Life's too short to spend it not living VIBRANTLY! 

Join GLOW SCHOOL For A Life-Changing Experience


Tap into your full power, experience your purest beauty, 
find balance in everyday life, and live a vibrant and healthy life!

For the busy lady who is ready to stop worrying about what others think and start putting herself first!

You know that you're meant for more and that you can step into your confidence and that glowing life NOW!



Do you feel like…

  • You’re working like crazy pursuing your career, but never really get to where you want to be (plus you take home your work, which makes it really difficult to switch off your mind)
  • You never have time for yourself and for doing things you'd love to do.
  • You are easily stressed out and find it hard to relax and be balanced.
  • You sometimes can't sleep, because you constantly compare yourself to others.
  • You're struggling with your body image and weight and are never happy with yourself.
  • You are never good enough or pretty enough or skinny enough to be who you really want to be.
  • You've been waiting forever for things to change, but the moment has just not come yet (and you keep waiting for that PERFECT moment!)
  • You always care for everyone else before you care for yourself.

Are you ready and willing to…

  • Finally let go of perfectionism and start living the life you deserve with EASE.
  • Experience your most beautiful, amazing, and vibrant self and feel beautiful from the inside out.
  • Improve not only your relationships with friends and family, but most importantly with yourself.
  • Finally feel motivated to workout, meditate, or read on a daily basis by using your energy wisely.
  • Spend all the time and money you need on self-care with absolutely no guilt at all.
  • Break free from any block, limitations, and negative believes that kept you from being where you dream of being.
  • Feeling balanced in your life and body, knowing exactly how to get what you want for yourself. 
  • Finally put yourself first!

Are you...


...A busy lady who is looking to find balance, let go of stress, perfectionism, and all kinds of blocks to finally glow and sparkle from the inside out?

Amazing! SO glad you're here and already know that you want to work on some stuff (even though you might not know exactLy what)

...Ready to make huge changes in your life to finally create the lifestyle of your dreams?

When I started working with my chakra energies, my mindset and balance in business and life completely changed!

...feeling stuck in your life and are looking to connect with your soul, quiet your mind, and discover your purpose?

You are in the right place!


If your heart is saying „Yesss!!“…


I’m a Health & Life Coach + Beauty Expert and I help women who are slightly perfectionist and always wait for the right moment to instead live vibrant and healthy lives NOW, so they feel balanced and beautiful inside and out.

I’m living a vibrant and very fulfilling life right now, but I wasn’t always as balanced as I am today…

Two years ago, I wished my days had at least 40 hours! I was working like crazy, spent all my energy in my full-time job, which I did like, but was taking up so much time of my life! I usually got home without energy to cook, do sports, or even meet friends! I felt unhealthy, exhausted, and low in energy. I always thought that my career was the most important thing in my life, and was often hard on myself, thinking I couldn't even stay at home when I was sick! I always wanted to be perfect in everything I did. But I knew that I couldn't continue my life like this. I just kept waiting for the right moment - which really never came! 

One day, I decided that I needed to change something... When I started listening more to my intuition and tapping into my real desires and dreams, it all changed. I had the courage to quit my job and start an exciting journey into the unknown. I started believing more in myself and my life became more vibrant. And I realized that this is the life all of us can have.

Then, I hired a coach to help me get to where I dreamed of being: living that vibrant life in freedom, enjoying what really matters to me, and letting go of all that pressure I had put on myself. And I realized that everything I learned in the last few years applied to living a beautiful and vibrant life for every woman!

I had a new mission: to help as many women as possible live vibrant and healthy lives, so they can Let go of perfectionism and past dramas and tap into their confidence and power to feel balanced and sparkling inside and out.

At first, I was worried about what people would think if I just went on my mission (since I wanted to seem PERFECT on the outside of course!), but as soon as I started working with women just like you, I was able to gain incredible confidence and trust in what I was doing that I didn't even care! I work with the most amazing women and am happier than ever before, because I fully connect with my higher self and am totally in the flow!

I’m sharing all my best practices (and also some mistakes!) in Glow School, so you can learn from them!


