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  • lesson 1: BODY IMAGE TODAY

    • Understand the media and how it impacts our view of bodies

    • Discover hidden beliefs about your own body and clear them

  • lesson 2: LOVE YOUR BODY

    • Daily practice for body love

    • Strengthen your affirmations for #bodypositivity

  • lesson 3: WORKOUT FOR HEALTH

    • Experiment with different kinds of exercise

    • Uplevel your strength and find a workout routine that works

  • lesson 4: YOGA & THE SPIRIT

    • Understand the magic of Yoga

    • My favorite workout youtubers



This is a really deep topic and requires some time, love, and acceptance from your side to finally tap into that body you've always dreamed of and feeling amazing in your own skin!

Set aside some time to dig really deep into this workbook and make this an exercise you will never have to go back to, because you'll gain so much clarity and understanding, and you'll be able to be more and more compassionate with yourself. Be honest, gentle and kind with yourself and just do the best you can to up level your life and body image for good.

You can even do a short meditation before you do this exercise, to ground yourself, put your hand on your heart and just see how it feels. Self-love is so powerful!

Click on the image or below to download your workbook:

In this workbook, we’re getting crystal clear about where your self-doubts and sabotaging thoughts around your own body come from, and how to heal them for good. Some of this work can go really deep, and painful emotions might come up. It is absolutely normal, painful experiences hurt, and it is part of the process to let go of them. It might not always be easy, but it is so important that you work through this to finally let go of all those negative thoughts that are holding you back right now.

I don’t want you to live a life of limitations, of restrictions around food, of stress and worry about what others think of you all the time, because you’re missing out on life! Which is full of wonders, beauty, fun, and excitement!

It is time for you to shine, to sparkle, to glow from the inside out, beautiful, no matter your body shape or size. The number on the scale doesn’t bring you happiness.

Promise yourself right now that you do whatever it takes to finally step into a powerful, strong, and confident woman for the rest of your life!

Where do body image issues typically stem from?

The media (especially social media) plays a huge role in all the body shaming and negative beliefs lots of women have around their body. All the girls’, teens’ and women’s magazines are full of stories, tips, workouts for a sexy body. While there’s nothing bad about having a sexy body, the way they define „sexy“ might not necessarily mean „healthy“ as well. Expectations for women’s bodies are high - slim, no fat, six pack, big boobs, big booty, big eyes and lashes, firm, perfect skin, long hair... the list goes on. Beauty product, makeup, and clothing companies portray the exact same thing. Their advertisements are photoshopped in a way that those bodies and faces are absolutely unreal. Believe me, photoshop can do anything. It can turn all of us into super slim supermodels with only a few clicks!

The story goes on with Instagram. So many women showcase their bodies there, claiming that they’re healthy and confident with bodies that sometimes look quite anorexic. Don’t buy into their stories. Write your own body story. Some Instagram models even confirmed that it takes them hours to take and edit just one photo. What you see on Instagram isn’t real life. It’s only snapshots of short moments - don’t use them to compare your entire life with that one second.

I really want you to understand that this is not the real world. Some models might have great bodies, but a super slim sexy body with a six pack is not necessarily associated with a happy life. In fact, research has found that your fertility goes down when you have less than a certain % of fat.

By the age of 7, your beliefs are firm. What our parents taught us is „normal“ for us. What we learned in school and in our society „is just the way it is“. We don’t even think twice. So if you grew up with a mom who constantly complained about her own body, you most likely picked that up and think the same of your body today. If someone always told you „you’re fat“ as a little girl, most likely that’s what you think of yourself today. These experiences stick with us in our subconscious mind and we need to detect them and then let them go.

Another big issue with body image is physical and sexual abuse, discrimination, and literally anything that has to do with very strong negative emotions. Maybe as a teen you wanted to be with that boy, but he told your girlfriend that you’re too fat. One-time events like these can be very emotionally traumatizing and literally manifest in our entire life as we grow older.

These negative emotional experiences are stored in the sacral chakra and need to get out of your way. Even though they are part of who you are today, they no longer serve you in terms of enriching your life and making you feel happy. Anything that no longer serves you belongs in the past and out of your energetic body for good.

Perfectionists suffer more from self-sabotaging their bodies, as they always want to look perfect. Let me just tell you again that there is no perfect in anything. Sometimes it’s just better to get things moving instead of waiting for them to be perfect (=never). Progress over perfection. Life is too short to waste it, and it’s literally all about feeling amazing in your life, no matter what number your scale indicates. Because there is no scale to weigh happiness! And that’s the most important thing in life.

