Your unique path to a glowing, aligned, and balanced business in the health, wellness, and beauty industry. I believe that you can only be truly successful and fulfilled in your work when you are feeling happy with yourself first and when you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Your energy has to be in place in order for you to receive what you desire. This is the key to lasting success in your business and life!



  • unhappy and unfulfilled with all the workload in your business?

  • Frustrated that you can’t organize your time in a way that leaves space for fun and play?

  • Blocked in getting your business organized and thriving?

  • Overwhelmed by all the business plans, company structures, and accounting you should all have in place?


  • Build an empire in the health and wellness industry?

  • Connect with the exact people you are meant to meet?

  • Put yourself first and run your business in a way that feels exciting and FUN?

  • Leave your fears behind and step into your most glowing you?

  • Run a successful online business to help millions on this planet?

  • Break up with social expectations and structures and just do your own thing?


  • Has been dreaming that having her own business will give her freedom, but she's actually feeling trapped.

  • Already has a business in the health/wellness/beauty industry, but feels overwhelmed and "busy" 24/7

  • Is obsessed with health, wellness, beauty, but doesn't really give all of that to herself, due to the high workload.

  • Is ready to invest in herself and her business to create balance and success on a whole new level.

  • Wants to help others live a healthier and balanced life.

  • Is interested in learning how to host a retreat for her clients.

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"I couldn’t have asked for a better coach!"

"I completely changed my awareness around my life in general. I set some clear goals and started to have a vision for my life. I learned to enjoy life more consciously and take better decisions for myself as well as for my business. Working with a coach helped me take small steps and celebrate them. I found out that it’s way better for me to break down big goals into smaller ones and set weekly goals for myself. It’s so much easier to achieve them and way more satisfying! I really enjoyed having a neutral person by my side who supported me with everything I was working on. I can’t wait to celebrate further successes in my life! I am so grateful for Martina’s support and guidance and her loving and reliable nature. She’s very open and competent, and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! Thanks, Martina!"

Martina Gehrig - CEO of Lillybell Cosmetics GmbH, St. Gallen, Switzerland


"I finally learned how to manage my time, so i can make money in my business!"

"I had always dreamed of doing retreats and when I saw Martina hosting the exact type of luxury retreats I wanted to host, I knew I had to work with her. Within one month of working with Martina, I have planned my first luxury retreat in Bali, only have 1 more spot up left, and am celebrating my first 27K month in my business! I'm working so much less and making more than I ever have. I'm finally focusing on the things that make me money and have stopped worrying about the 'busy work' that got me nowhere. I have been going out and having fun when I used to work all day, every day.

Martina is very understanding and knows the rough patches that can come with the goals you want to accomplish. I initially thought I wanted to focus on the content of my retreat only. She ended up supporting me in a lot of ways other than content, that I had no idea I would need help with!"

Kaila Walker - Author, Writing Coach & Youtuber, Florida, USA -


"Glow Biz School is a blend of
business work, self-love, glow,
and personal development!" 

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I always thought I needed to work really hard to be successful! I spent at least 12 hours per day on my computer doing things that didn't bring in any money. I am also a severe perfectionist, so I often got caught up in unimportant little details.

The moment I decided to change that mindset and instead of working HARD, making this more fun and exciting, everything changed in my life and business! I started to only work when I felt inspired. Not inspired? I just take the day off. I added in daily meditations, journaling exercises, and other spiritual rituals into my work routine. In fact, working out has become part of my job basically!

I started to completely put myself, my health, my wellbeing first, and my business started to take off! 

Because when you're vibing high, which happens naturally when you do things that make you feel good, you're on a different vibration and attract different things - including the funnest and cutest clients!

I now work with makeup artists, yoga teachers, health coaches, personal trainers, chefs, cooking class teachers, and a lot of other creative, holistic entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in the world of health, wellbeing, and beauty.


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"My life and business have changed a lot in the last six months. I've been wanting to start my own business, but didn't know where to start. Now, I officially have my own business! I learned a lot about new online tools from Martina and I loved the different ways we communicates, like messages, FaceTime. Also, her spirit and energy was flowing and I love her philosophy and the uncomplicated ways to work with Martina. I really, really appreciate this! Even though there are still many things to do, I have a plan. It was also really great to meet other women with their own businesses to share experiences. I am proud that I had the courage to believe in my passion and my biggest dream. 

I have sensitive skin and suffered from neurodermatitis and was able to turn this into a positive vibe. Now, I can authentically help people with all this, too. I'm excited for more clients and I want to do events in my practice. I want to have my own product line and collaborate with women from all over the world. Thank you so much."

Alina Sara Hediger - Makeup Artist & Beautician at


"Martina is great at asking thought provoking questions, and i feel more confident!"

"I feel a lot more confident and competent about my ability to create a website and become a successful business person. I enjoyed the structure and the attention to detail that we utilized throughout our sessions. Martina is great at asking thought provoking questions that assist in creating a laser focused business. She collaborates with you to identify your target audience and de-escalates your business concerns, so you can feel confident in your ability to begin what you set out to do."