"Working with Martina has been a truly amazing experience for me! I not only lost a lot of weight, which was one of my main goals when I started, I also went from doing no sports at all to working out with a personal trainer 3 times a week, and now I even have a gym at home! My skin feels so much better and I feel confident with makeup, too! It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing makeup. I no longer get stressed out by little things, I feel so much more relaxed and at peace with myself, and really notice that I need that time for myself to just be! I turned my relationship with food upside down, and fell in love with smoothies and healthy food. I love the coaching sessions with Martina and always feel very empowered and confident after!"

Andrea Peter, Sous-Chef in a high-end restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland


Here’s how we will discover your purest beauty
and balance out your lifestyle!

What’s included?


Stop worrying what others think and start living with EASE and EXCITEMENT!

A 6-module bootcamp for the modern woman who is ready to take two steps forward to step into a fully vibrant, healthy, balanced, and beautiful self and totally own her existence!

I teach you everything you need to know to tune into your intuition, get a healthy and balanced body, mind, and soul, and live the life you are SUPPOSED to live!


You'll learn how to use all my simple tools and practices for the BUSY and modern woman, totally adaptable to ANY kind of lifestyle!


You'll get that inside out glow that inspires others to follow your example, which in return makes you happy, because you're feeling that you're making a difference!



Videos - Audios - Workbooks - Practices - Meditations - Live Videos


Life-time access to Glow School PLUS all updates and materials that are coming in future courses!


All topics are covered with inside aspects as well as outside aspects. Conscious living is part of every module, too.

Beauty, Balance + Vibrancy Intro

Introduction to the course, to beauty, balance and vibrancy. balance your chakras and start living.

In this module, you will

  • define what beauty, balance and vibrancy really mean to you. 
  • figure out where you are right now and where you want to be in a few months from now by dreaming and designing your own life.
  • understand how your subconscious mind works and how you can work with it to support you to #letgoandglow.
  • discover your biggest blocks that keep you where you are and block you from reaching your big goals. Plus work through them!
  • learn to let go of perfectionism and be more at EASE! 
  • get crystal clear on what you want to improve and change, and most importantly, about what you really want!

You'll also get workbooks + videos + valuable resources + audios + chakra meditation + vibrant life assessment

Skin Health + Body Image

Understand how the skin works plus skin care basics. polish your body image for your wellbing. 

In this module, you will

  • learn important dos and don'ts about the skin and skin care.
  • put together a set of skin care you feel REALLY good with.
  • understand how doing sports affect your health AND your shape. And why Yoga is taking over the world.
  • reflect on your body image: what is a vibrant body for you? 
  • understand how your subconscious mind keeps you where you are with your skin and body shape and how to change it, so you feel confident and great in your body!
  • discover essential oils and how to use them to align with your powers and ease you in stressful situations.

You'll also get workbooks + videos + valuable resources + audios + practices

Self-Love Rituals
+ Confidence Boosts

Up-level your self-confidence, and live and enjoy YOUR life to the fullest by PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST!

In this module, you will

  • get inside and outside self-care rituals to reach your best balance, beauty, and vibrancy.
  • increase your confidence and feel powerful on a daily basis through simple practices, mantras, and meditations.
  • balance your chakras to increase confidence and love in your life.
  • understand why meditation is so powerful!
  • reflect on how your confidence is influenced in the workplace, family, at home, and with friends and strengthen it.
  • ditch negative beliefs about money and create new ones that make you understand that money is on your side.

You'll also get workbooks + videos + valuable resources + audios + practices

Module 4.jpg

Your Relationship With Food
+ Women's Health

Love your food and nurture your soul with vitamin L. being a woman is such a gift! celebrate it!

In this module, you will

  • understand how your food choices impact your health.
  • own and control your thoughts and not let your thoughts control you (and your eating behavior). 
  • learn more about the connection of food and the environment.
  • be inspired to nourish your body and chakras with healthy meals..
  • get tips and best practices for superfoods, juices, and smoothies!.
  • learn how to grow your own organic foods #UrbanGardening
  • create a new lifestyle and mindset around food and health.
  • think about PMS - blessing or punishment? And how birth control affects your body and your health.

You'll also get workbooks + videos + recipes + valuable resources + recommendations + checklists

Makeup Tutorials
+ Styling Inspiration

polish your looks to get that outside beauty glow! Incl. makeup, hair, And styling tutorials!

