundane. It also means that I make it a practice to remain open. I remain open to life to surprise me beyond my wildest dreams. And I remain open to people defining their dreams on their own terms.

What advice do you have for my readers about living a glowing life?

My advice to readers is an invitation to them to start to become more conscious about the emotions and values driving their financial decisions. It's already happening because we all do it. And its easy to get started in finding the link between your emotions and your money.

I will give you one example: Summer Vacation

Two driving emotions and values for me for 2019 are: Ease & Celebration

Ease. Flow. Alignment.
Win-Win. Anti-hustle meaning no more panicked, heart racing hustling for my worth decision making. I am an action taker and I want it to be from a place of joy, inner inspiration and alignment with my energy - body, mind and spirit - and with the intention of helping others.

I turned 40 this year. And in many ways, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I wanted to celebrate my birthday surrounded by the people I care the most about and enjoying quality, ease-filled time with them.

What does this mean on a decision by decision basis? Specifically, in 2019, I wanted to take my daughters to the beach for a vacation.

So on the last day of school, we are headed to the US to visit my family. For part of the trip, we will spend one week on the beach while visiting a cousin that is very dear to me.

How did I choose ease and win-win in this financial decision of taking a summer vacation? So many ways. These priorities affected the flights I choose - not the cheapest, but at times that meant everyone got enough rest. We have a connecting flight. Instead of a long layover, I booked us a night in a hotel with a free airport shuttle and continental breakfast.

I bought us passes to the airport lounge for our outward bound flight. Why? Because this airport lounge is the nicest of the airline’s and offers snacks and foods my kids love. We are flying at dinner time and I want them to enjoy the fun of the all-you-can eat snacks while we lounge in a safe, comfortable, enclosed area.

We get to celebrate the start of summer vacation in style. I don’t get nagged about buying something at every airport shop. And we all get to relax. We all get food we want. And I don’t have to worry about them wandering off in an international airport. The lounge costs 75 euros. That is the probably less than the price of a restaurant meal for three and impulse buys from the airport shops.

Are you going on a vacation? Or are you choosing little luxuries or moments of relaxation throughout your month? This is how you begin to build an emotions and values led financial plan.

Why does it matter? Because you deserve to live the life of your dreams. And getting to those dreams means getting as specific as possible about the details of how you want to feel and be.

What 3 things are you most grateful for right now?

  1. That effortless joy I feel when leading workshops. It is truly fascinating to me when students share their unique money stories and also so motivating to me to hear the amazing dreams people have for their lives and for the world as a whole.

  2. My two daughters - they are healthy, thriving, and I feel lucky to be their mother.

  3. One of my dreams for 2019 is about to come true - celebrating my 40th birthday on the beach with people I love

What mantra do you live by?

Stay open and trust in the best possible outcome.

What would you tell someone who wants more from life, but still has lots of fears standing in the way?

  • Fear is a story. It was incredibly powerful for me to realize that my fears are stories that I have attached emotions to. It gave me mental distance when I could see the fears as repetitive stories that play over and over like a broken record.

  • Fear tries to protect you. I stopped asking, "Why do I have these fears?" And instead ask, "What happened in my life?" What happened in my past that caused my mind to create these fearful thoughts as a way to try and protect me? The mind creates these stories to protect us, but, instead, it ends up creating more fear.

  • Change your mind. Neurologists say, "What fires together, wires together." The thoughts we repeat and give our attention to quite literally form neural pathways in our brains by neurons firing and wiring together. The great news is that when your thoughts change, you can also permanently change these neural pathways. A person can change their minds through changing the stories (i.e. fears) they tell themselves.

What podcasts are you listening to?

I love podcasts. I cycle and use public transportation here in The Netherlands. So I have plenty of time to listen to podcasts.

The RobCast, The Tim Ferriss Show, The Lively Show, Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History, On Being with Krista Tippet, How I Built This, Oprah's Masterclass, and Oprah's Super Soul Conversations.

What does your morning routine look like?

I lay out my clothes in the bathroom the night before. So I shower first thing, dress, and put on SPF 15 face cream. I eat breakfast - usually these egg cups things I make and a cup of coffee with lactose free milk. Then I wake up my daughters - get them dressed, fed, etc. I ride them to school on my bike.

What is your favorite self-care activity you NEVER skip?

I practice Bikram yoga 4-5 days per week. I have never before felt so physically and mentally balanced. And I get my best ideas during and afterwards.

This or That?

Drink: Coffee
Travel: Adventure & Luxury
Skin Care: Toner / Serum


Jennifer has an online course to plan your ideal year. Click here to learn more.