It Was NOT Love At The First Sight 😬


As you may know, meditation is a big part of my practice, of what I do for myself and what I teach my clients.

In the last few years, meditation has helped me…

  • Heal past trauma from bullying in childhood

  • Release shame and guilt around past relationships

  • Strengthen my self-confidence

  • Uncover my potential and become the best version of me

  • Speak up for myself and speak my truth more rather than just bottling up things inside of me

  • Get clarity about my life and my future

  • Ground down and feel safe and protected with who I am

  • Work through dark times

  • Release fears and blocks that kept me stuck in a life that wasn’t aligned with what I wanted

  • Manage stress and overwhelm

… and so much more!

Meditation is truly miraculous.

I Used To Hate My Practice

But let me be honest with you: Meditation and I weren’t love at the first sight! I remember in 2015, I had set my computer and phone passwords to something like „meditation15“, because it was my goal of that year to really learn to meditate.

I drastically failed. I joined meditation challenge after meditation challenge, 21-day courses, free email classes - I wasn’t able to do it. I stopped after the first three days and gave up. I downloaded all meditation apps that were available, had tried mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, transcendence meditation, zen meditation, Buddhist meditation and everything else that you can imagine.

It just didn’t click.

I told myself things like

I just can’t meditate.

Meditation is just not for me.

I’m not a meditation kind of person.

It is so difficult to not think anything!

I can’t do this!

It was a whole lot of BS excuses I was telling myself.

What Meditation 100% Is NOT

What happened was that I had expectations of what meditation was going to be like. I had thought meditating meant

  • Sitting still cross-legged for an hour

  • Changing OM for 30 minutes

  • Not thinking anything and just clearing my mind

  • It was going to be a blissful and enjoyable experience

  • Super easy to learn, because how can sitting still be difficult?

I was 100% wrong and had absolutely no idea about what meditation REALLY was.

Then, I Discovered Chakra Meditation

This is where it really clicked for me.

Chakras are energy centers along your spine in your subtle body. Every energy center has a different color, is responsible for a different area in your life and receives and sends out energy.

When your chakras are aligned, prana, life force, can seamlessly flow from the bottom of your spine to your crown and get you in alignment and flow.

When some of your chakras are overactive or under-active, the energy can’t flow and it creates stagnation and blockages.

Important: there is no right or wrong type of meditation. There is no „perfect“ meditation style that works for everyone.

You have to find what works for you. For me, that was chakra meditation. And that was about 2 years later than when I first set my password up for success (really: failure!).

So when it comes to meditation, it takes time to find what works for you!

New Class: Experiencing Freedom

Next Monday, August 26, I am teaching an online chakra meditation and journaling class on experiencing freedom, no matter what your job is or your relationship or your financial situation.

Freedom can start in your mind.

Click here to book your cushion for next week's online class on experiencing freedom. (LINK)

This Is What Your Class Will Look Like

We are going to activate your chakras in the meditation and do some collective breathing exercises to release pressure and tap into what freedom can truly feel like.

Then, I am going to guide you through some powerful journaling exercises to get clarity about what triggers you when it comes to judgment and how to heal past wounds that keep triggering unpleasant judgmental situations.

This is a 1-hour long class and is happening online, so you can show up in your pajama, with a face mask, or in your bathrobe. The cozier, the better.

Click here to book your cushion for next week's online class on Experiencing Freedom for $37 only.

Would love to see you there!