A Self-Love & Wellness Retreat in Greece

OCTOBER 21-26, 2019



A luxury travel experience for the woman who wants to feel amazing in her body, experience meditation and mindfulness, and wants to bring her own glow out into the world.



…You, a bunch of beautiful, glowing women, and me hanging out in one of the most beautiful places on this planet

…In our very own private villa with a pool, fun pool parties, delicious healthy food, making new girlfriends

…Bonding deeply with yourself through daily meditations, meaningful rituals, life-changing workshops, and fun pool breaks

…Getting completely unblocked and feeling creative and inspired to take your life to the next level

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"My life has changed in so many ways since attending the Glow Camp. Before embarking on this journey I had never left the country or done anything solely for myself. I knew I needed an experience like this in my life, and I am so glad I took the leap of faith and joined Martina in Bali. My self-confidence has gone up so much and I feel comfortable talking about the negative in my life. Before I would just keep them to myself and I had a hard time opening up to people. Now I know how important it is to be open and honest and I've met so many new people and cultivated new friendships because of this newfound discovery within myself. 

My favorite part of the retreat was being able to talk with other women and hear their own stories. We are all more alike than we think. Meeting women from around the world has opened my eyes to so many new ideas and ways of living. It helps to know that there are other women who are also searching to be the best version of themselves possible. During the retreat we talked about our life goals, manifested new energy into our lives and learned how to be our biggest supporters. It has inspired me to put my best foot forward each and every day.

If you are considering joining Martina on a future retreat, the only thing I have to say is GO! It can be scary to do something solely for your own benefit, but it is so worth it! One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that it is important to slow down. We spend so much of our day worrying about our jobs, our family, our future, but instead of taking action we let the worry consume us. Now is the time to take action! Joining Martina in Bali is hands down one the best things I have ever done in my life and I couldn't image the person I would be if I didn't go. 

Plus, you get a daily coconut, amazing vegan dishes and morning meditation and yoga classes each and every day. My life was totally #zen."

Téa Nelson, Brand and Influencer Relations, USA



“When I first heard about the retreat in Thailand with Martina, I thought it looked like a week in paradise and didn't doubt about signing up... But the real experience went far beyond my expectations, which had already been pretty high. The Villa, the rooms, the welcoming, the staff… The entire set was perfect and it created the perfect scenario for magic to happen.

The retreat allowed me to express myself in a 100% safe environment, in which I didn't feel judged, not even for a second... Being surrounded by so many amazing, different women who also shared their own struggles, and at the same time all helping each other to find our own answers was very inspiring!

During those days, I was able to finally find the peace I needed regarding some aspects of my life, I found the energy and motivation to move forward... Loving myself, caring about myself and my physical and mental health. The workshops, the talks, the meditations and each one of the funny moments shared with these women have impacted me in a deeply positive and spiritual way that I'll never forget. Going further... from that retreat… whenever I have doubts, I feel insecure, sad, anxious, or angry, I now have the tools to face those emotions and go back to balance and find my happiness and serenity every day.”

Caro Lafforgue, LV Store Manager, Spain


"The last time I felt this inspired and motivated was after the Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass!"

"Martina is a brilliant coach, badass boss-babe, and a beautiful person both inside and out. With a brand all about promoting self love, empowering women to be the best versions of themselves, boosting confidence, and celebrating the life we WANT to lead, what’s not to love about this woman?! My personal definition of Martina is luxury meets zen, with a shit ton of fierceness, luxurious and GLAM AF.

The Glow Camp experience was truly life changing and I mean that in every way possible. I can’t even begin to describe the amount I took away from this retreat, not only personally but professionally as well.

Seriously, the last time I felt this inspired and motivated was after the Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass last summer. And yes, I just compared this retreat to Gabby Bernstein, my personal mentor/idol, because that’s how incredible I felt during and after the retreat! I can really say I have never felt more relaxed or more creative and innovative in my business, and I have The Glow Camp to thank for that."

