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Upgrade Your Self-Love, Health & Confidence!

The LIFE-TRANSFORMING self-love experience to live a glowing life now!

Glow School is a self-study online course where you get new perspectives and work on all areas of life, e.g. skin, beauty, lifestyle, health, happiness, self-confidence, clearing past traumas, and finding fulfillment. Let go of your blocks and step into that total glow girl!

Starting in 2019.


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Finally Start & Grow Your Dream Wellness Business!

Kick off the new year building the foundation for your dream life & BIZ!

Never has there been a better time to start a business than today! With social media, the internet, and technology, it has become super easy to build your business. We are going to also create the lifestyle of your dreams while signing your absolute dream clients in 2019!

Starting in January, 2019.



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24 Days of Guided Support

Daily audios delivered directly to your inbox to make your December calm, filled up, healty!

Walk into New Year’s Eve feeling filled up and healthy, because you took care of yourself first before everyone else. You are SO ready to take on a new year that fills you up with love and excitement and you’re feeling zoned out in your mind because of that 5-minute daily practice that completely revamps your energy.