”Dream Big”

Approximate time for the content: 40min
Approximate time for the homework: 1-2hrs


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Inspired Leaders Do This: Start With Why



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The Workbook

This is your first workbook! You can either download it and print it to fill it in, or you can just open it on your computer and answer the questions in your journal. It is not a fillable PDF on purpose, because handwritten thoughts are way more powerful than what we just type on a keyboard with our fingers.


Get really specific with your dreams and give them actual timelines about when you want them to manifest into your reality. Make separate boards to pin your dreams and goals for your life and business on for

  • the next 1 month

  • the next 3 months

  • the next 6 months

  • your longterm lifestyle vision

I recommend you also create a board where you can move your pins to once they have manifested. E.g. If you have a goal to buy specific new clothes, once you get them, you move the pin to that board. It is very empowering to see what you have been able to manifest in your life.

Tips: You can keep these boards secret, so nobody can find them on your profile. If the months timeline or the amount of boards feel overwhelming, feel free to change them, but make sure you have at least one board for the near future and one bigger picture board.

TO DO in the fb group

  1. Share your 6 months vision with us in the group! You can either screenshot parts of your board or post the link (unless it’s a secret board).

  2. Let us know the no. 1 biggest things you want to do, be, or have in the next 3 months.



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