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  • lesson 1:

    • Intro to First Impression
    • Makeup Basics
    • Inside Out vs. Outside In
  • lesson 2:

    • Learn How To Create Some Simple & Fancy Makeup Looks
    • How To Clean Your Brushes
  • lesson 3:

    • Try Different Hairstyles
    • Natural Hair Care
  • lesson 4: 

    • The Basics Of Fair & Conscious Fashion
    • How To Shop Conscious Clothing
    • Sustainability





Besides learning important basics about brushes, foundation, and blush, you will get to create something amazing with liquid liner, black eye shadow, and colors. After this module, you will also understand how important it is to take good care of your skin and beauty equipment! You show yourself what you're worth, and you can definitely uplevel your confidence and add some extra sparkle to your glow!

You might think that eye makeup makes the difference when it comes to makeup, but honestly, the foundation is really what matters the most! In this video, I'm going to show you step by step how to create the perfect foundation, including all the tools you need for this.

In order to find the right foundation color, I'm doing half of my face first, just to show you how you can find your color. With foundation on half your face only, you can look straight into the mirror and you will clearly see if there's a difference in color. You should NOT see a difference colorwise. What you WILL notice though is that your skin looks very even.

Foundation Martina 1.png

From your perspective, the right side of my face is very light. Can you see the slight difference? It makes me look really pale!

Foundation Martina 2.png

Can you see how brownish my face looks on the right side? Definitely not natural and too dark!

Foundation Martina 3.png

This is the right foundation color on the right. You can clearly see that the skin is less red and more even. And dark circles are gone!


While the entire beauty industry mostly believes in beauty from the outside through skin care, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, I truly believe that the inside world actually matters so much more. I just saw an ad in an inflight magazine for natural and organic skin care for CHF999 for a 45ml pot!

Even though skin care is important for a youthful and healthy look, I don't think this price is justified for a skin care product. Not because I doubt the ingredients or the quality, but more because I know that real beauty cannot just be applied with a cream or serum onto your skin!

Real beauty comes from within - and I know you've heard it over and over from me now, but I just need to say this again and again! Yes, makeup makes a huge difference and knowing how to easily apply it to your face, so it looks professional and even, is something that I highly recommend that you learn. But it's not everything.

We saw in module 4 that the food we eat changes the gene expression and that there are lots of really healthy foods for youthful skin as well, e.g. leafy greens (highly alkaline), berries, cacao and cacao nibs (highly antioxidant), coconut oil (antiviral and much more). And we all know that this magical glow that beautiful women have cannot be applied through skin care products either, because it comes from a healthy level of confidence, from self-love and self-care, from gratitude and from joy and happiness.

So while I do believe that knowing how to best use makeup and clothes for your outside beauty, the inside stuff matters a lot, too. It's all about finding the balance between caring for your inside beauty as well as for your outside beauty, which this module is all about :) 

Please refer to Module 3 for more inside beauty tips.






  • A foundation
  • A concealer
  • A mineral makeup
  • A spatula (metal or plastic)
  • A clean sponge
  • A Kabuki or powder brush


  1. Choose your foundation. The creamier the foundation, the more it covers. Powders cover the least, followed by liquid foundations, and cream foundations with the best coverage.
  2. Pick a concealer that is lighter than your foundation. You want to highlight certain parts of your face. Use your ring finger to apply it.
  3. Fix everything with a mineral makeup or powder. I love mineral makeups, because they usually have a natural glow.



  • A light grey eye shadow or light eyebrow pencil
  • A hair spray or gel
  • A brow brush
  • A flat angled brush


  1. Brush your brows downwards to see where the line of the brow roots is. If you have short brows, don't worry about this step!
  2. Follow the natural roots of your brows with the light grey eyeshadow or your eyebrow pencil. (Make sure you tap the eyeshadow brush onto your wrist first to avoid foundation disaster!)
  3. Brush your brows upwards to draw the lower line of the brows.
  4. Fill in the rest of your brows.
  5. Fix the brows with a brow gel.



  • A natural blush color
  • A mineral makeup
  • A blush brush
  • A Kabuki brush


  1. Check your cheeks to find how your cheekbones are positioned on your face.
  2. Take some blush color and tap the blush brush onto the wrist of your hand first to avoid having too much color on your cheeks, looking like a barbie!
  3. Start applying the blush from the hair and ears towards your nose. Don't go over the middle of your eyes and don't go lower than your nose.
  4. Make sure you always stay on your skin with the brush to make the blush look more even and last longer.
  5. Fix the blush with mineral makeup.



