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“Working and connecting with Martina definitely changed my life! She guided me through the journey of my life helping me find my own answers to my blockers and issues by creating a mindset and tools that help me discover the roots of the situation, so I can finally glow! She has a very sensitive and respectful approach that made me feel comfortable from the beginning to open up and speak the truth without feeling judged. Working with Martina made me realize how powerful I am and helped me discover new ways to reach my potential every day. I can feel the change inside and feel myself glowing more each day! The group approach is also very helpful to feel supported and to be inspired by other women.”

Carolina Lafforgue
LV Store Manager + Glow School Alumni, Spain


“Glow School taught me how to give meaning to what I do.”

“In the last four years, I have participated in Martina’s workshops three times and taken one online course that came with a one-on-one Skype mentoring session. Throughout the program, I have become more and more conscious about food, money, makeup, sustainability, self-love and spirituality. It makes me feel so good to notice my awareness around these topics continue to develop, even after the program.

Whether in-person, over the phone or email, Martina always connected with me instantly on a personal level and guided me to feel more beautiful and confident about myself. She helped me clarify my life priorities, taught me useful makeup techniques, gave me great resources on career planning, and encouraged me to inspire my friends as well. My life has become more fulfilling and I'm happier every time I work with Martina!

The impact from Martina and other aspiring girls in the Glow School community was very meaningful for me. I would definitely recommend Glow School to anyone who wants to practice inner growth and feel great about being yourself.”

Tomo Omote
Entrepreneur & Store Manager, Canada



“It was the opportunity to consciously focus on different areas of life with great support of Martina & the whole community. The mix of topics like self-love, inner beauty, healthy & sustainable living as well as goal setting and chakra work was brilliant. I worked a lot on myself, started to change my mindset and truly believe in my dreams. I learned to truly listen to my intuition and how to create a positive mindset. What I enjoyed the most was Martina's passion about revealing the best version of myself. I am proud of showing up for myself to create my life and live it to the fullest. If you want to have this natural glow and shine your authentic light out to the world, she can guide you the way - and she does it with all her heart. Thank you, Martina.”

Alessia Baumgartner
Passionate communicator and blogger, Switzerland

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“Even my family and friends noticed that I’m happier and more grounded. Hello Glow Life!”

“I’m feeling much more confident in my skin after Glow School and Martina has totally up levelled my energy. I learned what self-love really is and how I can show up for myself every day. I now regularly meditate, journal, do yoga, cook healthy food and I even created my very personal self-love menu, where I can go back to whenever I’m having a bad day or when I’m feeling stressed out. The support of Martina and the other girls is just priceless, and I made some new like-minded and wonderful friends. They took away my fears of hosting my first workshops and retreats and I’m proud to say that I even made my own website. Glow School was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it has completely changed my life. Even my family and friends noticed that I’m happier and more grounded. Hello Glow Life!”

Tiziana Rossi
Yoga Teacher & Sports Student, Switzerland



"Ever since I started working with Martina, I have become more positive and way more confident! I'm more conscious about what I do, and I really take better decisions in all areas of life. I realized I am not alone and there are other women who have the same struggles and fears. It was great that we all supported and motivated each other each other, also in little challenges :) I am so happy that I decided to be a member of Glow School, and I now even have an own desk at home, where I can do my creative work :)

I liked that the content was delivered in insightful audio sessions and videos, and I also liked the exercises, which really helped me make new habits. I loved that we could share our experiences and emotions as we went through the modules and that there was always someone to answer my questions.

Glow School is for the woman who is open for new things, ready to reflect on herself, and wants a change in her life, but knows that it's difficult to do this alone.”

Ana Vogt
Primary School Handcraft Teacher, Switzerland



"I started putting myself first and really listening to my intuition. Through the work with Martina, I finally realized my professional calling, which is something I've been looking for for years. I now also accept and love myself more than ever before! It was great to share my experiences with women from different places, I really felt a great connection with all of them. I realized we all have similar problems!

I would recommend Glow School to anyone who wants to make a change, but doesn't know where to start. It's a great opportunity to connect to yourself again and find your direction. Glow School is a great mix of topics, which I really enjoyed, and I loved the group calls. Glow School has exceeded all my expectations, I definitely recommend it!"

