90 Days To Your Most Glowing You! 
It's about time you get that inside out GLOW!

A Three months intensive coaching experience for women who are new to coaching!

The goal is to polish your inside and outside beauty to the best! Tap into your full power, experience your purest beauty,  find balance in everyday life, and live a vibrant life!

Are you ready to stop worrying about what others think
and start putting herself first

  • Do you know exactly you're meant for more and that you want to own your confidence and that glowing life NOW? 
  • Do you always care for others, before you care for yourself?
  • Are you having struggles with body image, food, skin issues, low confidence and not-so-much courage? 

Head To Toe Glow is a 90 Day one-on-one VIP coaching experience designed to get you exactly where you want to be! It is my calling to get you started on this journey!

It's about discovering your true beauty. About tapping into your potential and getting that glow, which is already inside of you, out. It's about really connecting with yourself and truly honoring who you are. It's about going in a new direction, towards the life you've been dreaming of and really crave living!

This program is for you if...

  • you want to polish your inside and outside glow big time and you're ready to experience your most beautiful, amazing, and powerful self.
  • you dream of living free from pressure and limitations others put on you, and you're finally ready to let go of perfectionism.
  • you want to live with ease and maximize your time, so you can enjoy life more.
  • you are willing to work on your energies to get them flowing for that pure inside out glow, so you can discover your most vibrant self.
  • you want to feel healthy, fulfilled, totally self-confident and 100% happy with who you are and where you are right now (who doesn't want that??).
  • you're ready to finally put yourself first!

This program is only for THE woman who is ready to challenge herself and her status quo to really develop and grow into a miraculous, free, thriving, and vibrant BEING.

What you can expect:

  • You will not only look better, but you'll also FEEL better inside and out!
  • I'll show you the exact steps I used to get to where I am now - in a place of balance, love, fun, and 100% pure efforts towards health.
  • We'll talk about how you can design a lifestyle that matches your current life with a bit extra healthy foods, relaxation, fulfillment, and fun!
  • You'll get crystal clear on what you're lacking right now and what you want to focus on for your life.
  • You'll have access to tools and resources that will impact you and help you transform and up-level your life to your dream life!
  • You'll find out what it means to live your purpose by truly being who you really are.

I’m a HOLISTIC Health & BEAUTY Coach, and I help women who are slightly perfectionist and always wait for the right moment to instead live vibrant and healthy lives NOW, so they feel balanced and beautiful inside and out.

I’m living a vibrant and very fulfilling life right now, but I wasn’t always as balanced as I am today… Before I started playing big with my life,

  • I was really stressed out because of my busy lifestyle! I was a full-time store manager, working shifts, which left me with no energy and resulted in quite a boring life outside of work!
  • I ate out a lot, since I didn’t have time for cooking, and compromised with my energy, my health and my weight, which made me even more tired, exhausted and lame. I believed it was normal to live a life like that, considering that I rated my career as the most important thing.
  • I worried a lot about what others might think if I left my well-paid management position to follow my dream!
  • I was really hard on myself, thinking I HAD to deliver all the time - no time to stay home when I was sick and no time for rest!
  • I always tried to be perfect in everything I did, which really only just increased the pressure I put on myself! Not healthy AT ALL!

When I started listening more to my intuition and tapping into my real desires and dreams, it all changed. I had the courage to quit my job and start a journey into the unknown, which was exciting and very fulfilling. I started believing more in myself and my life became more vibrant every day. And I realized that this is the life all of us can have. I knew I had to spread the word! 

I then hired a coach to help me get to where I dreamed of being: living that vibrant life in freedom, enjoying what really matters to me, and letting go of all that pressure I had put on myself, all while running my own business working with wonderful women from all over the world! I realized that everything I had learned in the last few years applied to living a beautiful and vibrant life for every woman!