In this module, you will

  • understand why your look impacts your first impression.
  • learn simple and professional makeup routines for busy ladies.
  • understand that makeup is not there to cover you. It only enhances your natural beauty.
  • learn some hair styles for everyday life (and in no time!!).
  • make simple, organic hair & face masks, and scrubs (with real food! You can literally eat your mask afterwards!).
  • put together a set of makeup and hair products you LOVE.
  • understand the connection of how your product consumption impacts our planet.

You'll also get videos + tutorials + checklists + DIY recipes

Lifestyle Design
+ Dream Chasing...

create the lifestyle of your dreams and make an action plan for the next 3 months. Go do it!

In this module, you will

  • clearly define your biggest dreams and goals and create a plan how to reach them!
  • create a vision board that helps you visualize these goals daily.
  • figure out how you can live your dream lifestyle RIGHT NOW by up-leveling little things.
  • understand how goal-setting REALLY works.
  • do A LOT of mindset work to get what you truly want and deserve.
  • make peace with money and use it for your highest good.
  • use the power of the chakras and meditation to reach your goals.

You'll also get videos + workbooks + valuable resources


"Martina Fink is a lady on a mission to create more confidence, peace and radiance for all the women in this world! Martina leads from her heart, is super meticulous, and of course beautifully polished on the inside and out! Martina has tapped into a powerful and impactful way of coaching that the women of the world have been waiting for. She's the next big thing in confidence and lifestyle coaching! If you're ready for serious change, ease and confidence, you will seriously learn everything you need from Martina to create a beautiful and glowing life!"

Amber-Lee Schneider, Business & Lifestyle Coach + Modern Meditation Expert


This course is only for women who are ready to challenge themselves and their status quo to really work on themselves and grow into a miraculous, free, thriving, and vibrant new self.

This course is NOT for the woman who...

  • doesn't have the desire to be happy (hope that's not you!!)

  • DOESN'T BELIEVE THAT she can change her life, her energy, and her mind.

  • is not ready to do the work and show up for herself


If this sounds like you, Glow School is definitely not the right thing for you!

What makes me different?

This is what some of my glowing beauties have to say!

"I was able to exchange my experiences with other likeminded women!"

"Martina has incredible mental strength, a huge knowledge and the willingness to help other women on their way to a better and fulfilled life!"  

"I learned how to feel pretty and feminine when walking out the door!"

"Martina showed me how to feel well inside and out!"

"I was listened to, advised and encouraged to feel confident! I feel empowered and proud to reveal my inside beauty!"

"Working with Martina really made me feel myself!"

The investment in Glow School
will never be this low again!

The content of all these modules is a collection of everything I've learned over the last years (plus I spent thousands of dollars to learn all that stuff for myself, which was oh-so worth it!). If only there was a training like this when I started!! LOL! Glow School is the SHORTCUT for you!


Here’s an overview of what you’re getting


Module 1
Beauty, Balance + Vibrancy

Define what it all means to you and decide to do your best to live that vibrant life. Learn about your chakras and how to balance your flow of energy.


Module 2
Skin Health + Body Image

Step into the full power and strength of your body, and up-level your body image. Understand how your skin works and how to take care of it inside and out.


Module 3
Self-love Rituals + Confidence

Up-level your self-confidence and live YOUR life to the fullest by PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST! Learn simple daily rituals that boost your self-love and happiness.


Module 4
Healthy Food + Women's Health

Nurture your body with healthy food and heal your relationship with food. Think about women's health and work on yours. Celebrate that you are a healthy and glowing female!


Module 5
Makeup + Styling Inspiration

Polish your looks to get that outside beauty glow! Up-level your everyday makeup skills, get hair inspiration and simple styling tips for a busy woman.


Module 6
Lifestyle Design + Dream chasing

BIG TIME CHANGES are waiting for you - it's time to create the life of your dreams. Make an action plan for the next 3 months to go out there and get it!!




your investment is only


(Or 2 ayments of USD 327)


Need a payment plan or have questions? Email me at

Sofie Von Marricks.jpg

"Martina is absolutely one of the most insightful and thoughtful coaches I've come across. She is gentle, understanding and able to cut right to your core. She is able to truly "see" past who you've become, and see who you really are. Working with her will bring a true transformation to how you see yourself. The work you do with her will change your relationships, your career, your friendships, and how you live your everyday life. Confidence, balance and your best self: mind body and soul are SO possible for you when you work Martina."