Juciane R. C. Guyer
Private Cooking Class Teacher, Switzerland


“Martina was the rescue I needed the most at that time and I am so happy that I didn't miss this opportunity to change my life”

“Glow School made my life brighter and open my eyes for more clarity, purpose, and love in the season of motherhood when I needed the most to see that glow part of my life that was fading away. I got back into my routines thanks to Glow School (daily meditation, green smoothies bowl, and journaling) and everything started to change since that first day.

I am very proud of taking the leap and up-level my personal growth and listen to Martina when she said that the perfect time for doing something doesn't exist, and we are ready all the time to take the leap, but our fears and old beliefs stop us from living our best life. And she was so true! After taking this leap and enrolling in Glow School, I also enroll in a Wellness and Holistic Health Coaching Program to become a certified Coach, and other courses that helped me grow and expand my personal development and my beauty business. I am very proud of myself and I know that when you need help, you need to ask for it, and you get the opportunity to get that help, don't miss the chance. Because you don't get the courage, when you ask for it, you get the opportunity to be courageous. And that opportunity is everything. Martina was the rescue I needed the most at that time and I am so happy that I didn't miss this opportunity to change my life.

I enjoy working with Martina so much. She is my role model! She is a beautiful human being inside and out. She has so much knowledge about everything in this life, but especially about holistic health, wellness, and beauty and I got to learn so much from her and be inspired by her. I love her smile!  Her positive attitude towards life, work and everything she is doing in her life are contagious. I loved that both we are makeup artists and we both love green beauty. She is open, honest and I really feel the positive connection between us. She is a good listener and she has excellent communications skills that I really appreciate it and get feedback from her all the time. She holds me accountable, something that I needed the most to get results and to be on track!

The community of the group was so extraordinary. It is so lovely to connect with like-minded women and to share your deepest thoughts, experiences, and feelings and get love back without any other judgments. It is so powerful when women get together to help each other, to motivate, to empower and to help each other grow and live their best life ever. This was the community of Glow School! Miss all the girls already! 

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Martina and to join the Glow School. This was the best decision I take after I became a mom and put myself last. Glow School came at the moment I needed the most, to just start a new glowy chapter of my life supported with understanding and so much love from Martina Fink.”

Cosmina Marginean
Beauty Coach and Green Makeup Artist - Creator of Beauty with Intention

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"After Glow School, I'm feeling so much better mentally, because I learned some completely new concepts about how the mind works. I learned to take things more easily and no longer postpone things that truly matter to me. I am proud of myself for being willing to only do the best for myself, for being open to change and to new things. I now listen to my emotions, and everything I do has to feel good. It was wonderful to see that there are so many women who are only looking for love. What I enjoyed the most was that I really felt great, and everybody in the group was so loving and supportive! Everybody was open to share their struggles, which I really don't take for granted. Moving forward, I want to build my own business, start dancing and playing an instrument, build a blog and share my experiences around fashion and traveling!"

Ilkay Kaya
Study of Law, Switzerland

“I feel like a completely different woman!”

“When I first joined Glow School I was feeling insecure about who I was and somehow lost in myself, Glow School helped me to focus on myself more and feel happier on a daily basis and more confident of myself. One of my biggest accomplishments is that I've learned so much about self-love and living a healthier lifestyle makes you feel lighter happier and every day is a new day to make new changes in the things that you are unhappy with yourself. I really enjoyed working with other women that are across the world from me and how much alike we are and we all share our goals and our fears and we all supported one another. To anyone out there who wants to feel amazing and live a purposed life, you won't regret joining Martina, she is amazing and a great caring person who is here to help and support you. Joining Glow School helped me feel supported, confident and I feel like a completely different woman. even friends and family members can see the difference in me. Thanks, Martina for being part of my change.”

Brenda Budar
Facility Manager & Mom of 4, USA

“I learned how to handle my inner critic and how to believe in myself again!”

“I feel more confident and free! I know how to handle my inner critic and how to believe in myself again! After this program you have the impression that you can conquer the world and that whatever life throws at you, you can handle it!!

It was very inspiring! Sharing your success(es) in and with a group and on top of that being acknowledged for them is very motivating and liberating. Plus, seeing that other women are in the same situation and have the same questions and doubts makes you feel understood on a different, and deeper, level! And last but not least, when you see that all these amazing women make progress at well it just makes you happy and you feel like you can do it too!

