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What is your title?

Designer at JOA

What is your business all about?

JOA creates jackets out of garments their local charity shop can't sell. This way, we save the clothes from a long journey around the globe to then end up in landfills and pollute our planet immensely. We cut those clothes up and remake them into unique one-off jackets. All made locally in East London in our own mini-factory, each jacket is unique and our design and production processes go hand in hand. 30% of our profits go back to the same charity shop. We want to change the way fashion is operating, starting within our own niche.

JOA is also offering the sentimental service, if you have any clothes at home that are of sentimental value - like your grandfather's suits, or old broken jeans - you can book an appointment with us and we will remake them into your own personal JOA jacket.

What inspired you do to what you're doing? WHY are you doing this?

The three co-founders Julie, Olivia and Anna met when they were studying the MA Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion, a course about sustainability, fashion and our future. Learning about everything concerning our planet, people and fashion, we decided that the measures other companies are taking are mostly not enough, and we also thought that up cycling has never really reached its full potential. This is when we started working on our own business plan. We won a student enterprise award in March this year and at the moment, we are crowdfunding our business.

We truly believe that the fashion industry has to change away from modern slavery, pollution, transport madness, and landfills. We see the future in locally produced goods and communities that work together, a circular and local economy.

What does living a glowing life mean to you?

My cat taught me to appreciate the small things in life, like flies on the walls and the leaves blowing in the wind. How beautiful the world around us is and how much we already have.

A glowing life means some kind of balance within myself, giving myself space to breath, create, work, socialise, sleep and care for myself. JOA truly believes that everything we do influences the world we live in, this is why we want to produce our jackets in our own mini factory, to make sure everybody making the jackets live their best lives, you could call it a karma production.

What advice do you have for my readers about living a glowing life?

Something I read in my astrology charts was that I am a person who has the need for eternal learning and I believe a sense of curiosity and lust for discovery keeps your spirits up.

Another advice I would give is to connect with your surroundings, get to know your neighbors, really appreciate your own neighborhood.

What 3 things are you most grateful for right now?

As JOA right now, we are most grateful for the support system that around us, all the people that believe in our vision and everyone helping us along the way. Personally, I am grateful for simple things like being healthy and being loved.

What mantra do you live by?

Look around you and realize that often everything you need is already there, just find a way to use, see, and breath it.

What would you tell someone who wants more from life, but still has lots of fears standing in the way?

I believe that one of the most important things in life is to trust yourself and allow yourself to be brave. It can be really hard to think positively and to just do something because it feels right, follow your instincts and don’t let your mind worry to much.

What podcasts are you listening to?

The Guilty Feminist Upstream

What does your morning routine look like?

I am someone who needs a lot of sleep, so my morning routine is quite short. I usually get up do 100 crunches, eat muesli with fruit, have a glass of water, shower, and get dressed. Picking out my outfit for the day is probably the most important part for me. Whatever I pick needs to fit my mood of the day, otherwise I don't feel right.

What is your favorite self-care activity you NEVER skip?

I go swimming twice a week, as much as it is to exercise, it is a treat for my soul as well.

This or That?

Drink: Almond Matcha Latte
Travel: Adventure
Skin Care: Face Mask


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