  • A solid foundation
  • A liquid liner
  • A mascara
  • A few intense lipsticks to play around
  • A lip liner (optional)
  • A big blender brush
  • A lip brush (optional)
  1. Pull your eyelid outwards, so your skin is firm.
  2. Draw a fine line as close to your eye lashes as possible. You can go over it as many times as you like to create the perfect shape, but always try to not interrupt the line while drawing.
  3. Create a nice shape and finish for the liner.
  4. Add mascara.
  5. Line your lips (optional).
  6. Fill in your lips with an intense lipstick.
  7. Add some glittery gloss for a more glamorous look.

glamorous smokey eyes


  • A solid foundation
  • A mineral makeup / powder
  • A dark color like brown, black, dark blue
  • A lighter color (e.g. dark purple, blue, green)
  • A silver or shiny eyeshadow 
  • A black eye pencil
  • A mascara
  • A few light / nude lipsticks 
  • A big blender brush
  • An applicator brush
  • A small angled brush
  • A liner brush
  1. Powder your eyes well with the mineral makeup to avoid stickiness of the eyeshadow color. 
  2. Apply the dark eyeshadow.
  3. Blend everything well.
  4. Apply eyeliner and blend it well with the liner brush.
  5. Highlight your brow bone.
  6. Add mascara and blush.
  7. Choose a matching lipstick.

colored eyeshadows


    • A solid foundation
    • A mineral makeup / powder
    • A simple eyeshadow color or two similar shades (e.g. light and dark purple)
    • A dark grey or black pencil
    • A mascara
    • A few neutral & intense lipsticks
    • A big blender brush
    • An applicator brush
    • A liner brush
    1. Powder your eyes well with the mineral makeup to avoid stickiness of the eyeshadow color. 
    2. Apply the lighter eyeshadow all over your lid.
    3. Add the darker color in the outer corners of your eyes.
    4. Blend everything well.
    5. Apply eyeliner and blend it well with the liner brush.
    6. Apply mascara and blush.
    7. Choose a matching lipstick.


    There are a few things you should know about brushes. Good brushes will help you create a better look, will save you a lot of money, and will be very good for your skin! So:

    • Keep your brushes clean. Dirty brushes are a paradise for bacteria - they love it! Going back and forth between your skin (collecting bacteria), your product (distributing and growing bacteria) and back to your skin (distributing bacteria again), can really complicate your life and impact your skin health! It will not only be a reason for impurities and pimples, but also make your makeup products go bad quicker. 
    • One brush for one color. When applying eye shadow, make sure you don't mix different colors in one brush. It will create a mixture of colors and will give you a hard time making both eyes look the same. In case you only have one brush, clean it with some alcohol and a tissue first.
    • Invest in good quality brushes (and save a lot of money)! It is SO worth it to invest in good brushes! You will be able to use them for up to 10 years. I've had my brushes for over 5 years now, and they still look like new. And as a makeup artist, as you can imagine, I use them ALL THE TIME! So yeah, really long life span! If you've worked with $3 drugstore brushes, you know that it's really hard to create good results with them. Trust me, a nice, soft brush will make your life so much easier!
    • Go vegan. While animal hair brushes are really soft and create great results, it is not an ethical way to makeup your face. I use synthetic, vegan and fair-trade makeup brushes that are made in Berlin, Germany (from Jack's Beauty Department). Synthetic doesn't always mean worse quality-wise. There are amazing synthetic brushes that create perfect makeup results.
    • Get a brush set. If you travel sometimes and take your makeup with you, you know how annoying it can be to search your brushes among all your makeup products while they make your pouch dirty at the same time. Get a nice little brush set to store your brushes. I use it whenever I travel, as well as at home - every single day.

    By investing in good brushes, storing them nicely and keeping them clean, you are not only creating better and more perfect makeup results, but also sending out a signal to the universe that you really CARE about yourself! By keeping your stuff clean and free from bacteria, you're proving yourself that YOU'RE WORTH IT!



    This brush is used for mineral makeup. It takes on a lot of powder and gives your skin a really nice even skin tone.



    This regular powder brush is rather used for compact powders as well as translucent powders that only take away the glow.



    You will need this brush for your blush. It can either have a round shape, or it can be angled like the brush on the bottom.



    This one is CRUCIAL for a nice makeup look, especially for smokey eyes! Powder the eye lids well to make sure the color on your lid doesn't get sticky.