Sofie Von Marricks - Life & Brand Stylist For Female Entrepreneurs


If you’re ready to REALLY #LetGoAndGlow and live a vibrant life, get support from some fellow ladies!

The VIP experience is an incredibly powerful community of all the women who are on their journey to a vibrant life, plus some one on one time with me, so I can give you personal support on your journey to #LetGoAndGlow!

You can be that woman who has it all together, EVENTUALLY steps out of her cozy comfort zone and into her most confident, glowing, and sparkling self! You are GOOD ENOUGH to invest in yourself and have it all!

What you get with the VIP Experience:

  • All the content of all 6 Glow School modules
  • 2x 1hr private coaching calls with me ($500 value). Yes, these calls are just between you and I to really give you all you need to #LetGoAndGlow and get you unstuck and flowing direction dream lifestyle!

  • 3x 90min group calls with me and everybody else in the group incl. LIVE Q&A ($1117 value). We’ll be holding 3 group calls to cover the topics in more detail PLUS to answer all your questions, making sure you stay on track building your vibrant life! 
  • 3 FB LIVE sessions to check in and answer questions that come up in the group between the group calls

The VIP Group experience is a very exclusive and intimate group of women, Since I am only taking a very small number of ladies, so you can be sure that all your questions will be answered!


3 Live training calls + Q&A topics:

+ Training 1: Foundations & Basics / Skin, Body & Chakras / + LIVE Q&A

+ Training 2: Self-Care / Food & Health / + LIVE Q&A

+ Training 3: Beauty / Lifestyle & Big Dreams / + LIVE Q&A


  • A supportive community of sisters and ambitious modern women that sign up for Glow School (believe me, this is M-A-G-I-C-A-L!!), who might even end up being your new girl-friends! You will support each other, encourage each other, and learn so much from each other!
  • Email access to me. You get 4 emails per month answered by me! I want to help you get over your blocks and experience those AHA moments!
  • Lifetime access to the VIP Glow School Content: you will get lifetime access to all the modules PLUS some VIP bonus materials!

PS: You are ENOUGH.

You have unique talents, and you so deserve to shine your light! And that's why I am ONLY offering these intro prices to women like YOU, who are on my mailing list and who've gone through my Glow Challenge!


Within the first 10 minutes of telling Martina about my shoulder pain, she was able to intuitively indicate what had caused this pain & steps to take in order to heal my body. I didn’t even have to tell her the details of how I overwork myself always trying to help others, she just knew that the symptoms of my physical pain was caused by my actions that I take each day. Martina also is very knowledge about what I can do for my health, body, mind, & soul in order to help myself heal from this situation, inside & out. She has so many techniques, which has helped me take the steps to heal this situation, including reiki & a self-care routine to ensure that I put myself first, so I have the energy to recharge myself to be of better service to others.

She has also inspired me to take care of myself in the most holistic way. I have eliminated processed foods in my diet, meditate daily, am more eco-conscious of the clothing that I buy, & have more time for myself to really focus on my business. I feel more energized each & everyday, have literally woken up feeling like I love my life, feel infinite, like anything I dream of is a possibility, & that each product I buy will help me as well as help the planet (like purchasing the glass water bottle, using a reusable makeup cloth, drinking aloe vera, + so much more).

She is a coach who cares about what’s best for you. She has a gift of connecting to your needs & translating it to steps for you to take in order to heal your life. I highly recommend working with Martina if you know you want to live a life where you glow from the inside out, because she will tell you exactly what steps to take in order to get there! 

Annie Mand, Energy Coach



Your Investment:


(Or 2 payments of $327)

What you get in the Self-Study:

  • Access to the Glow School private Facebook community of likeminded women to work through the course with them and exchange experiences PLUS get all your questions answered!
  • Videos, audios, workbooks, downloads, recipes, and much more!