I am most proud of the fact that I could diminish my anxiety and can handle my fears. I have also gained and develop a lot of confidence throughout Glow School, so much so that the other day someone told me that I was very "confident" and seemed to be at ease with myself and other people! this was really a big compliment espeically since I have always been shy and used to have a low self-esteem! So thanks Martina for helping me with all of this!!!”

Alexandra D.

I always knew there is more to live for in life, but my surroundings were always trying to prove me wrong. Knowing no better, I went along with it until I started working with Martina. Since taking Glow School, I’ve been feeling more focused and optimistic about being better every day and getting one step closer to my dreams.

I am more than happy to say that I was able to connect to my inner self, let go of what's holding me back and no longer feel sorry for putting myself first, before anyone else. Besides all the professional work materials Martina offered us, what I appreciated the most was the love she put into each and every one of us in Glow School. 

It was the first time to be in such a powerful community. I felt safe to share my thoughts and loved the support we gave each other. The London trip was the highlight. We all stayed in a beautiful house together and had the chance to connect on a different level. I love how we still text each other every now and then, follow each other on social media and watch how we grow. 

This is for everyone who feels misplaced, misunderstood, and is willing to reach for more than what your environment is offering you. I definitely got more than what I paid for and am happy to say that I am worth investing in myself and no longer feel bad about it. 

Francesca Garrido
State Certified Educator at a Nursery School, Germany

Maguire Testimonial.jpg

“Martina's beauty and sage wisdom truly glows from the inside out!”

"Martina is a wise and skilled leader, passionate about helping other women find their own healing. Her deeply rooted spirituality has helped inspire me to greater heights in my personal and professional life, while also guiding me to deepen my roots in my own faith. Her understanding of the connection between our physical body, our emotions, and the spiritual world has left a lasting and ever-growing impact on me. Martina's beauty and sage wisdom truly glows from the inside out. Her loving and open perception of the world always leaves me coming back to all her media platforms, and has me following her many resources!"

Maguire Fitzpatrick
Life + Soul Business Coach, USA”


Working with Martina and being apart of such an amazing group of women to share my journey in Glow School has been the best thing I had ever done for myself in 2018! Glow School really pushed me to work deeper with myself to become my better version of me. I love the meditations that Martina provided and the work we had to do in our workbooks. She really asked very specific and detail questions to get down to the root of your problems. It was such an eye opening experience. It opened me up to a different side of myself and I feel like I’m falling in love myself. Glow School has encouraged me to really be serious about dedicating a time in my day to really do some self-care and self-love. I now have a morning practice that I do every morning and when I wake up I look forward to having this practice with myself. I’m a professional dancer and a licensed massage therapist and I’m also working on starting up my own business with the combination of art and wellness coming together. In the beginning, when I first met Martina we were trying to figure out which course would be best for me to start with. I really thought I was ready to do the business courses but she made me realize that I wasn’t and that I had somethings that I’d still had to work on personally. Martina said “Your business is a reflection off of your life” and from that, her words really changed my perspective. I look forward to working with Martina more and more and I’m so grateful to have her has my mentor in life.

Christine Caimares
Massage Therapist, USA

Jasmine Robinson.jpg

Since enrolling in Glow School, I came to realize that my life wasn't as "good" as I thought, meaning that there were some underlying, deep-rooted beliefs/issues that were causing me pain that I didn't even know existed. Glow School helped to show me what the real root of the issues were. I started meditating! I'm so happy that now I actually have a morning routine -- you don't think something like that will change your life until it does! :)

It was so nice to have the perspective of someone who had experienced it all before yet was still on the same path as me, just a few steps ahead. I'm very active inside my own head, so to be able to finally get all my thoughts and feelings out into the open with someone who understands, doesn't judge you, and literally only wants to the best for you is such a relaxing yet rejuvenating feeling. It was so fun getting to know other ladies on the same path as me! I loved seeing their "wins" each week and also being able to take insight from the coaching they received on the calls as well. Plus, the more the merrier :) I really loved the expert calls! We wouldn't get that anywhere else!

Jasmine Robinson
Business Wellness Expert, Mexico

“I recommend Glow School for anyone wanting to gain confidence from within!”