Dreams, lifestyle, makeup, skin care, confidence, beauty, health... It is all interconnected! Health Coaching, Life Coaching, and Beauty Coaching covers all of these topics so beautifully! At first, I was worried about what people would think if I followed my dreams and just went on my mission (since I wanted to seem PERFECT on the outside of course!), but as soon as I started working with women just like you, I was able to gain incredible confidence and trust in what I was doing that I didn't even care! I work with the most amazing women and am happier than ever before, because I fully connect with my higher self and am totally in the flow!

My mission is to help as many women as possible live vibrant and healthy lives, so they can Let go of perfectionism, discover their confidence and power to finally feel balanced and sparkling inside and out.



This is a typical progression
of this 90 day program:

Since this is an exclusive one on one program, we will tailor your experience to exactly what you need. We will figure out which topics are relevant to you and you need most help with right now to take your lifestyle and beauty to the next level. Below, you can see a typical outline of the four weeks. Please note that this is only an example and that all topics will be adjusted to your personal needs!


Your Lifestyle Makeover will start with a 2-hour intensive VIP Day to dig deep and discover exactly what you want to work on. In the VIP Day, you will set your goals for the month and create time for what matters most to you.


After the VIP Day, we'll have regular 1-hour followup calls on FaceTime or Skype to checkin and see where you're at. I'll hold you accountable plus we can continue working on your goals and topics you set for the month!

WEEK 1-3

YOUR VIP DAY + chakras, GOALS & Clarity

  • We'll starts with your VIP Day, a 2-hour intensive training to get you setup for the month. We'll figure out where you are right now, where your blocks are and where you need support. 
  • We'll define EXACTLY what we will work on together week by week while creating a schedule and an outline of the month.
  • We'll do activities, mindset work, meditations, chakra work, research, smoothies etc. and have amazing coaching conversations to get you past those blocks.

WEEK 4-6

SKIN & BODY REVIEw + nurturing beauty foods

  • We'll go over skin conditions and body image. We'll release blocks, so you can fully embrace your body and skin. Do you tell yourself you're not good or skinny or beautiful enough? You can change it!
  • Past experiences are stored energetically in our bodies and block us subconsciously. By releasing them, you can break free from limitations. 
  • You'll understand the importance of nurturing your body. We'll discuss food habits, recipes and much more, so you can learn how to eat better for your skin. You'll also get exclusive skin care tips.

WEEK 7-9

SELF-LOVE & CONFIDENCE + simple daily practices

  • Where is your self-love and confidence right now? We'll work on breaking free from past drama and get your confidence UP UP UP!! Understand why it's so important that you put yourself first.
  • I'll show you simple practices and habits you can do in no time to up-level your confidence. We'll discuss self-love rituals that are totally doable and fit perfectly in your schedule.
  • I'll share my best practices and meditations with you to get your energy up and flowing, so you can become that powerful and confident new woman!


WEEK 10-12

Health for life + vitamin L

  • Feed your body the best nutrients possible incl. Vitamin L (LOVE!). Understand how your food choices impact your health and the environment. Control your thoughts, and don't let your thoughts control you (and your eating behavior).
  • You'll get delicious recipes for easy breakfasts (incl. to go!), learn how to eat for your chakras, get to know superfoods, juices, and smoothies!
  • You'll be inspired to start urban gardening and grow your own organic foods, so you can create a new lifestyle around food and health.

Sounds overwhelming and like a lot of work? Don't worry, you won't need 5 hours per week to work on this stuff! Personal development is really mostly about getting clarity, creating new habits, observing your thoughts and understanding what's going on in your subconscious mind. PLUS adjusting your schedule to putting yourself first!


"In the last four years, I have participated in Martina Fink's workshops three times and taken one online course that came with a one-on-one Skype mentoring session. Whether in-person, over the phone or email, Martina always connected with me instantly on a personal level and guided me to feel more beautiful and confident about myself. She helped me clarify my life priorities, taught me useful makeup techniques, gave me great resources on career planning, and encouraged me to inspire my friends as well. My life has become more fulfilling and I'm happier every time I work with Martina! I'll continue to learn more from her, and strongly recommend my female friends and other women who want to create better lifestyles to work with her, too!

