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Wow, it looks like you’re already living a glowing life most of the time! This is so great! You know how to balance stress (while hardly ever getting stressed anyway), prioritize yourself, and truly honor your inner guidance in all areas of life. You know exactly what you want from life, set your goals, and do whatever it takes to get there. You prioritize yourself along the way, because you know that you perform best when you’re well fueled. 


The relationship you have with yourself is very balanced and kind. You take time for yourself daily, have a consistent daily practice that keeps you grounded, and you know that filling your own cup first will allow you to be a better person for the people you care about the most. You deeply love and appreciate yourself for who you are, and you know your worth. 

At work, you’re very committed to being the best version of yourself and always show up 100%. You are reliable, goal oriented, well organized, and inspirational in everything you do. You may not have your own business quite yet, but you definitely know that you want to build something that feels good in your heart, because you’re all about living an aligned life.

Spiritually, you’re connected to your higher self, feel guided, and trust that you’re always on the right path. You regularly connect with your spirit guides, journal, meditate, and take time to connect with your emotions. 

You’re physically active and prioritize your health and your body. You move your body daily, sometimes a bit more and sometimes a bit less. You enjoy any workouts that feel good to you and bring you joy, and you are aware that what you put in your body has an impact on how you feel. You therefore pick your foods consciously. 

Mindset wise, you’re very aware of your thoughts and know that your thoughts create your reality. You use the power of your mind and visualization to actively create the life of your dreams. You always know how to get your thoughts back on track again, should you ever have a moment.


+ You’re used to taking time for yourself, but when you’re out of your daily routines or are traveling, you may struggle to adjust to a new setting. 

+ You’re so passionate about the work you do and all the self-love you've built up that you want to share it with everyone - but not everyone may be ready to hear these things quite yet.

+ You want to protect your energy and hang out with like-minded people only, but you may sometimes feel isolated, because you’re not easily opening up to new people. 


1. It’s All About Balances

Even working on our balance is something we need to find balance with sometimes. When we stick too much to the perfect plan or routine, we are less flexible and therefore feel unbalanced. Letting go of the pressure will help you stay at ease, even when you’re slightly out of your balanced routine! 

2. Be gentle with yourself 

Although you’re pretty amazing at taking care of yourself every day, sometimes when things don’t work out the way you expect, you can be a little hard on yourself. Take a step back and focus on the things that are going well instead and the things you’re grateful for. I'm sure there are so many of them!

3. Live life by example 

When you’re the powerful creator of your own miracle life, you want to teach the whole wide world how amazing it is to live this way, right? It feels so easy for us, yet not everyone is ready to change, and we often end up feeling frustrated. Rather than telling people how they can start changing their lives for the better, live life by example and let others come to you for advice whenever they are ready for it. 

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