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This 7-Day self-study course is all about...

  • Feeling empowered, aligned, and energized by connecting to your 7 chakras and learning where you might be blocked and affected by an imbalance.

  • Learning how to take time for yourself on a regular basis by forming a deep connection with yourself.

  • Feeling as one and at peace with nature and your environment by embracing a conscious lifestyle, reducing your waste, and getting rid of all kinds of toxins in your skin care products, your makeup, your food, and your environment.

If you're tired of looking in the mirror full of self-doubt, stressing out about your skin issues, getting home from work with your batteries lower than 0... >> It's time to tap into that energy you already have inside of you and experience what HOLISTIC BEAUTY really means!

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You will also get: 

An 11-page hands-on Chakra workbook to identify which chakra energies are currently blocked and hold you back from living the life you truly want to live!

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What's included?

  • 7 extensive videos about all the 7 chakras and how they relate to your health, your energy, your balance, and your inside and outside beauty.

    1. The Root Chakra: Overcome fears, feel safe and protected.

    2. The Sacral Chakra: Learn everything about creativity and being in your power.

    3. The Solar Plexus Chakra: Shine your light and strengthen your self-confidence.

    4. The Heart Chakra: Learn why receiving love is just as important as giving love.

    5. The Throat Chakra: Say it out loud! Speak up for yourself and speak your truth.

    6. The Third Eye Chakra: Connect with your intuition and get clarity about your life.

    7. The Crown Chakra: Learn how to get in flow with the universe and tap into your potential.

  • Very easy daily homework to get you into action about each of the chakras!

  • 1 Bonus video: How juicing can help you ground and connect with yourself!

  • An 11-page hands-on Chakra workbook to help you get clarity where your blocks are hiding!