    You will use the applicator brush (the top one) for intense colors, incl. glittery eyeshadows. Use the bottom one for less intense colors and smooth application.



    Use this brush for looks with two or more eyeshadow colors. You can blend the colors really well and create the same shape and color intensity on both eyes.



    Use this brush to smudge your eyeliner. It will go deeper into the skin wrinkles and last much longer. It will also look softer, less black, and more natural.



    Use the angled brush for your brows. The results are much softer with a brow brush and a light grey eye shadow than with a liner. Then, rush your brows.



    While a lip brush is helpful for darker lip colors, you can also just apply the lipstick with your finger. A lip brush just makes your result even more perfect.


    1. Separate your soft and hairy brushes (blush, powder, eye shadow brush) from harder hairy brushes and synthetic brushes (e.g. concealer, lip brush, applicator brush)
    2. Wash the harder and synthetic brushes under flowing warm water. Use a mild soap to help the color get out of the brush.
    3. Take a container, a glass, or a jar and fill it with warm water. Add a mild shampoo and wash the brushes in the container by stirring them in the warm water. Once you feel like all the color came out of the brush (when the water is actually quite dirty!), replace the water with fresh water.
    4. Wash the brushes out in the clean water.
    5. Dry them one by one and put the hair in shape. I use a face cloth to dry the brushes to avoid producing a lot of waste with kleenex.
    6. Place the brushes at the edge of a table with the hair lapping over the edge, so the hair can dry well. 

    You should clean your brushes like this about once a month. I recommend you to take a tissue once a week to wipe your brushes and disinfect them with alcohol to avoid inflammation on your skin.

    LESSON 3


    different hair styles


    natural hair care

    Clearly, there are certain things we can't change about our hair, such as our natural color or the curls or straightness of the hair. I personally believe that God / nature / the universe gave you the hair we truly look our absolute best in! If you decide to dye your hair and it makes you feel better, great. But know that you are ENOUGH just as you are right now and you look absolutely incredible with the hair you have!

    There's a few things to consider for beautiful and strong hair:

    • Get regular haircuts to keep your hair healthy, at least every 3 months.
    • Use natural shampoo and conditioner that are non-chemical and free from animal-testing - also to protect your skin (and body, as it eventually flows over your entire body!)
    • Certain moon phases are said to speed up your hair growth. I have not personally tried this, but totally believe this is possible, just like the moon cycles also impact the growth of vegetables!
    • A great thing to do is regular hair masks. One of my favorite masks is to put olive oil in my hair over night and wash it out in the morning. It is very hydrating and very nourishing for the hair. Make sure you put a towel on your pillow for the night!
    • Regularly use vinegar conditioner: Take 1/2l of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Rinse your hair with this conditioner after using a shampoo. Do not wash it out with water. This is very cleansing for the scalp and will help the hair restore the natural pH level. You can do this as often as you like and it may as well replace a normal conditioner.

    LESSON 4



    As a main organizer of the Swiss Fashion Revolution Day (2016-2018), I've been fighting for fair fashion and a conscious consumption of clothing and accessories for a while now. If you're new to this topic, all the information that is out there can be very confusing and overwhelming. You might feel like you can't buy anything anymore! But that's not true. Once you learn how to read labels, how to find more information, and how to get new clothes in a sustainable way, you will see that there are so many options available to you.

    Again, this is something we need to find balance in. It can feel frustrating when you think you can never get anything new anymore, but it can also feel very harmonious and proud when you buy good things that support good people! So tune into your intuition to see what feels good for you.


    THE ENVIRONMENT: In the fast fashion industry, lots of chemicals are used to dye clothes, to soften leader, to process and produce synthetic fibers, to rip jeans etc. These chemicals are highly toxic for the environment and poison lakes and rivers, where they endanger the local animals and plants. The ground water can eventually also be contaminated through these toxins, which result in severe health issues for the local communities. While producing in China etc. is cheap, it creates a huge CO2 load for the planet, because the cotton may be grown in Africa, is then shipped to India to be processed into yarn, then fabric, and then shipped to China, from where the clothes will then be brought to Europe or the US.

    SOLUTION: Buy clothes that are dyed with natural colors and non-toxic dyes. Buy GOTS certified organic cotton, wool, cashmere (if you're not vegan) from sustainable farms that are produced transparently. Avoid leather whenever possible, as the process is usually not only toxic for the environment, but hugely dangerous for the workers, too. Buy clothes that are produced locally and don't have to fly across the planet.


