Join The Glow Team

My team and I are currently looking for a new team member to help us get amazing guests onto the Glow Life Podcast and grow the show this year, as well as a communication support.

Podcast Outreach & Communication Support

Who You Are

  • You’re reliable and send over updates to the team once a week.

  • You take initiative and are forward thinking.

  • You respond to emails within 24hrs.

  • You’re a positive person and love the Glow brand.

  • You have experience with and understand all things podcasts, social media, and influencing.

  • You are professional in communicating and reaching out for collaborations and sponsorships with aligned brands.

  • You have great communication skills, know how to use your words and charisma to get our message across, and you are a fantastic writer.

  • You love researching impactful people in the areas of health and body, self-love, natural beauty, sustainability, spirituality, eco fashion, travel, and art.

  • You know how to build meaningful relationships with the right people. 

Your Responsibilities

  • Podcast Outreach: You’re performing market research and inviting potential guests that are on brand for The Glow Life Podcast for an interview to be featured on our show.

  • You reach out to people and brands for interviews and collaborations, correspond with potential guests within 24 hours and book them for spots on the podcast.

This position is for you if…

  • You have solid experience working with clients, podcast, communication and social media.

  • You have a turnaround time of less than 24 hours to customer and team messages.

  • You are organized, reliable, self-motivated.

  • You love all things health, self-care, sustainability, and spirituality.

  • You balance your work and life well and enjoy conscious time off.

This Position isn’t for you if…

  • You have never worked with clients before.

  • You are new to social media and the podcast world. We don’t have the capacity to train team members.

  • You don’t feel confident in reaching out to and following up with potential podcast guests, influencers, and brands..

  • You don’t have experience in professional communication online.

  • You’re not reliable and have other commitments that could get in the way (such as building your own coaching business on the side, too many clients, only work a few days a week etc.)

If any of these points describe you, please do not apply for this position.


  • Long-term position: We are looking for someone who wants to grow with the team.

  • 5-8 hours per month.

  • You will work as a contractor, not an employee.


Application process is closing on August 31, 2019.