Getting married is something really special and for most people, it’s a big stepping stone in a woman’s life! And on this special day, you want to not only feel amazing, but also look amazing, right? I’ve worked with women from all over the world on their beautiful wedding day, and supported them with makeup and also fun time with her girlfriends! Bachelorette party coming up? Why not learn to create a glam makeup for the wedding day?

In order for you to look your best, it is recommended to do a trial makeup before the wedding. Just in case you don’t like the colors or the shape, or we find out the flowers look totally different from what you expected. Preparing with time and ease is the best thing in the world! So let's see how I can support you on this day!

No matter where you’re getting married, I would be so happy to support you on this day! Usually, the trial makeup takes place in the Zurich area, while for the actual bridal makeup I go to wherever you are. No matter if it’s at your home, in the mountains, or at your parents’ place, I will be there to help you look beautiful for the day! This will be very relaxing for you, since you don’t need to go anywhere and can just chill in your bedroom with your girlfriends while they get ready, too. It creates a really special and unique atmosphere! For international weddings, the trial makeup can take place just the day before your wedding. 

These are the different packages I offer for weddings:

Girlfriend Package*

Makeup for The bride plus your Girlfriends, Mom, Sister, etc.

Here's what's included:

  • Trial makeup for the bride
  • Bridal makeup on the wedding day
  • Makeup for your girlfriends, your mom, your mother-in-law, your sisters...
  • 20min drive to the wedding location

Here's what can be added:

  • Hair for the bride incl. trial
  • Longer distances will be charged separately

Prices start at CHF 400.- and depend on the number of people and the location. Book a wedding chat to create an experience that matches your desires.

Bride Only*

exclusive Makeup for the Bride incl. trial

Here's what's included:

  • Trial makeup for the bride
  • Bridal makeup on the wedding day
  • 20min drive to the wedding location

Here's what can be added:

  • Hair for the bride incl. trial
  • Longer distances will be charged separately

Prices start at CHF 300.- and depend on the location.

VIP Package

Full Day Experience plus Bridal Coaching

Here's what's included:

  • Trial makeup for the bride
  • Bridal makeup on the wedding day
  • Makeup for your girlfriends, your mom, your mother-in-law, your sisters...
  • Makeup refresh for photoshoots for the bride
  • Style support for photoshoots
  • Makeup refresh for all guests
  • Emergency beauty help for all guests (incl. hair)
  • 2 personal coaching sessions for the bride to get clarity on beauty goals and gain confidence for the wedding
  • 20min drive to the wedding location

Prices start at CHF 1000.- and depend on the time frame and the location of the wedding. Please note that travel cost is not included in this price.

I’ve done several really exclusive international weddings in Italy, Spain, Greece, Albania, and Thailand (see testimonials below). I’m ready to fly around the world to be by your side on your special day! Let's discuss to find out what you really want. You can book a wedding chat and we can design an exclusive experience just for YOU!

*Please note that for international weddings, only the VIP Package is available.

"I've known Martina for a few years now and know her style of makeup. If I had to define her style, I would say it's clean, simple and natural as well as modern. When I told her I was getting married, she instantly said she would do my makeup. It made me very happy and I knew the result would be spectacular! A few months before the wedding, we did a trial makeup. I knew that I wanted my makeup to look natural, but at the same time highlight my natural beauty plus add a bit of color to my lips. She instantly found the perfect style and colors for my face. On the wedding day, I was really happy and didn't have to worry about anything. Martina surprised me with a fresh juice at the hairdresser's and gave me a small bag of lavender in case I would get nervous... Martina cared about all the details and made me look amazing. I felt so myself with my makeup, which is what really mattered most to me. She made a great job! Thanks, Martina!"

Emma Sequeiros, Wedding in Vigo, Spain


“Martina understood exactly what I was looking for on this perfect day! Having her as a makeup artist for this special day was such a great experience: she was listening, advising and encouraging me to feel confident. Martina has great teaching skills and so much passion to share! She not only taught me and all my girlfriends what kind of makeup is good for our face, our skin and the shape of our eyes, she also empowered us and helped me reveal my inside beauty!”

Céline Vo, Retail Manager, Wedding in Phuket, Thailand

Spending time with your girlfriends before officially getting married is so much fun! Have you thought about what you want to do on your bachelorette’s party? When all your girlfriends get together, some of them for the first time, a makeup workshop is an amazing opportunity for them to get to know each other and have fun together! The idea is that they learn to create an elegant and glamorous makeup look that they will be able to apply on the wedding day on their own! Everyone will get personal feedback on how to create a stunning look and how to improve their makeup skills for everyday life, too! The girls can all bring their own makeup products and brushes, and I will also provide all my products and tools as well, so they can try new looks and styles!