  • Module 1: Beauty, Balance + Vibrancy Intro

  • Module 2: Skin Health + Body Image

  • Module 3: Self-Love Rituals + Confidence

  • Module 4: Relationship with Food + Women's Health

  • Module 5: Makeup Tutorials + Styling Inspiration

  • Module 6: Lifestyle Design + Dream Chasing


All 6 modules + GROUP calls + FB community + 1:1 calls + Live videos



What you get with the VIP:

  • 2x 1hr private coaching calls with me
  • 3 intensive group calls with live Q&A
  • regular FB live sessions to answer questions
  • 4 personal emails answered per month
  • Lifetime access to the Glow School VIP Content and bonuses


  • Access to the Glow School private Facebook community of likeminded women to work through the course with them and exchange experiences PLUS get all your questions answered!
  • Lots of videos, audios, workbooks, downloads, recipes, and much more!

  • All the modules and content from the Self-Study Cours

Your Pre-Launch Bonuses

*** Only available when you sign up before May 18! ***

  • Essential Chakra Oils: A unique uide that tells you which oils support which chakra
  • Vibrant Girl Affirmations: An empowering audio you can listen to every single day to boost your confidence and build your beauty
  • Shopping Essentials: An exclusive shopping list with everything you need in order to live a vibrant and healthy life!



Yes! This is ESPECIALLY for you! Because you will learn to set your priorities, organize your schedule for your best wellbeing, and maximize your time! You will end up feeling less busy while having more time.


Have you checked out the Glow School VIP Experience yet? If you feel you want more one on one calls, I'm more than happy to support. Let's talk about it! Email me at


The first module will be released in the week of May 22, and every two to three weeks after that, a new module will be released. This way, you will have enough time to work through the materials and see results, too!


Th results are really just up to you. Just by signing up, nothing will change in your life. It's all about implementing the things you learn throughout this course, committing you spending time doing your work, and staying positive along the way! Big shifts can happen really quickly when you're fully aligned with yourself and you're giving it all.


Yes! Email me for more info at


Investing in yourself is the best way to spend your money! Once you put that money down for yourself, you're sending a sign to the universe that you're SERIOUS about this! Plus you'll automatically do your best to get the best results possible (which you will definitely see, if you do the homework!).


Absolutely! Personal development never stops! Also, the accountability of a group of women is not only inspiring, but also extremely encouraging, which will give you confidence and will drive you towards your goals! Also, Glow School is full of knowledge and information about skin care, health, beauty, self-love, confidence, and so much more. The personal development part of Glow School is really the process of implementing all of this information into your lifestyle.


Yes, absolutely! I've been in several group programs and self-study courses and they all had a huge impact on my life, my confidence, and my happiness. I met some amazing and SO likeminded women and it feels like some of them are already my new besties! 


I go over these topics with private clients, too, helping them implement new habits instantly, plus they are paying quite a bit more than the investment in this course! I've been told by many influencers in the coaching industry that what I'm doing and the combination of my topics are unique, which is what makes Glow School so powerful! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to start to #LetGoAndGlow from the inside out and really polish your life to live at ease.


Once you click that button, you will sign up as a member and then, asked to process the payment. You will then receive two emails (1 to confirm your subscription // 1 payment receipt with instructions). Module 1 will launch in the week of May 22, plus you will always be informed via email when I launch the new modules. You will also get invited to the private FB community, which is ONLY for people who signed up for Glow School. You'll be able to ask questions and share your experiences from day 1!

Have more questions? Email me at

Watch out for that little voice in your head...

It's only FEARS!

What are you telling yourself you can't do? It's time for you to control your thoughts vs. your thoughts control you! Go out there and get what you want (and deserve!)! Waiting for the perfect time to finally work on your fears and blocks is just a waste of time - time that you could use OH SO EFFECTIVELY to get past your fears, get over your dramas, and start painting a picture of that vibrant life of freedom, ease, sparkle, and FUN! 

You have the power to have it all!! But it comes with some homework! Commit to yourself, find your own personal best practices, and learn what it takes to become that vibrant, fearless, and powerful woman you've always dreamed of! Get your energies in flow and your goals will be within your reach. You are not alone, plus you can learn from someone who's been there, done that!

It's time to REALLY #LetGoAndGlow and become that truly vibrant woman you're meant to be!


QUESTIONS? Send them over!





(or 2 payments of $327)



Self-study modules + GROUP calls + FB community + 1:1 calls + live videos


Have questions or want additional payment options? Email me at