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Get ready to #LetGoAndGlow, up-level your confidence, 
and dive into that new, healthy, balanced, and vibrant lifestyle you've always dreamed of!



Module 1
Beauty, Balance + Vibrancy

Define what it all means to you and decide to do your best to live that vibrant life. Learn about your chakras and how to balance your flow of energy.

Module 2
Skin Health + Body image

Step into the full power and strength of your body, and up-level your body image. Understand how your skin works and how to take care of it from the inside out.

Module 3
Self-love rituals + Confidence

Up-level your self-confidence and live YOUR life to the fullest by PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST! Learn simple daily rituals that boost your self-love and happiness.

Module 4
healthy Food + women's Health

Nurture your body with healthy food and heal your relationship with food. Think about women's health and work on yours. Celebrate that you are a healthy and glowing female! 

Module 5
Makeup + styling inspiration

Polish your looks to get that outside beauty glow!Up-level your everyday makeup skills, get hair inspiration and simple styling tips for a busy woman!

Module 6
Lifestyle design + Dream chasing

BIG TIME CHANGES are waiting for you - it's time to create the life of your dreams. Make an action plan for the next 3 months to go out there and get it!!

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