Lots of situations and people impact our confidence and the way we think about ourselves. This is what happened in the past. But still, we often get lost in our busy lives, with all the errands we need to run, all the people we need to message, all the FB comments we need to read and reply to. We are running in our sympathetic nervous system all the time! No wonder there is no time for self-care and appreciation!

Today, you have the power to change anything in your life. By owning your life, your body, and your self-care, you show the universe that you are ready for this. The relationship with yourself is a „relationship“. Just as you nourish your relationship with your partner, your kids, and your girlfriends, you need to nourish your relationship with yourself as well. Understanding in which chakras you are blocked and doing little things every day will help you get there.

People who are overweight often „eat on“ a protective layer around their bodies, so nobody or nothing can get too „close“ to them. The body fat is literally a protection around the inner, delicate self. Often, it’s also about not being able to let go. What are you trying to hold on to? Where are you clinging to (situation, person, objects) that you don’t feel ready to let go yet? Why? Dig deep. As long as you don’t discover what you’re holding on to, losing weight will be almost impossible, as your subconscious mind will want to continue to protect you with body fat.

If you’re experiencing issues with eating, suffer from binge eating or an eating disorder, try to dig really deep to get to the root cause. Often, food is just what we turn to in frustration and stress. The real underlying problem is often something completely different. It can be an unhappy relationship or marriage, stress at work, not feeling fulfilled, feeling uncomfortable in your own home... really anything. Find out what makes you eat like crazy or not eat at all, and work on those issues.



your daily practice

Creating a healthy mindset around your body doesn't happen overnight. Negative beliefs are so deep and you really need some time and efforts to break them and replace them with loving, positive thoughts about yourself. A simple and short daily practice will help you stay focused and will keep your goals on top of your mind! Here are some suggestions for a daily practice. Pick whatever works best for you, but stick to doing this every day for at least one week:

  • FREE FLOW JOURNALING: You can either just start writing in your journal, or you can ask a question like "How can I feel better about my body?" or "How can I become more body confident?" and just start writing. As you continue writing, your ego (conscious mind) will get out of the way and your subconscious mind can start its magic. You will be surprise what fantastic ideas will come out of you!

  • SET AN INTENTION FOR THE DAY: How do you want to feel today? How do you want to see your body today? What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror today? Just one little sentence can change so much.

  • MAKE A GOAL: What is your goal around your body? How do you want to feel? And then go ahead and feel that way right now! :)

  • DO THE CHAKRA MEDITATION: Go to your additional resources in the modules overview and do the chakra meditation. It will help you activate all energy centers and when your energy is in flow, confidence will grow, and your glow can start to develop!

  • READ YOUR AFFIRMATIONS: Take the affirmations you wrote down in the workbook and read through them before you get out of bed. You can re-read them before you go to sleep again. These times of the day are the best, because your subconscious mind is still receptive, and affirmations can be programmed directly into your subconscious computer!




Take your calendar and schedule some sessions in the next two weeks. In your journal, answer these questions:

  • What type of exercise are you going to do?

  • Where can you do it (gym, outdoors)?

  • Will someone join you, or do you prefer to do it alone?

  • How will you prioritize this and make sure you don't skip it?

  • Who will keep you accountable for actually doing it? Maybe you need to inform your partner or room mate? If not, let us know in the group and we'll hold you accountable!

After completing the workout, journal about these questions:

  • How did you feel before the workout?

  • How are you feeling now?

  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy it?

  • The day after the workout: How are you feeling in your body?

Note that it's all about bio individuality. What works for me might not work for you. Really take your time to experiment different types of workouts and schedules to make sure it suits your lifestyle and makes you feel amazing!!





What questions do you have about this module? What came up for you? How are you feeling about everything? What specific situations have you experienced in your life that you'd like to share with all the glow girls? 

Head over to the FB group and share your biggest win from this module with us! I wanna hear what you're working on!



This is only the trailer. Understand how the media builds the image we have today about beauty and women. A must watch!



I met Mel in Bali a few years ago, and she is very inspiring! Her book is all about healing your relationship with food and accepting your body as it is.


read “mantras in motion” by Erin stutland

A great book about how movement in your body can be paired with affirmations to create movement in your life.


Mantras in Motion with Erin Stutland


Embracing Body Diversity And Family Values with Jo Encarnacion


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