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I soooooo get it! You do everything you can to makes sure everyone around you is happy, no matter how much those people actually care about you! AND no matter how much it all sucks the energy out of you. I used to be such a people pleaser and really struggled with my exhaustion, low self-worth, and with finding time to refuel myself.


In relationships, you are available 24/7 for your friends. You have a very big heart and are a dear, loyal friend. You are easy to be around, always nice and kind, and good at cheering people up. You are very generous, make beautiful Christmas and birthday gifts for everyone, and often invite your friends for dinner or drinks. When someone needs a shoulder to lean on, you're the girl to be there and listen. You are very forgiving, just not with yourself. The relationship with yourself is close to non-existant, since you're always thinking about everyone else all the time.

At work, you're a loyal team member and colleague. You don't mind staying longer at work if the team needs your support. You always make sure your boss is happy with the quality of your work, no matter if that requires cancelling an appointment you had made long time ago. You are always there to support your colleagues, too. 

Spiritually, you're all about caring for others. You always strive for harmony, and whenever you're in a situation where something feels off, you do your best to bring harmony back into the room.

Physical activity isn't on the top of your priority list, but you're happy to join your friends for their workout classes. You know that movement is important for your health, so that's how you get that in from time to time. Whatever your friends decide to do, you're up for it.

Mindset wise, you mostly think about the well-being of everyone else. Although your intuition sometimes gives you signs to take care of yourself first, what really matters to you is that everyone else is happy. Whenever you're facing a challenge, you like to take yourself out of the situation, so you don't have to confront anyone. You'd rather hide under the covers and wait, knowing that it will all be over soon.


+ You rarely take time for yourself and are therefore constantly running on low energy. You often feel exhausted and tired.

+ You always put everyone else first - and yourself last. Since you don't really spend much time with yourself, you don't know much about yourself and therefore don't really appreciate or love yourself.

+ You are rather greedy with yourself, although you can be so generous with your loved ones. Spoiling yourself with a massage or investing in yourself financially is something you rarely (or never!) do.

+ You often feel empty and sometimes it may feel like your life is on autopilot.

+ You rarely "have time" for things that would truly matter to YOU, because you're constantly busy doing things for other people.


1. Fill your own cup first

We need to recharge ourselves as often as we recharge our iPhones! This is the core concept of self-love. When you're running on 10% of your energy, you can't give 100% to your loved ones. You can only give 10%. Therefore, when you recharge your batteries first, go in with 100% of your love and energy, you are going to serve the world in a much bigger way! Figure out what fuels you and make sure you take some time daily to recharge. Start with as little as 5 minutes a day and build up on it.

2. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself

My self-worth used to be at rock bottom. I didn't even know what self-worth really was. When you're constantly busy thinking about other people, you rarely think about yourself. Building up your self-worth can start with this simple exercise: Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself and read it every day for seven days.

3. Learn to trust your intuition

We have this innate gut feeling that often tells us what's right and wrong, but we're often influenced by our ratio. Learning to trust your intuition is the greatest gift and a very powerful tool to live a glowing life. Everytime you're feeling confused about how to decide, just ask yourself "What would feel best?". Then, act upon that feeling.

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So much love,

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