“Glow School was a great course to increase my personal confidence and inner beauty.  I was hesitant before committing to and joining  Glow School, but found the whole experience enjoyable. The mixed learning of reading, audio, video and Skype video calls was fantastic and helped me to retain all the information. Martina keeps you accountable, but always in a positive way. I felt supported by Martina and the beautiful girls in the facebook group. 

I learnt a lot about different areas including beauty,  healthy eating,  fitness and goal setting. My absolute favourite though was the chakra meditations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Glow School for anyone wanting to live their best life and gain confidence from within. 
Thanks Martina xx”

Nardia, Australia


Sarah Marandi.JPG


"Martina is a brilliant coach, badass boss-babe, and a beautiful person both inside and out. With a brand all about promoting self love, empowering women to be the best versions of themselves, boosting confidence, and celebrating the life we WANT to lead, what’s not to love about this woman?! My personal definition of Martina is luxury meets zen, with a shit ton of fierceness, luxurious and GLAM AF.

The Glow Camp experience was truly life changing and I mean that in every way possible. I can’t even begin to describe the amount I took away from this retreat, not only personally but professionally as well.

Seriously, the last time I felt this inspired and motivated was after the Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass last summer. And yes, I just compared this retreat to Gabby Bernstein, my personal mentor/idol, because that’s how incredible I felt during and after the retreat! I can really say I have never felt more relaxed or more creative and innovative in my business, and I have The Glow Camp to thank for that."

Sarah Marandi-Steeves
Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Mental Health Therapist, USA



“When I first heard about the retreat in Thailand with Martina, I thought it looked like a week in paradise and didn't doubt about signing up... But the real experience went far beyond my expectations, which had already been pretty high. The Villa, the rooms, the welcoming, the staff… The entire set was perfect and it created the perfect scenario for magic to happen.

The retreat allowed me to express myself in a 100% safe environment, in which I didn't feel judged, not even for a second... Being surrounded by so many amazing, different women who also shared their own struggles, and at the same time all helping each other to find our own answers was very inspiring!

During those days, I was able to finally find the peace I needed regarding some aspects of my life, I found the energy and motivation to move forward... Loving myself, caring about myself and my physical and mental health. The workshops, the talks, the meditations and each one of the funny moments shared with these women have impacted me in a deeply positive and spiritual way that I'll never forget. Going further... from that retreat… whenever I have doubts, I feel insecure, sad, anxious, or angry, I now have the tools to face those emotions and go back to balance and find my happiness and serenity every day.”

Caro Lafforgue
LV Store Manager, Spain



"The Glow Camp was the most wonderful experience I've ever had! It exceeded all my expectations and every time I think back, I only have good memories and can't help but smile. I experienced a lot of aha moments and got to know myself so much better! I really learned to listen to my intuition and connect with myself to know what's best for me! 

Everything from the villa to the location, the food, the Yoga classes, the workshops, the meditations was just perfect! We worked on letting go of past experiences and discovered new things about ourselves. I never thought I would travel alone to a country I've never been to and share my entire life with people I've never seen before! Connecting with the other women was life-changing. We were all able to get so much information, inspiration and energy in this retreat that will help us with our own projects and with life!

When I signed up, I didn't know how I would pay for this. It was just a dream at first, but I just knew I had to do this, and in the end, it all magically worked out! I even missed my flight and am so happy that I found another one, because I would have missed out on so much! My life is definitely not the same after this retreat. If you want to change something in your life, but don't know where to start, this retreat is definitely the right thing for you!"

Juciane Carpe Rubia Guyer
Private Cooking Class Teacher, Switzerland



"From sun up to sun down, from the biggest moments to the tiniest details, Martina and the team behind this inspiring retreat left no stone unturned. I knew from the moment I walked through the doors of our pristine ocean front villa that this was going to be a week I’d never forget. 

Besides all the amazing bonds and new friendships that were formed, I was reminded of something very important. For me personally, success is no longer defined by a number. Success is waking up every morning excited and grateful. Success is about doing work that aligns with my soul, personal values, and passions. Martina gave me so many insights and ideas how to continue to live a more mindful and healthy life once the retreat was over and advice on how to carry all the magic I learned with me home.

We all shared our experiences and had transformative conversations in a safe and judgment-free space. On the last night, she even had custom flower crowns made for us. Total high vision Goddess Vibes. We celebrated our breakthroughs, transformations, and our past accomplishments. Between the daily meditations, massages, healthy meals, supportive daily conversations & beach yoga practices, this retreat leaves you with a profound transformation of both mind & body."