Sarah Marandi-Steeves, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Mental Health Therapist, USA


"If your intuition is telling you to go on this retreat, listen to it! The universe will find magical ways to support you to make this happen!"

"The Glow Camp was the most wonderful experience I've ever had! It exceeded all my expectations and every time I think back, I only have good memories and can't help but smile. I experienced a lot of aha moments and got to know myself so much better! I really learned to listen to my intuition and connect with myself to know what's best for me! 

Everything from the villa to the location, the food, the Yoga classes, the workshops, the meditations was just perfect! We worked on letting go of past experiences and discovered new things about ourselves. I never thought I would travel alone to a country I've never been to and share my entire life with people I've never seen before! Connecting with the other women was life-changing. We were all able to get so much information, inspiration and energy in this retreat that will help us with our own projects and with life!

When I signed up, I didn't know how I would pay for this. It was just a dream at first, but I just knew I had to do this, and in the end, it all magically worked out! I even missed my flight and am so happy that I found another one, because I would have missed out on so much! My life is definitely not the same after this retreat. If you want to change something in your life, but don't know where to start, this retreat is definitely the right thing for you!"

Juciane Carpe Rubia Guyer, Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking Class Teacher, Switzerland


"When you eat clean foods, breathe deeply, and implement these practices surrounded by good energy, your body can heal itself."

"From sun up to sun down, from the biggest moments to the tiniest details, Martina and the team behind this inspiring retreat left no stone unturned. I knew from the moment I walked through the doors of our pristine ocean front villa that this was going to be a week I’d never forget. 

Besides all the amazing bonds and new friendships that were formed, I was reminded of something very important. For me personally, success is no longer defined by a number. Success is waking up every morning excited and grateful. Success is about doing work that aligns with my soul, personal values, and passions. Martina gave me so many insights and ideas how to continue to live a more mindful and healthy life once the retreat was over and advice on how to carry all the magic I learned with me home.

We all shared our experiences and had transformative conversations in a safe and judgment-free space. On the last night, she even had custom flower crowns made for us. Total high vision Goddess Vibes. We celebrated our breakthroughs, transformations, and our past accomplishments. Between the daily meditations, massages, healthy meals, supportive daily conversations & beach yoga practices, this retreat leaves you with a profound transformation of both mind & body."

Alexandria Gilléo, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Coach, USA


  • waking up exhausted, not wanting to leave the house at all.

  • worrying about what others think of you or of what you say and what you look like.

  • stressing out about little things in life.

  • pleasing others when it doesn't really come from your heart.#boundaries.

  • running on autopilot in your business or job, feeling like there must be something better!

  • playing that role of being that happy girl all the time, when you're really struggling to balance your health and life.

  • living in that trap that keeps you stuck in stressful overwhelm and continuous unfulfilling moments instead of enjoying life.

  • spending time with people that don't do you any good.

  • that quarter life crisis! Seriously.. This is not meant for you!


  • You jump out of bed in the morning and feel excited about what's on your schedule.

  • You feel inspired and creative to do well in your job.

  • You love what you see when you look in your bathroom mirror.

  • You have a peaceful morning routine that fills up your mind and body, so you can start work feeling empowered and positive.

  • Your meals not only look gorgeous (#smoothiebowls), but are also nourishing and make you feel alive without restricting.

  • You no longer spend time stressing about your money. You feel powerful and supported and use it to create a beautiful life.

  • You feel confident in your body and just love your life.

  • You only spend time with people that make you feel like your best self and are supportive.

  • You speak up for yourself and say what truly matters to you.

Imagine a life where you really feel that way. You are just glowing, inside and out, and you feel super creative and inspired to take your life and business to the next level! You have a clear path of what you want to achieve in this world, and nothing can hold you back from doing it.