Tomomi Omote, Store Manager & Entrepreneur


“Martina showed me what really matters when it comes to skin care and how to feel well inside and out. She answered all my questions, and I got very useful makeup and nutrition tips that I’m still using everyday. I love watching Martina’s live videos and reading her newsletters, because they help me question my own way of life over and over again! I went through her 7 Day Beauty Challenge and was able to exchange my experiences with other likeminded women. Martina has a great positive energy and is amazing in coaching women about makeup, beauty and lifestyle!”

Sarah B., Digital Product Manager at UBS


Here’s an overview of what you’re getting

1x 3hr VIP Day

We'll start off with an exclusive VIP Day to get you on the right track, define your goals, and dig deep to get clear on the specific topics and visions you want to work on during this three months intensive experience!

6x 1hr Calls

We'll speak every two weeks to see where you're at and to keep you accountable! Depending on what's coming up for you, we'll be digging deeper on current topics or start working on your next goals!

Unlimited Email Access

You can email me anytime, ask me questions about what you need support with and message me for emergency help! I'll usually respond within 24 hours.

VIP Resources

You'll get access to an exclusive resources library with valuable content on different topics. This includes valuable blog posts, healthy recipes, free downloads, guided meditations, book recommendations etc.

Since you've landed on this page and read your way down to here, this means that you're up to something! You might already have decided that you're ready to transform your life, or you're still not sure yet. Let's have a virtual cup of tea! It's free and totally no-pressure at all. We can talk about what's currently going on in your life and if I believe this mentorship will help you, I will share with you the exact details and we can take it from there.

Your Investment

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-14 um 11.04.03.png



Yes! This is ESPECIALLY for you! Because you will learn to set your priorities, organize your schedule for your best wellbeing, and maximize your time! You will end up feeling less busy while having more time and enjoying life more.


We can then talk about what kind of support you need, or sign you up for my #LetGoAndGlow 4 Months Mentorship program, which will be customized to you and your personal needs.


Once you decide you're ready for this, we're going to make a discovery call to make sure we're both a good fit for each other. I have a few interview questions I'll ask you, and we can then go ahead and schedule your VIP Day! Yayy!!


Th results are really just up to you. Just by showing up for the sessions, nothing will change in your life. It's all about implementing the things you learn throughout this program, committing you spending time doing your homework, and staying positive along the way! Big shifts can happen really quickly when you're fully aligned with yourself and you're giving it all! One month goes by quickly, and you will definitely feel the change in your life.


Investing in yourself is the best way to spend your money! Once you put that money down for yourself, you're sending a sign to the universe that you're SERIOUS about this! Plus you'll automatically do your best to get the best results possible (which you will definitely see, if you do the homework!).

Have more questions? Email me at info@martinafink.com

Watch out for that little voice in your head...
It's only FEAR!

If you've landed on this page, this means that there's something going on in your life that you want to work on. What are you telling yourself you can't do? What are you waiting for before you do this? What are you afraid of? What's REALLY going on? It's time for you to start controlling your thoughts vs. your thoughts control you! Go out there and get what you want (and deserve!)! Waiting for the perfect time to finally work on your fears and blocks is just a waste of time - time that you could use OH SO EFFECTIVELY to get past your fears, get over your dramas, and start painting that vibrant life of freedom, ease, sparkle, and FUN


But it comes with some homework! Stop procrastinating, commit to yourself, find your personal best practices, and learn what it takes to become that vibrant, fearless, and powerful woman you've always dreamed of! Get your energies in flow, and your goals will be within your reach! You are not alone, plus you can learn from someone who's been there, done that!

It's time to REALLY #LetGoAndGlow and become that truly VIBRANT woman!