Alexandria Gilléo
Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Coach, USA



"My life has changed in so many ways since attending the Glow Camp. Before embarking on this journey I had never left the country or done anything solely for myself. I knew I needed an experience like this in my life, and I am so glad I took the leap of faith and joined Martina in Bali. My self-confidence has gone up so much and I feel comfortable talking about the negative in my life. Before I would just keep them to myself and I had a hard time opening up to people. Now I know how important it is to be open and honest and I've met so many new people and cultivated new friendships because of this newfound discovery within myself. 

My favorite part of the retreat was being able to talk with other women and hear their own stories. We are all more alike than we think. Meeting women from around the world has opened my eyes to so many new ideas and ways of living. It helps to know that there are other women who are also searching to be the best version of themselves possible. During the retreat we talked about our life goals, manifested new energy into our lives and learned how to be our biggest supporters. It has inspired me to put my best foot forward each and every day.

If you are considering joining Martina on a future retreat, the only thing I have to say is GO! It can be scary to do something solely for your own benefit, but it is so worth it! One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that it is important to slow down. We spend so much of our day worrying about our jobs, our family, our future, but instead of taking action we let the worry consume us. Now is the time to take action! Joining Martina in Bali is hands down one the best things I have ever done in my life and I couldn't image the person I would be if I didn't go. 

Plus, you get a daily coconut, amazing vegan dishes and morning meditation and yoga classes each and every day. My life was totally #zen."

Téa Nelson, Brand and Influencer Relations, Boise, USA


Kaila Walker.JPG


"I had always dreamed of doing retreats and when I saw Martina hosting the exact type of luxury retreats I wanted to host, I knew I had to work with her. Within one month of working with Martina, I have planned my first luxury retreat in Bali, only have 1 more spot up left, and am celebrating my first 27K month in my business! I'm working so much less and making more than I ever have. I'm finally focusing on the things that make me money and have stopped worrying about the 'busy work' that got me nowhere. I have been going out and having fun when I used to work all day, every day.

Martina is very understanding and knows the rough patches that can come with the goals you want to accomplish. I initially thought I wanted to focus on the content of my retreat only. She ended up supporting me in a lot of ways other than content, that I had no idea I would need help with!"

Kaila Walker
Author, Writing Coach & Youtuber, USA



"I completely changed my awareness around my life in general. I set some clear goals and started to have a vision for my life. I learned to enjoy life more consciously and take better decisions for myself as well as for my business. Working with a coach helped me take small steps and celebrate them. I found out that it’s way better for me to break down big goals into smaller ones and set weekly goals for myself. It’s so much easier to achieve them and way more satisfying! I really enjoyed having a neutral person by my side who supported me with everything I was working on. I can’t wait to celebrate further successes in my life! I am so grateful for Martina’s support and guidance and her loving and reliable nature. She’s very open and competent, and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! Thanks, Martina!"

Martina Gehrig
CEO of a Skin Care Company, Switzerland



"My life and business have changed a lot in the last six months. I've been wanting to start my own business, but didn't know where to start. Now, I officially have my own business! I learned a lot about new online tools from Martina and I loved the different ways we communicates, like messages, FaceTime. Also, her spirit and energy was flowing and I love her philosophy and the uncomplicated ways to work with Martina. I really, really appreciate this! Even though there are still many things to do, I have a plan. It was also really great to meet other women with their own businesses to share experiences. I am proud that I had the courage to believe in my passion and my biggest dream. 

I have sensitive skin and suffered from neurodermatitis and was able to turn this into a positive vibe. Now, I can authentically help people with all this, too. I'm excited for more clients and I want to do events in my practice. I want to have my own product line and collaborate with women from all over the world. Thank you so much."

Alina Sara Hediger
Makeup Artist & Beautician, Switzerland


Durch das Mastermind habe ich neue Freundinnen gefunden die mich in meinen eigenen Business Ratschläge und neue Ideen geben wo man gerade stehen bleibt. Man denkt immer das man alleine Arbeit wenn man sich selbstständig macht doch im Mastermind sind wir wie ein Team denn jeder unterstützt jeden im Privaten und Geschäftlichen. Ich habe meine ersten Kochkurse gegeben, ich fühle mich je länger je besser vor der Kamara für eine Challenges. Ich möchte für das 2019 mich zu min. 60 % selbständig machen, mehr Kochkurse geben und Menschen helfen, dass sie sich sicher fühlen in Sachen gesundes Kochen für sich und die Familie.