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All the work we're doing in this retreat is what I've gone through in my own life. I've done a lot of healing work on past trauma, I've been meditating for a long time now, I do yoga, workout regularly, I journal a lot, keep stretching my comfort zone with even bigger dreams. I've worked with different coaches over the last few years who have helped me get out of my own way into my power. They helped me get clarity, get to know myself better, clear any blocks that were standing in my way of living that glowing and vibrant life I had been dreaming of. Through this work, I was able to

  • break through my past trauma of being bullied as a girl

  • let go of relationship dramas that kept me in a negative loop and very low vibration

  • say good-bye to my well-respected management job that kept me stuck in a rut and often emotionally and physically drained

  • gain back my confidence and feel worthy of the things I want

  • love myself the way I am, no matter what others think of me

  • build my business helping women do exactly what I've done - #letgoandglow and find balance in the midst of a busy life

  • manifest crazy dreams, people, projects, love...

  • understand how the universe works and use this energy to create the life of my dreams (including running retreats like this one!)

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Monday, October 21 TO Saturday, October 26, 2019


We have our own private pool, a jacuzzi on the roof top, our own chef, pool floaties, #glowstyle bohemian design villa, and a ton of fun! You will share a luxury bedroom with another glow camper.


We are going to do deep work on releasing blocks and past experiences, designing your dream lifestyle, and creating new, healthy habits that will guarantee you a new-found balance and inside out glow.


We do several private yoga classes on our rooftop, daily morning meditation and transformational rituals, journaling exercises and more to kickstart your days in a really high vibration.


You will meet women from all over the world who are also in a transformational phase of their lives, are open to sharing their experiences with others and will open their hearts for you #glowsisters.


We have a private photographer at the retreat, who will take photos of every single one of you that you can take home as a memory of this experience that you will never forget.


On the last evening, we are going to celebrate each and every woman who took the decision to fly around the world just for herself! Think beautiful bohemian style setting, sunset vibes, a glass of bubbles...


Taking care of yourself on a regular basis is key to living a glowing life. We have a special spa experience planned for you, so you can let go of the stress and fully indulge in this world of wellness.


Not saying more about this, but know that I handpick all of the items that I gift my girls. Everything you get will be healthy, conscious, sustainable, and will help you glow from the inside out!


Floaties, ceremonies, exclusive workshops, 1:1 coaching time with me, just to name a few! Not saying more but: it will be an unforgettable retreat and you will be a different woman when you leave.

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Learn to love your body, your life, and yourself fully.
Join me in Greece for an unforgettable and life-changing luxury self-love and wellness experience!

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Fill in this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours!



Hey, I'm Martina.png

And I am so excited you're here! It is certainly not a coincidence that you found this page :)

Traveling is my passion, and I love it with a touch of luxury! Ever since I was little, I’ve loved exploring new cultures and places all around the world.

For thousands of years, women have been getting together in circles to share their experiences and wisdom with each other.

That’s exactly what we do in this retreat. In this exclusive and intimate experience, I'm helping you let go of all the clutter that is clogging up your space and energy, so you can finally feel free, light, and truly glowing, and become the woman you are meant to be.

I can't wait to celebrate life with you in Greece!

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  • 5 nights in our exclusive private villa

  • A private pool for daily pool breaks

  • A private chef who takes care of all our meals (breakfasts, lunch, snacks and dinner is all included)

  • Healthy meals which are all made locally and mostly plant-based

  • 4 full days and 2 half days of workshops

  • Daily guided meditations and rituals

  • A mini photoshoot plus lots of photos of all of us taken by our retreat photographer

  • A Bohemian style celebration dinner party

  • A shared room with another glow girl incl. private bathroom

  • A 1:1 post retreat bliss call to keep your vibe high

  • Airport transfer on arrival and departure days




You can no longer sign up for this retreat.

There is a payment plan option available. Please contact us for details.
Spots are very limited. First Come First Serve.

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WHEN and where IS it?

This 6-day/5-night retreat is starting on Monday, October 21, 2019 in the early afternoon and is ending on Saturday morning, October 26 after checkout around 12pm. It includes 5 nights in our private luxury villa as well as workshops on 2 half days and 4 full days. Our villa is located in Crete, Greece.


On day 1, we will pick you up from the airport. If you arrive earlier, you are responsible for your own transfer or can meet us at the airport with everyone else. On the departure day, you will be taken to the airport or your hotel, if it’s on the way to the airport. Airfare to Crete is not included.


