Glow School

My signature self-love course: Learn to truly love yourself, take healthy choices for your body, practice meditation and create healthy daily habits to help you connect to your intuition and inner guidance. Start living your own version of a glowing and sustainable life and get to know yourself better. Set your mind up for success while ditching fears and self-doubt, so you can become the most beautiful and confident version of yourself!

Enrollment is currently closed. This program is starting again in 2020.


Glow Business School

Specifically designed for health coaches, yoga teachers, wellness experts, makeup artist, and influencers, this self-study business coaching program is here to help you finally start and grow your dream business. Build the foundation for your dream life and business, build your professional website, find your niche, define your ideal clients, and map out your programs, all while cultivating a healthy mindset and embracing self-love and spirituality to attract your dream lifestyle. No need to stress out - learn to be balanced!