Andrea Peter
Health & Cooking Coach, Switzerland



“The Mastermind experience with Martina had a huge positive impact on my past year. Even though I was pregnant and gave birth to my baby boy, thanks to Martina’s gentle yet firm guidance, I was able to continuously work on my visions and business ideas. I kept taking small steps, and I got crystal clear about what I wanted to achieve and how my mindset needed to be. Thanks to this work, I easily got various teaching opportunities, and I keep getting more! Furthermore, it is so beautiful to be supported not only by Martina, but also by the other group members. We developed a lovely connection that will keep growing! I whole-heartedly recommend working with Martina to any woman who wants to take her wellness business to the next level.”

Julia Glesti, Yoga Teacher for Feminine Health, Switzerland


I became more aware of taking care of myself, in order to be more successful in my business. I had the courage to create Events based on my intuition. I celebrate going out of my comfort zone and being rewarded. I loved our trip to Greece and brainstorming on each person's business. It's great to have support and be able to share ideas with people on the same path. I am excited about creating more Events and products truly connected with my creativity. I created great connections and I loved working with Martina! Looking forward to keeping the inspirational work in 2019!

Juciane Guyer
Cooking Class Teacher, Switzerland


"I feel a lot more confident and competent about my ability to create a website and become a successful business person. I enjoyed the structure and the attention to detail that we utilized throughout our sessions. Martina is great at asking thought provoking questions that assist in creating a laser focused business. She collaborates with you to identify your target audience and de-escalates your business concerns, so you can feel confident in your ability to begin what you set out to do."

Will Hill
Founder of a wellness blog, USA

“Working with Martina has taught me to become so much more structured and focused on the important things.”

Where before there was chaos, Martina showed me a system not only to handle my business but also personal issues. Working with Martina feels like having a wise older sister, who is at your side and in whom you can confide. It was an amazing experience!

Orfea Niki
Health Coach, Switzerland


“I learned so much about the relationship with myself and how I can deepen it.”

“The year with Martina and the mastermind women was just amazing. I feel so much more relaxed and at peace not only with myself but also with food and sports in general. She's always empowering me to go out and share my story with the ones who need to hear it. She always believes in me. I would highly recommend working with her and I can’t imagine working without her. ♡-X”

Xenia Stutz
Influencer, Switzerland


“I feel a lot more self-confident and I know how important it is to always take care of myself first."

“Joining the mastermind with Martina was the best decision for my business and for myself. “I learned all the strategies, tips and tricks I need to know to build a business.Having structure in everything I do makes it a lot easier. Martina always makes sure that I’m on the right path and work towards my goals. With the mastermind I found girlfriends for life and we all support each other in what we do, which is priceless! I now have my regular yoga classes, host workshops and retreats.”

Tiziana Rossi, Yoga Teacher & Health Coach, Switzerland


“I now better make space for my well-being in my daily life and listen to my inner voice, which always knows best, what my body, mind and soul need.”

“Working with Martina on prioritizing my health and well-being was a real Game Changer for me. Martina was a great mentor in helping me implement some easy-to-handle daily self-care habits, such as a powerful morning routine, which I can vary according to my needs. My morning routine truly has an impact on how I thrive through the day. I notice that I am more calm, focused and I make better decisions when it comes to handling my professional and private priorities.  

Thanks to Martina’s guidance, I now better make space for my well-being in my daily life and listen to my inner voice, which always knows best, what my body, mind and soul need. 

Martina is such an inspiring and empowering woman and I love her meditations, journaling sessions and positive mindset! I could feel Martina’s passion and inner glow from the very first moment I worked with her. Her very sensitive approach made it very easy for me to deep dive into my topics. 

I am so grateful I met Martina at the exactly right time in my life – she is a true blessing!”