The villa has beautiful double rooms that you will share with one of the other glow campers, which is great for bonding and ups your retreat experience. Each room has a beautiful private bath room and comes in the villa’s unique minimalist bohemian style design, total #glowstyle. You will feel super luxurious every day you wakeup!


Yes! There is a payment plan available with 3 monthly payments of $1067. These payments will go through automatically. You save your spot with the first payment.

Where do i need to book my flights to?

The villa is located about 45 minutes outside of Heraklion. Book your flights to Heraklion (note that Crete has two different airports!).

what’s the cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of this event, there are no refunds available. It is your own responsibility to have travel and insurance.


While yoga is part of this retreat, we are not just working with the body, but also with the subconscious and the conscious mind, with our emotions, with the heart, to heal past trauma and to let go of energetic and emotional blocks from our past.

In this retreat, we focus very much on the present moment with meditations and daily practices and all kinds of different workshops. We are also going to get clarity about what your biggest dreams and desires are and will make a plan, so you can make it happen!

In this retreat, the focus is on holistic healing, on reconnecting with your true self, your higher self, which knows exactly why you're here. Through that kind of work, you will feel inspired and creative, which will help you take your life, your relationships, and your career to a whole new level #upgrade.

After this retreat, you are going to wake up feeling excited about your life, feeling confident, knowing that you have the power to design the life of your dreams and that having a successful career can go hand in hand with meditation, self-care, luxury travel and inner peace.

Maybe you don't know quite yet what exactly you want or what your biggest dreams are, but in this retreat, we are going to dig deep into getting all the clarity you need to be your most powerful, most confident, and action taking self!


"Martina Fink is a lady on a mission to create more confidence, peace and radiance for all the women in this world! Martina leads from her heart, is super meticulous, and of course beautifully polished on the inside and out! Martina has tapped into a powerful and impactful way of coaching that the women of the world have been waiting for. She's the next big thing in confidence and lifestyle coaching! If you're ready for serious change, ease and confidence, you will seriously learn everything you need from Martina to create a beautiful and glowing life!"

Amber-Lee Lyons, Business & Lifestyle Coach + Modern Meditation Expert

Maguire Fitzpatrick.jpg

"Martina is a wise and skilled leader passionate about helping other women find their own healing. Her deeply rooted spirituality has helped inspire me to greater heights in my personal and professional life, while also guiding me to deepen my roots in my own faith. Her understanding of the connection between our physical body, our emotions, and the spiritual world has left a lasting and ever-growing impact on me. Martina's beauty and sage wisdom truly glows from the inside out. Her loving and open perception of the world always leaves me coming back to all her media platforms, and has me following her many resources!"

Maguire Fitzpatrick, Life + Soul Business Coach

Annie Mand.jpeg

"Within the first 10 minutes of telling Martina about my shoulder pain, she was able to intuitively indicate what had caused this pain. Martina is very knowledge about what I can do for my health, body, mind, & soul in order to help myself heal from this situation. She has also inspired me to take care of myself in the most holistic way. I feel more energized each & everyday, have literally woken up feeling like I love my life, feel infinite, like anything I dream of is a possibility, & that each product I buy will help me as well as help the planet. She is a coach who cares about what’s best for you. She has a gift of connecting to your needs & translating it to steps for you to take in order to heal your life. I highly recommend working with Martina if you know you want to live a life where you glow from the inside out!"

Annie Mand, Energy Coach

Sofie Von Marricks.jpg

"Martina is absolutely one of the most insightful and thoughtful coaches I've come across. She is gentle, understanding and able to cut right to your core. She is able to truly "see" past who you've become, and see who you really are. Working with her will bring a true transformation to how you see yourself. The work you do with her will change your relationships, your career, your friendships, and how you live your everyday life. Confidence, balance and your best self: mind body and soul are SO possible for you when you work Martina."

Sofie Von Marricks - Life & Brand Stylist For Female Entrepreneurs