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You’re a typical type A woman who’s always trying to have it all together. You’re very hard-working and do whatever you have to do to be successful at work. You’re ambitious and know that you can get far when you really want. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I 100% hear you! You want to make sure everything is perfect and 99.9% is just not enough! This sometimes gets you in trouble with your energy to the point where you’re almost burning out and feel completely out of balance.


In relationships, you’re always trying to be the perfect girlfriend, wife, partner, bestie, and daughter, and you would do everything for your friends. You’re always kind to everyone, even if on some days you may not be feeling great on the inside. You’re always on time, correct and a very loyal friend. Your relationship with yourself is just starting and you're still struggling a bit to find out how to love yourself.

At work, you’re all about reaching that next level, that next salary stage, and you work hard for appreciation. You are an organizational talent, love scheduling and organizing things and are very structured in the way you work. You are hard-working and pay a lot of attention to detail. Sometimes, work can get a bit overwhelming with all the tasks, deadlines, and overtime.

Spiritually, you’ve read lots of self-help and spiritual books, watched all the documentaries on the topic, maybe you've taken online courses and tried all the meditation apps that exist. Although you don't have much time, you’re very curious to learn more about spirituality and hopeful that your spiritual path will unwind and support you. Sometimes, things take a bit longer than you expect and you're working on building up your patience with yourself.

You are physically active, have a strict workout schedule you stick to, no matter how busy work and life may be. You can always motivate yourself to workout, even though you’re tired or exhausted. Although sometimes you push yourself beyond your limits in classes that you not always fully enjoy, working out helps you manage your stress, and you know that with a strong body and regular movement, you’re going to feel better.

Mindset wise, you are very dedicated, set clear goals and know exactly where you want to go. You have a strong desire to be successful. Although you sometimes may feel overwhelmed, you make sure you stay on track with the goals you've set for yourself. You may struggle with negative self-talk and don't quite know how to get out of that.


+ You are a workaholic, value work more than anything else in your life, which messes with your energy levels and regularly brings you out of balance. You often pay for it with your health.

+ You are sometimes a procrastinator. When you can’t do things perfectly now, you’d rather wait for the right moment. 
+ You care a lot about what others think of you and constantly look for outside valudation. You are insecure, don’t think highly of yourself, have lots of hateful thoughts about yourself and can sometimes be really mean to yourself.

+ You have high expectations of yourself and always wish you achieved your goals yesterday. You often beat yourself up when you can’t stick to your plans. You don't have much compassion for yourself and rarely take time off to decompress and relax.

+ You often feel overwhelmed with all the things on your to do list. Receiving negative feedback makes you feel unworthy and like a failure. 

+ You have a hard time celebrating your successes and seeing your greatness.


1. Let go of perfectionism

„Better done than perfect“ and „Progress over perfection“ are two quotes that helped me overcome perfectionism. There is no perfection in this universe, there is only uniqueness. Always do your best, but never measure yourself against „perfection“, as perfection doesn’t exist and you therefore compare yourself with something that’s impossible. Whenever you struggle with perfectionism, just remind yourself of one of these quotes and move forward.

2. Celebrate your successes 

In order to live a fulfilling and glowing life, we need to take regular breaks and look at how far we’ve come. If as soon as you achieve a goal, you immediately focus on the next big thing, you’re missing the point. Life is about the journey, not the destination. The journey should be enjoyable, and therefore, taking a moment to celebrate what you have achieved is a great exercise to start building your celebration muscle and be more in the present moment.

3. Take time off

Workaholics can literally work 24/7 and always feel that whatever they’re working on is „important“. Rarely taking time off can eventually lead to physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion or, worst case, even burnout. It is not enough to take a vacation every few months. Take some time off every week where you do nothing. In Italy, they say „Dolce Far Niente“, which means "The Sweetness of Doing Nothing". Take a book to your favorite café, relax in your robe and a face mask, take a bubble bath, go for a long walk in the forest… anything that takes your mind off work and recharges your batteries will help you refill your life with love, calm, and relaxation.

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