    THE GARMENT WORKERS: While in western countries, the labor conditions are usually well-controlled and monitored, in third-world countries like China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. these are hardly ever human. The factories do whatever they can to get new deals, produce more quantities of clothing and make more money, which is always what it comes down to. Women have no insurance for their pregnancies and often have to leave their own children grow up with someone else outside of town in order to be able to work and bring home some money to survive. Garment workers often work 16-hour days, 7 days a week, and hardly have a place to sleep. The buildings they work in are not according to minimum standard safety regulations, which was clearly proven on April 24, 2013, when a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, which lots of garment workers paid for with their lives...

    SOLUTION: Look out for fair trade certified clothes, such as Max Havelaar, or small brands that guarantee transparency when it comes to the supply chain. Buy clothes that are made locally, where you can trust that the working conditions are fair and transparent.


    THE QUALITY / THE LIFE SPAN: More and more, the quality of today's fashion decreases. People buy t-shirts for one party, or you wash the pieces and they're already out of shape after a few times of washing. Not to mention the quality of sewing, when pieces start falingl apart after wearing them a few times only. When the quality is worse, people pay less. When people pay less, more stuff needs to be produces in order to still make money. It is WAY better to invest in more expensive pieces, which then last longer. But don't be tricked by brand names. Just because something has a label on it, doesn't mean it's better. Zara, H&M, Hugo Boss, Nike etc. all produce in the same garment factories. So look out for quality and not just a brand name.

    SOLUTION: Invest in higher quality products, buy one pair of good winter shoes, a solid winter jacket that last for e.g. the next 5 years. Even though people often think they save money when they buy cheaper things, you will eventually save money with this practice, because you'll need to replace good quality less often.


    THE WASTE: Clearly the environmental impact of the clothing industry is becoming unbearable for our planet. With everything we buy, we also contribute to the waste that we produce onto mother earth. By giving away clothes to charity, people think they're doing a good act, but these clothes are often shipped to poorer countries where people will eventually only use 1/10 of it or less, and the rest is just accumulated waste in their countries. Plus it destroys the local garment market, impacts the local economy in a negative way, and takes away jobs from local garment workers and designers.  

    SOLUTION: A great way to reduce your waste and move towards #zerowaste is to buy clothes, shoes, accessories second hand. Organize a clothing swap at your home with your besties, or go to an official clothing swap in your town. Resell your pieces online (e.g. on the new App Tradono in Switzerland) or give them away to someone you know needs it and appreciates it. This way, you give these pieces a second life, create zero waste with it, and don't spend (a lot of) money.

    HOW TO SHOP CONSCIOUSLY & styling tips - by style coach silvia borisch


    Do you prefer to have a lot of clothes or rather not too many? Generally, 90% of women have too many clothes, which has been shown to be rather blocking than making choices easy. If you're someone who loves buying new clothes, you should also learn to be able to give away about the same amount of clothes that you buy.

    If you prefer to have less pieces, make sure that these new clothes fit perfectly into your current wardrobe. If you're looking for something that goes with a specific piece of clothing, make sure you wear it as you go shopping.

    If you're the kind of person who easily gets convinced by the sales agents and regret having bought the pieces as soon as you get home, then I recommend you to go shopping only with an honest and critical friend. It might happen that you end up not buying anything, but you will avoid unnecessary purchases.



    It is SO easy to organize a clothing swap at your home! Click below to download a checklist to make sure you're well prepared to start swapping!



    It is highly recommended to go over your ENTIRE wardrobe. Depending on how many clothes you have, this might take a few evenings or even a few weekends. These are the steps Silvia recommends:

    1. Get rid of anything that no longer fits you (incl. what you think will fit you again in the future...!). Getting rid of this means getting rid of it and not just putting these clothes in the second row!
    2. Get rid of anything that is damaged and not in its best shape anymore (e.g. where you clearly see the knees or elbows even after washing, where there are holes etc.)
    3. This step is about FEELING AMAZING in your clothes. Put on all the remaining pieces, one by one, and look into the mirror. Be critical and honest with yourself! Only keep what excites you! When we don't feel good in our clothes, this negativity impacts our subconscious mind, which then results in a not-so-glowing and insecure appearance on the outside. And you really can't play this down with your charm, because other people's subconscious will pick up on that energy subconsciously anyway! - Whereas the right clothes will make us truly sparkle! We feel good, look confident, and others will notice this difference. We automatically smile more and get more smiles and positive feedback back - this is just how the magical universe works!

