The Top 5 Things Meditation Changed In My Life


Meditation has completely transformed my life.

Important thing to know about meditation: Meditation is a practice. It’s not something you can tick off your list for life once you’ve meditated for a week. It’s not another to do on your checklist that you write in the morning.

Meditation Is A Lifestyle

It’s a way to live your life. When you regularly practice meditation, you become a different version of you. You handle life, stress, work, relationships, overwhelm, self-doubt, criticism yourself differently.

After practicing meditation for almost 3 years now, I’ve learned quite a bit and many things have changed.

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Here are the top 5 things that have changed in my life ever since I started meditating in 2016:

1. I learned to manage and own my stress and overwhelm

When I was still in my full-time management job, I used to tell everyone how busy and overwhelmed I was all the time when someone asked me „how are you?“. I always said things like „OMG, I have SO much going on!“. My mind was constantly running around like a headless chicken thinking about a million things at the same time.

Through meditation, I learned how to release the overwhelm. I learned that I needed to change the way I thought. I learned that it was a choice I made to constantly focus on the overwhelm. I learned that in moments of overwhelm, I actually can do something about it. Stop, breathe, be present for a few minutes, and refocus to better prioritize what’s really important right now.

2. I was able to take my self-confidence from 1 to 10

(Disclaimer: I am not always a 10. Sometimes, I’m an 8, or a 9, or a 7, but clearly far away from a 1!)

As someone who was bullied in childhood and constantly tried to fit in with the cool kids and pretended to be someone I wasn’t just to be „liked“, I never really liked who I was. I had learned that how I was wasn’t good enough. So I tried to be like them. Behave like them. Do things they would do - just so I don’t have to be myself, that me that no-one liked.

I was probably not even a 1 in my confidence, rather something way below 0 to be honest. Meditation helped me focus on me rather than on everyone else. It helped me look within, uncover all the deep wounds that had happened in earlier years. Acknowledging that they were part of me, but that I had all it takes to heal them.

Meditation helped me heal past wounds, let go of resentment, anger, disappointment from earlier years. It helped me #letgoandglow, so I could focus on who I was today and who I wanted to become rather than what happened in the past. I learned that by respecting and appreciating myself first, I would be respected and appreciated by others as well.

Step by step, I was able to grow my confidence with these powerful tools and chakra work.

3. I learned to always choose love over fear

Our true essence is: LOVE. We are born as love. Have you ever looked at a baby and not seen pure love? Love is our nature, it’s our superpower. However, our monkey mind is often very mean and fearful and tries to be stronger than love.

Love is expansion. Fear is contraction.

Meditation has helped me acknowledge the fears, observe them, understand them, and let them pass by. Meditation has helped me focus on love. Every time I’m tempted to react out of love, meditation brings me back to my essence, to love. I always choose love over fear and it brings me so much joy.

4. I learned to use my body as a compass

Meditation is a great tool to connect with your body. A way to understand what’s going on inside (and outside) of you. Your breath reflects your lifestyle. When you’re stressed out, you breathe faster. When you’re relaxed, you breathe slowly and long.

Meditation has helped me understand my body better, and therefore my patterns and my lifestyle. It has helped me observe where my breath goes and what that meant about what’s going on in my life right now. When the breath and your energy can’t flow freely in your body, stagnation will block the flow and create discomfort. Through meditation, you become an observer of your body.

Your body is literally the only thing you will ever own as long as you are on this planet. Everything else comes and goes. What a great tool to work with and understand yourself better!

5. I learned that I can manifest anything I want

Meditation has helped me get clarity like nothing else before. It helped me see clearly what I really want to do with my life, what I want my future to look like, the things I want to experience with my loved ones, the experiences I want to create for my clients.

I use powerful visualization techniques to get crystal clear about what I want and in my meditations, I’ve been able to energetically align with that vibration. When you’re on that vibration, you will attract like energy.

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