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Sounds like there’s a lot going on in your life and life’s often not easy, right? The struggle is real and you often feel like one thing after the other is just happening to you, and there’s not really much you can do to improve your life. I get it. Sometimes, life's a struggle and I've been there, too. However, know that there's a way out of it! You have that glow inside of you, it's all about awakening your dormant beauty!


In relationships, you're sensitive, loyal, reliable, and always supportive of those around you. You like to keep yourself busy, so you don't have to deal with your emotions. You are aware that there are people who have a negative impact on you, but you find it hard to break away from toxic people. You may struggle with romantic relationships, attract the same kind of person again and again (e.g. I used to attract bad boys only!), and you have a hard time trusting others. You often take things personal and struggle with setting boundaries to protect yourself from other people's energies.

At work, you're doing your best to complete your work well, even at times when you're not motivated. Although you may not have the job of your dreams right now, you know that work is important to allow to pay for your bills and live the safe life you live today. Sometimes, you struggle with your boss or co-workers and feel like people treat you badly on purpose.

Spiritually, you haven't explored much yet, as "spirituality" feels a bit too woo-woo to you. You're rather a rational person, an observer and want to see with your own eyes, kinda like "I believe it when I see it". You're not quite sure to what extent you can impact your future, there's a lot to worry about all the time.

Physical activity isn't at the top of your priority list. Although you know that movement is important for your health, you just don't enjoy a hard workout. You're not very ambitious in sports and sometimes struggle with body image and feel like you should be losing weight, even though your friends tell you you're beautiful.

Mindset wise, you have very powerful thoughts, but may not be aware of it quite yet. When one day, something goes wrong, you know more bad things will happen that day. And they will, because that's what you expect. You're sometimes on an emotional roller-coaster and don't know how to get out of it. Although you've heard of all the positive thinking theories, you often feel like these theories don't work.


+ You often find yourself self-loathing and belittle yourself when people make you compliments.

+ You are often judgmental and judge or complain about other people, things, situations, before you know everything about it.

+ You often feel powerless, passive, and not motivated at all.

+ You believe "life is just like that" and that you can't change anything about it. You're sometimes in a victim mindset.


1. Observe your thoughts

"You are not your thoughts, you are the thinker of your thoughts." We think tens of thousands of thoughts every day. It's hard to control this many thoughts all of the time. Start with observing your thoughts. We can't stop thinking, but we can observe what we think. Once you're aware of that, you are able to slowly change the way you think one thought at a time.

2. Start a gratitude practice

It's so easy to get lost in the negativity of the world, especially when you spend a lot of time on social media or reading/watching the news. Take time every morning to write down 5 things you're grateful for. These can be small things like "I'm grateful for my healthy body", "I'm grateful for my loving parents", or "I'm grateful that I can walk, read, hear, and speak". This practice will strengthen your positive thoughts and set you up for a day with loving vibrations.

3. Evaluate your circle of friends

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Identify who these five people are in your life and what energy they're spreading out. Are they rather anxious, depressed, complainers, or inspirational, positive, uplifting? Think about what kind of energy you would ideally like to have in your life and spend more people who spread the kind of energy you want more of. Change your environment, change your life.

How accurate were your results? I would love to hear from you! Head over to my instagram @martinaglows and send me a DM with your results and how well it worked for you!

So much love,

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