    Take some time to feel all the different materials you have in your wardrobe. Do you prefer wool? Cashmere? Cotton or linen? Feel the difference of normal cotton and organic cotton, as well as synthetic fabrics. Smell your clothes. This is how you get to know your clothes even better and will be more mindful when you buy new stuff. Note that there are all kinds of qualities of cotton, cashmere, modal etc. Always go with what FEELS good!

    how to build your wardrobe - with silvia borisch

    These are the basics you should have in your wardrobe according to Style Coach Silvia Borisch. You can easily mix and match these with all kinds of clothes, plus these will be your solution if one day, you don't know what to wear!

    These are the only luxury pieces you don't have to share with anyone unless you want to. High quality underwear will give you a beautiful body shape. It's important that the bras are not too tight. In case it is visible, it needs to fit the color of your clothes. E.g. if you wear a black dress, pick a black bra. This might sound logical, but a lot of people don't do it :) Get at least a pair of white and black underwear.

    Make sure you have socks in these colors: dark blue, grey, black and white. With these colors, you will be able to cover all kinds of styles. If you're more of a fancy fashionista, you can also pick some playful socks with colors and patterns.
    If you're the kind of woman who wears a lot of skirts, get some tights in different DN (thickness). In winter, it is recommended to wear DN 30 or more.

    Get 2-3 t-shirts in the basic colors black, white, and dark blue. Get these in two versions: short sleeves and long sleeves to be able to get through the year. Make sure you FEEL really good in them and the material feels good on your skin. You can also look out for special patterns or small imprints or embroideries that don't seem too sporty to add a special look to your simple t-shirts.

    You should have 2 jeans that fit you perfectly. High quality jeans are easily wearable in business as well, and the darker the color, the more professional they seem. 

    You should have 2 sweaters in high quality - these are basics! You can wear them with blouses and with tshirts. Alternatively, you can invest in jackets as well.

    Make sure you consider the quality for your Scarves. You can spend a bit more money here, as you will wear them less than your clothes and they will last longer.

    Get an elegant coat for winter and a warm jacket or coat. For summer, trench coats are usually great elegant allrounders. 

    Get a pair of chic boots, comfortable ankle boots, beautiful ballerinas, simple pumps, and sporty sneakers.

    Every woman should have a beautiful nightdress. If you're someone like me who is always cold, get a cozy bathrobe as well.

    These are the must-have basics. You can then continue building your wardrobe based on these basics and create more fancy and personal looks, incl. accessories, bags, jewellery and glasses etc. 

    When you consider all of these factors, materials, colors, cuts that just look irresistible on you, you are on your best way to an incredibly glowing wardrobe - which will result in a really beautiful self-confident feeling!


    As always, I LOVE giving you guys special deals on anything! So I'm happy to offer you a professional color and style consultation as well as wardrobe cleanse with my dear friend and Style Coach Silvia Borisch ( She will teach you everything you need to know about how to build a sustainable and functional wardrobe that will make you feel much more self-confident. You might spend a bit more money in the beginning, but you will notice quickly that in the long run, you will be saving a lot of money!

    These are the packages she specifically created for my Glow Girls:

    1. HALF DAY Color and Style Consultation: Silvia will define which of the six color types you are and will help you find out what styles and cuts of clothes suit you best. You will also get your color palette, which you will be able to use for all your future shopping tours to avoid buying the wrong colors. Silvia will go over your wardrobe with you and help you put together outfits for business and everyday life.
      The regular price for this is CHF 600.-, Glow Girls get it exclusively for CHF 420.-!
    2. FULL DAY Color and Style Consultation & Intensive Wardrobe Cleanse: In addition to option 1, Silvia will help you get rid of anything that does not match your color palette and your style. She will also show you how to fold and store your clothes for optimal space and energy (as learned by Marie Kondo!). She will help you create new favorite outfits for business and leisure. You will also get exclusive shopping tips that will help you for the rest of your life.
      The regular price for this is CHF 1000.-, Glow Girls get it exclusively for CHF 650.-!

    This offer is currently only available in person. Click below to email me and I will connect you guys!



    What questions do you have about this module? What came up for you? How are you feeling about everything? What specific situations have you experienced in your life that you'd like to share with me and all the glow girls? 

    >> Head over to the FB group and share your biggest WIN from this module with us! I wanna hear what you're working on!



    A documentary about the fashion industry. Available on iTunes and Netflix.
    An absolute MUST-WATCH! Watch the trailer here: 


    MAGIC CLEANING by marie kondo

    A book that teaches you the Japanese technique about how to tidy up your home and wardrobe and only keep what sparks joy!


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