In this workshop, we will cover (and create!):

  • Skin prep: Get the skin ready for the makeup
  • Foundation: Find and apply the right colors, cover undereye circles
  • Eyes: Different kinds and colors of eyeliners and eyeshadows, eyebrows, mascara
  • Blush and lips: How to choose the perfect color and how to apply it correctly
  • Colors: How to combine makeup colors with eye and hair color and the dress

The workshop usually lasts 3-4 hours, depending on the actual group size. I am also open to cover other beauty topics on your bachelorette party, such as skin care, DIY scrubs and face masks with nurturing foods and more. In order to discuss this experience for your girlfriends to create an unforgettable experience, let's have a conversation about it: 

"We got married in Greece and in Albania, and we had two big wedding celebrations. Martina Fink travelled with me to two countries. She took time to try different looks with me in advance, listened attentively to my feedback, and created exactly what I wanted, using my favorite purple colors. My makeup literally lasted all night and looked stunning! It survived the wedding ceremony in a very hot temperature, the photo shooting at the beach right after the ceremony, and the wedding party that lasted until 7am! She also did my mother’s and my bridesmaids’ make up and made them all look amazing. 

For the celebration in Albania, my husband’s family had planned for the hairdresser to also do my makeup. When I was not happy with the result, Martina saved the day! She completely re-did my makeup under a time crunch and made me look gorgeous once again. She did the same for my mother’s makeup. Words cannot describe my happy feelings and the wonderful time I had. I absolutely loved my makeup by Martina. It made me feel gorgeous, and most importantly, it made me feel myself. I wish that Martina lived closer to do my makeup more often, and I am very excited that she started online sessions to teach me how to do it myself!”

Effie Antonoudi, Tax Manager and University Teacher, Wedding in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Korçe, Albania


“Martina Fink pays a lot of attention to details to make everything look perfect. That’s why when it comes to the bride, it’s “not only” about the makeup, but really about making her sparkle from the inside out. A professional and individual bridal makeup is applied very discreetly, to make sure it doesn’t “cover” the bride, but really supports her natural beauty. Every bride should take advantage of a professional makeup artist for her wedding. The products do matter, but the way makeup is applied matters as well and is important to make sure the bride still looks stunning after many hours. And these are the reasons I trust Martina. I recommend her to my brides and she’s a teacher for the students of my wedding planner school.”

Caterina Pelosato-Bieg, Wedding Planner and Founder of the Academy of Wedding and Events Education (AWEE), Switzerland



I’ve been teaching at the Academy of Wedding and Events Education (AWEE) in Switzerland for several years now, where I give a class for future wedding planners on what really matters when it comes to bridal makeup, as well as all other beauty details they need to consider when planning a wedding.


Friends are great to make you look glamorous for a party, but please uplevel to professional for your wedding. Why? Wedding days are usually long days, with lots of hours outside, with (hopefully lots of) sun, waves of emotions and joy. Your makeup should be long-lasting and stay until you go to bed (eventually!). Therefore, you not only need good quality makeup products, but also the right tools and techniques to get your makeup polished and lasting. On top of that, you probably want your friend to enjoy the wedding, too, right? And not be stressed out about doing other people’s makeup when she should really be standing by your side on this special day!


Yes, I do hairstyling as well. I can support you with simple looks, braids, curls, and other simple things. If you want to get a classic bridal updo hairstyle, I recommend you look for an extra hair stylist. Depending on how many women want to get their makeup done on the wedding day, it might also be a better option to have someone extra for hair there. I work with professional stylists for weddings, so please let me know if you want me to recommend someone.


I work with makeup and skin care from Forever Living Products, fully pesticide-free certified aloe vera products, and from Sally B’s, with all organic ingredients. Both lines are not tested on animals and are amazing for sensitive skin. The quality guarantees long lasting results, which is ideal for a full wedding day!



I totally hear you with the skin issues! I work with women all the time to get rid of their skin problems and finally have beautiful skin! If you want to get better skin, it takes some time and discipline to reach your goal, so on your wedding day, your skin will be flawless and beautiful. I find that skin issues are also mostly related to emotional and hormonal stress in the body, so if you get a lot of impurities all the time, there’s probably something deeper that needs to be worked on, and I can help you with that.


So this is a big topic. Everyone wants to be skinny and sexy for a wedding. But hey, not-so-skinny can also be sexy! The glow comes from within! So yes, it’s important to have a healthy body, and I can help you set goals and create a plan to get in shape and feel super strong and healthy, but just a number on your scale won’t eventually make you happy. Together, we can find out where your beliefs about being a skinny bride come from and can send them to the moon, while we create beliefs that benefit you and make you feel confident and sexy the way you are right now.


Whatever it is you dream of, let’s talk about it and make it happen! Just book a call with me, so we can discuss all your wishes and desires to create the most memorable beauty and wedding experience of your life!

Questions or ready to get started? Just click the button below to get in touch and we can chat about your dream wedding in your dream location with your dream girlfriends (and your dream husband, of course!)!