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Glow Circle: 2019 Vision Boards & Goal Setting Workshop

  • Pretty & Pure 153 Stampfenbachstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8006 Switzerland (map)
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GLOW CIRCLE: Manifest Your Glowing Life in 2019 With Your Dream Vision Board!

Live Glow Zen Experience in Zurich!


The Glow Circle is a glow workshop in Zurich, where likeminded women get together, share their thoughts and dreams, and get inspired to live a more glowing life. The workshop includes a healthy treat and time to connect with positive, high vibing women from Switzerland! I truly believe that each and every woman has that glow inside of her, and it's just about letting it out and shining your light!

In this class, we will talk about manifestation, goal setting, dreaming big, and co-creating your most abundant and healthy life in the new year! You will make your own vision board and we will do a powerful meditation activating your flow of energy in your chakras and visualize everything you’ve put on your dream board for the new year!

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

In order to get to where you want to be, you need to know where you want to go first!


This meditation and Glow workshop is for millennial women who

  • want to make 2019 the best year of their life

  • have a lot going on and want to slow down, so they can get out of a rut and focus better

  • want to escape from the busy everyday life to be more present with their family and friends

  • want to discover chakra meditation, so they can feel back into their intuition and gut feeling

  • want to spend some time with a community of likeminded women, so they can get confident and build new friendships


  • Spend a cozy Saturday evening daydreaming about the new year and get inspired by new ideas

  • Visualize the new year with a powerful and high-vibe chakra meditation, that leaves you feeling inspired and blissful throughout the entire weekend

  • Feel connected with yourself and ready to take on the new year like never before - after a stressful week at work, where you didn't have that time for yourself

  • Spend a beautiful evening with likeminded women talking about your biggest goals #noboundaries, self-love, the magic of the universe, and more!

  • Get clarity on how you want to FEEL in the new year

  • Nourish your body with healthy drinks and snacks


  • A guided chakra meditation and powerful visualisation to start attracting your dream life

  • A glow workshop incl. journaling exercises, chakras, and sharing from the heart

  • Creating your own vision board for the new year that makes you feel connected and inspired and helps you attract what you want in your life

  • Yummy healthy snacks

  • Tea and water before, during, and after the workshop


CHF 89.-


I believe that everybody has that special glow inside of them, which, however, is often covered by stress, lots of to dos, toxic relationships, and unhealthy habits. Through working on yourself and practicing self-love and meditation, you can tap into that glow and finally bring that light out that is already inside of you!


Spots are limited to 10 women only.
First come, first serve.
There are no refunds available.
No cancellations.


Click below to book your spot. Once payment went through, your booking is confirmed.


“Working and connecting with Martina definitely changed my life! She guided me through the journey of my life helping me find my own answers to my blockers and issues by creating a mindset and tools that help me discover the roots of the situation, so I can finally glow! She has a very sensitive and respectful approach that made me feel comfortable from the beginning to open up and speak the truth without feeling judged. Working with Martina made me realize how powerful I am and helped me discover new ways to reach my potential every day. 

Caro Lafforgue


"I started putting myself first and really listening to my intuition. Through the work with Martina, I finally realized my professional calling, which is something I've been looking for for years. I now also accept and love myself more than ever before! It was great to share my experiences with women from different places, I really felt a great connection with all of them. I realized we all have similar problems!

Juciane R. C. Guyer

"Ever since I started working with Martina, I have become more positive and way more confident! I'm more conscious about what I do, and I really take better decisions in all areas of life. I realized I am not alone and there are other women who have the same struggles and fears. It was great that we all supported and motivated each other each other, also in little challenges.

Ana Vogt


"Martina is a brilliant coach, badass boss-babe, and a beautiful person both inside and out. With a brand all about promoting self love, empowering women to be the best versions of themselves, boosting confidence, and celebrating the life we WANT to lead, what’s not to love about this woman?! My personal definition of Martina is luxury meets zen, with a shit ton of fierceness, luxurious and GLAM AF."

Sarah Marandi-Steeves


"When you eat clean foods, breathe deeply, and implement these practices surrounded by good energy, your body can heal itself. I was reminded of something very important. For me personally, success is no longer defined by a number. Success is waking up every morning excited and grateful. Success is about doing work that aligns with my soul, personal values, and passions. Martina gave me so many insights and ideas how to continue to live a more mindful and healthy life once the retreat was over and advice on how to carry all the magic I learned with me home."

Alexandria Gilléo