Will Hill, founder of


"Martina is an absolute gem!"

"Martina and I connect on a regular basis, and I feel incredibly grateful to have someone as fantastic as Martina in my life. Martina really helped me to understand my worth and see my value in my business. Before her support, I was constantly underestimating myself and belittling my wins. She helped me realize that I am good enough, I am tremendously valuable, and that my success deserves to be celebrated. Her consistent support has encouraged me to put myself first in my business without feeling guilty for it. Martina was also extremely helpful when I was launching my first group program. This was new territory for me, so I turned to Martina for help throughout the process. She was always willing to lend a hand and constantly went above and beyond for me. I can't thank her enough for the impact she's had on me and my biz!!"

Kelly Marcyniuk - Business Coach & Founder of




What is your ultimate goal? Why do you want to have this business? We’ll dig deep into why this work matters to you and to the people you will work with. When you don’t know your WHY, it will be really hard to stick to your business plans!


Release blockages in your chakras and bring your energies in flow. Don’t let your past define you, let go of fears, self-doubt, negative self-talk, past traumas and anything that stands in your way. When your energies are in place, everything else will fall into place, too!


Meditation plays a huge role in my success. Finding your balance and being balanced in your life will help you create balance in your business as well.


Journaling is a big part of my daily practice. It helps you get clarity, brings your thoughts in order and is a great resource for ideas and inspiration, as well as for releasing blocks and fears that stand in the way of you being in your absolute best shape.


Understand how you soul speaks to you. Learn to connect and trust your intuition and use this gut feeling to take important decisions in your business. Know that your higher self guides you all the way to where you’re meant to be.


You will learn how to reach your goals faster by visualizing your dream life, your clients, and your entire business. 


YOUR OFFERing & programs

What EXACTLY is it that you offer to your clients? We’ll get crystal clear about every single detail of the products and programs you offer and make them valuable for your time.


How are you using your time right now? We will optimise little processes and tweak things, so you can make more of your time and feel a bit more free with your schedule.


What makes you unique and recognizable? Build your own brand in a way that feels aligned with your heart and your core values that your clients will fall in love with!


Build a website that looks stunning and aligned with who you are and makes people want to work with you! It’s a beautiful creation of yours and is aligned with your services and just feels so "you"!


We discuss the exact steps you need to take to use social media in an inspired and aligned way, so it never feels like you "have to" post and you know exactly what to write about for every single post.


We improve the systems in your business, so you can speak to your audience while you sleep! Learn to automate as much as you can, so you can actually focus on what you love the most: your work with people.



"Just that I truly appreciate all of the work you did and truly love it so, so much! :)"

"Since working together, I have more positive feedback around how beautiful, engaging, and eye catching my website is. Martina was incredibly helpful in helping me create a style and brand which accurately portrayed my business and services. She is very organized and knowledgeable about branding, building a business, and creating a website which will capture your brand and business and engage your target audience.

Prior to working with Martina on my website, I had very little knowledge around “tech stuff” and always felt frustrated. Martina was incredibly helpful with walking me through the process step-by-step. I can now work on my website without stress or anxiety! Whenever I had questions, or concerns, Martina always got back to me in an incredibly timely manner and always worked hard to ensure I was happy along the way. My website is now super glam and beautiful. I would like to highlight her professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail as well as her ability to transform your ideas into real life application."

Sarah Marandi-Steeves - LCSW & Mental Health Therapist from


"I now understand that health & body play a role in my success, too!"

"Martina gave me new insights into my business. After a passionate conversation, she helped me decide that I needed to charge more for my services. I am so much more understanding of my value and how much my mental and physical health plays a role in my business. I'm so grateful to have worked with her. She is an incredible mentor for any woman who is running a business and wants a sustainable and balanced lifestyle!"

Camille Carnevale - Nomadic Business & Brand Stylist from



This is how we kickoff Glow Biz School! We map out your business and lifestyle dreams and come up with a plan for the 4 months to make our time together as efficient as possible. We will map out crystal clear lifestyle and health goals, and work on efficiency, systems, and productivity in your business. This will be the road map for our time together. Expect some deep work from day 1!


During the 4 months of this program, you will have unlimited access to me via email and message to ask me anything that comes up for you. You can use this to send me stuff for review, but also for helping you get through those down moments when you may feel like throwing the towel! I’m here to support you 24/7, so you can get your lifestyle in place asap!

8 bi-weekly COACHING CALLS

During these sessions, we will discuss any of the above topics that are relevant at the time we speak. These calls are there to guide you and help you get everything to the next level. While we discuss a lot during our coaching calls, the real work and shifts happen between the calls, where you actually live your life and work on your business day by day!



or 4 monthly payments of $1700


I only work with an exclusive and handpicked group of women. Therefore, I always get on the phone with everyone first to make sure we are a good fit for this work together!

Click below and let's chat about how I can support you in turning overwhelm into a glowing business!