Emanuela C., Sales Manager, Zurich, Switzerland



"Working with Martina has been a truly amazing experience for me! I not only lost a lot of weight, which was one of my main goals when I started, I also went from doing no sports at all to working out with a personal trainer 3 times a week, and now I even have a gym at home! My skin feels so much better and I feel confident with makeup, too! It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing makeup. I no longer get stressed out by little things, I feel so much more relaxed and at peace with myself, and really notice that I need that time for myself to just be! I turned my relationship with food upside down, and fell in love with smoothies and healthy food. I love the coaching sessions with Martina and always feel very empowered and confident after!"

Andrea Peter
Chef de Cuisine and Health Coach, Switzerland

“with her openness and intuition, Martina was an unbiased cheerleader along the way!”

“Martina introduced me to a variety of tools, such as targeted meditation, writing exercises, topical readings and food chemistry relating specifically to my personal and professional pursuits, which jump-started my wellness and identity development in these arenas. Martina provided the space to allow me to introspect while assisting as a highly intuitive and intelligent sound board guiding me along the way.

Martina helped me kickstart the self-development process which today has led me to framing thoughts with more purpose and less clutter programmed by past fears.

What I enjoyed the most about Martina was her open mind, embracing all aspects of the self-development journey and being an unbiased cheerleader along the way. Her intuitive nature also played a major role in the process. I found great help in Martina’s references and knowledge of a holistic range of wellness topics and continue to apply this process in my everyday. I would recommend her to jump-start any self-improvement journey. I loved being able to text with Martina in real time and loved her positive and guided responses each time! When working with Martina, I felt like I was conversing with my best friend with the unbiased and protective subjectivity to positive advice.”

V. L.

Sarah Blattner.jpg

“Martina has a great positive energy and is amazing in coaching women!”

“Martina showed me what really matters when it comes to skin care and how to feel well inside and out. She answered all my questions, and I got very useful makeup and nutrition tips that I’m still using everyday. I love watching Martina’s live videos and reading her newsletters, because they help me question my own way of life over and over again! I went through her 7 Day Beauty Challenge and was able to exchange my experiences with other likeminded women. Martina has a great positive energy and is amazing in coaching women about makeup, beauty and lifestyle!”

Sarah B.
Digital Product Manager at UBS, Switzerland


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"Martina is absolutely one of the most insightful and thoughtful coaches I've come across!”

“Martina is gentle, understanding and able to cut right to your core. She is able to truly "see" past who you've become, and see who you really are. Working with her will bring a true transformation to how you see yourself. The work you do with her will change your relationships, your career, your friendships, and how you live your everyday life. Confidence, balance and your best self: mind body and soul are SO possible for you when you work Martina."

Sofie Von Marricks
Life & Brand Stylist For Female Entrepreneurs, Canada

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“Martina is a coach who cares about what’s best for you!“

"Within the first 10 minutes of telling Martina about my shoulder pain, she was able to intuitively indicate what had caused this pain. Martina is very knowledge about what I can do for my health, body, mind, & soul in order to help myself heal from this situation. She has also inspired me to take care of myself in the most holistic way. I feel more energized each & everyday, have literally woken up feeling like I love my life, feel infinite, like anything I dream of is a possibility, & that each product I buy will help me as well as help the planet. She is a coach who cares about what’s best for you. She has a gift of connecting to your needs & translating it to steps for you to take in order to heal your life. I highly recommend working with Martina if you know you want to live a life where you glow from the inside out!"

Annie Mand
Energy Coach, USA

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“Martina is the next big thing in confidence and lifestyle coaching!”

"Martina Fink is a lady on a mission to create more confidence, peace and radiance for all the women in this world! Martina leads from her heart, is super meticulous, and of course beautifully polished on the inside and out! Martina has tapped into a powerful and impactful way of coaching that the women of the world have been waiting for. She's the next big thing in confidence and lifestyle coaching! If you're ready for serious change, ease and confidence, you will seriously learn everything you need from Martina to create a beautiful and glowing life!"

Amber-Lee Lyons
Business & Lifestyle Coach + Modern Meditation Expert, Canada



"Martina and I connect on a regular basis, and I feel incredibly grateful to have someone as fantastic as Martina in my life. Martina really helped me to understand my worth and see my value in my business. Before her support, I was constantly underestimating myself and belittling my wins. She helped me realize that I am good enough, I am tremendously valuable, and that my success deserves to be celebrated. Her consistent support has encouraged me to put myself first in my business without feeling guilty for it. Martina was also extremely helpful when I was launching my first group program. This was new territory for me, so I turned to Martina for help throughout the process. She was always willing to lend a hand and constantly went above and beyond for me. I can't thank her enough for the impact she's had on me and my biz!!"

Kelly Marcyniuk
Business Coach & Founder of The Freedom Babe, Canada



"Martina gave me new insights into my business. After a passionate conversation, she helped me decide that I needed to charge more for my services. I am so much more understanding of my value and how much my mental and physical health plays a role in my business. I'm so grateful to have worked with her. She is an incredible mentor for any woman who is running a business and wants a sustainable and balanced lifestyle!"

Camille Carnevale
Nomadic Business & Brand Stylist


"Martina helped me finally start new habits and supported me to keep going.

“Martina helped me achieve my goals, and she completely changed the way I think about beauty inside and out. I can now say that she made me feel beautiful inside and out. Her advice is very easy to implement, but make such a big difference. Martina is very efficient and helps me feel amazing. She is a very strong lady, has such a solid and broad knowledge and totally found her passion to support women on their journey to a better and more fulfilling life."

Silvia Borisch
Stylist and Feng Shui Expert, Switzerland



“MARTINA cared about all the details and made me look amazing!”

"I've known Martina for a few years now and know her style of makeup. If I had to define her style, I would say it's clean, simple and natural as well as modern. When I told her I was getting married, she instantly said she would do my makeup. It made me very happy and I knew the result would be spectacular! A few months before the wedding, we did a trial makeup. I knew that I wanted my makeup to look natural, but at the same time highlight my natural beauty plus add a bit of color to my lips. She instantly found the perfect style and colors for my face. On the wedding day, I was really happy and didn't have to worry about anything. Martina surprised me with a fresh juice at the hairdresser's and gave me a small bag of lavender in case I would get nervous... Martina cared about all the details and made me look amazing. I felt so myself with my makeup, which is what really mattered most to me. She made a great job! Thanks, Martina!"

Emma Sequeiros
Wedding in Vigo, Spain


“Having her as a makeup artist for this special day was such a great experience!”

“Martina understood exactly what I was looking for on this perfect day! Having her as a makeup artist for this special day was such a great experience: she was listening, advising and encouraging me to feel confident. Martina has great teaching skills and so much passion to share! She not only taught me and all my girlfriends what kind of makeup is good for our face, our skin and the shape of our eyes, she also empowered us and helped me reveal my inside beauty!”

Céline Vo
Retail Manager, Wedding in Phuket, Thailand


“The Makeup by Martina made me feel gorgeous, and most importantly, it made me feel myself!”

"Martina Fink travelled with me to two countries. She took time to try different looks with me in advance, listened attentively to my feedback, and created exactly what I wanted, using my favorite purple colors. My makeup literally lasted all night and looked stunning! It survived the wedding ceremony in a very hot temperature, the photo shooting at the beach right after the ceremony, and the wedding party that lasted until 7am! She also did my mother’s and my bridesmaids’ make up and made them all look amazing. 

For the celebration in Albania, my husband’s family had planned for the hairdresser to also do my makeup. When I was not happy with the result, Martina saved the day! She completely re-did my makeup under a time crunch and made me look gorgeous once again. She did the same for my mother’s makeup. Words cannot describe my happy feelings and the wonderful time I had. I absolutely loved my makeup by Martina. It made me feel gorgeous, and most importantly, it made me feel myself. I wish that Martina lived closer to do my makeup more often, and I am very excited that she started online sessions to teach me how to do it myself!”

Effie Antonoudi
Tax Manager and University Teacher, Wedding in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Korçe, Albania


“Martina pays a lot of attention to details to make everything look perfect!”

“Martina Fink pays a lot of attention to details to make everything look perfect. That’s why when it comes to the bride, it’s “not only” about the makeup, but really about making her sparkle from the inside out. A professional and individual bridal makeup is applied very discreetly, to make sure it doesn’t “cover” the bride, but really supports her natural beauty. Every bride should take advantage of a professional makeup artist for her wedding. The products do matter, but the way makeup is applied matters as well and is important to make sure the bride still looks stunning after many hours. And these are the reasons I trust Martina. I recommend her to my brides and she’s a teacher for the students of my wedding planner school.”

Caterina Pelosato-Bieg, Wedding Planner and Founder of the Academy of Wedding and Events Education (AWEE), Switzerland