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I believe that every woman was born as a beauty and has the right to truly step into her power and her purpose to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I want to provide women with the tools they need to look and feel their best inside and out with makeup and skin care, a healthy body, show them how to find inner beauty and balance, and help them increase their confidence, so they can create a conscious lifestyle in harmony with nature and the environment, live the life of their dreams, and be the most beautiful version of themselves! 

It breaks my heart to see beautiful women out there looking tired, unhealthy and sad! And I believe that with real awareness around your whole life, you have the power to create the beauty and the lifestyle of your dreams in a very holistic way.


How I grew up

I grew up in an amazingly creative and lovely family. My parents are musicians and my mom loved sewing, painting, gardening and doing all sorts of other creative things with us when we were little. I remember I could spend hours doing creative stuff, and I just absolutely loved being by myself. I feel very connected with nature and love being outside. My whole life happened basically outside when I grew up, because we lived in a village with 300 people only! :) I am a real country girl, lol!

My bullying story...

School was a dark time of my life, because I was being bullied all the time... I was always good in school, especially in languages, which was what I loved the most! I studied hard, also because I saw it turned out in good results and I felt it was worth it. I started to believe that good things come when you work hard! But I always felt like I was never good enough... Other girls just didn't like me the way I was! I tried to be perfect, but they were jealous at me for my good grades, which made me very sad, and I felt devastatedanxious and so unworthy

The fears of not being good enough then manifested many times in my life - in relationships, in jobs, just everywhere... Until I realized that pattern and started to change my mindset and my beliefs about myself. To this day, this story resonates with me, and I work on it every single day.

Read more about this in this blog post: How past trauma blocked me in everything.

Then, I met 

After studying translation and interpreting, I spent about a year working in the United States and in Spain, and I speak German, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, which are also the languages I coach in. And you can maybe read between the lines that I love traveling! :) I just love communicating with people from all over the world. When I started working, I soon realized that sitting in an office 5 days a week wasn’t the job I always dreamed of.

I decided to pursue a career in retail and started working at Apple. After completing an international leadership program in the company, I spent the last few years as a Store Manager in one of Switzerland’s famous Apple Stores. I was leading a team of almost 100 employees, some of which were my direct reports. Besides lots of operational responsibilities, I conducted regular coaching sessions with them to support them in their personal growth as well as their next career steps, which is something that I absolutely loved!

And suddenly, it hit me!

I really liked my job, but time flew by so fast! One year, two years, three years, four years… I suddenly wondered: where did the time go??? Of course, I learned and achieved a lot during that time, and I am very grateful for all the valuable experiences, but I realized that I had some other big dreams that I had just been putting off for a long time! I only focused on my career, completely ignoring my personal wellbeing and off-work happiness. I didn’t always sleep enough, and I was often exhausted. The first few days of my vacation, I would always just sleep! 

I didn’t take time to cook myself healthy meals, and I often ate out, which had an instant impact on my body and my weight. I was single for a long time – would I’ve even had time for a boyfriend? Definitely not! I didn’t read at all, took almost no time for sports (as I was always exhausted!), didn’t spend enough time with my family nor was I on track with any of my bigger life dreams, which I had pinned there somewhere on my vision board… So one day, I said to myself: "Something's wrong here! I need more time for other things, too!"

Thankfully, I was creative!

A few years back, I discovered that I actually found makeup quite cool! I wasn’t a big beauty queen in my teenage years, but suddenly, I realized makeup was somehow a great combination of feeling confident, looking beautiful, and doing something creative. And I decided to become a Makeup Artist. Somehow, it really inspired me how little things like adding concealer or using the right brush could have such an instant impact on my look. I thought I HAVE to show these simple secrets to other women, too!

I started giving my first beauty workshops in 2013 and since then, have been showing hundreds of women how to create a simple and natural look using their own products (BYOP = Bring Your Own Products). I always completely forgot about time, because I was SO into it! I organized workshops, sent out beauty newsletters, ran a blog, and coached women individually, all of this while still being a full-time Store Manager! And then, the time came when it started to be almost impossible for me to do all of this plus still deliver an excellent job at my workplace!

So there it was, the big question:


I soon found out that taking this decision wouldn’t be easy. My mind was thinking day and night, I worried about the money and if I would be able to "survive" living just from my dream. I was worried others would think I'm crazy or a "dreamer"! Until one day, I finally decided to go my path and leave my career behind... And I am so proud to say that I am now living the life of my dreams! <3 I support women on their journey to a vibrant life, to inside and outside beauty, help them build stronger confidence and healthier and fulfilling lifestyles. As a Holistic Health + Beauty Coach, I support women on their journey to health, happiness, beauty, and wellbeing in a very conscious and holistic way. I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach:



Natural Beauty

Every woman (including you, beautiful!) was born beautiful. With special talents and gifts, being loving and caring, with beautiful eyes, a great body, a wonderful spirit… Unfortunately, we get trained by the media and by our society to see what we don’t necessarily like about ourselves. And the media is very much responsible for this (think about skinny models, perfect skins etc.). We focus on what we’re not good at, like “Oh, I don’t know how to do this!” or “I don’t like my hair color” or “I’m fat, I need to lose weight!” Sounds familiar? Do you live to encourage yourself and make the best out of your life? Or are you constantly self-sabotaging? Are you ready to show up for yourself and change things for good? Healthy self-confidence and a driven purpose, paired with stunning and glowing beauty from within reveals the most beautiful version of yourself!


A Healthy Body

The food we eat goes straight into the blood stream and into all our organs. That’s why I always choose high quality organic foods for myself and my family whenever possible. The right foods can fight fatigue and reduce stress, and balance out lots of other problems. Skin problems can often be eliminated by looking more closely at what you put in your body and on your skin. Your health is in your hands. Sleep enough. When you're tired, you need more sleep. Move your body and make that blood flow! It’s not only good for your health, but also for a youthful, fresh and firm look, because an active body renews your cells faster. Drink more water and herbal teas (you must know this already, but why are you not doing it?). Spend time with people you love and respect. Know what is good for you. And do more of what makes you happy!


Sustainable Living

With anything I do, I consider the impact it has on the planet: My beauty products are natural and organic. They're not tested on animals. I remove my makeup with organic makeup remover towels, made in Zurich, 100% waste-free. I don't use plastic bags, and I prefer to get my veggies from the farmer. I use cotton bags whenever I carry something extra with me (e.g. snacks or my glass water bottle). The clothes I buy are made of organic cotton and produced by companies with high ethical standards. I'm a Ruby Cup girl! No more waste and toxically bleached tampons ruining my health from the inside. I eat mostly plant based, which is amazing for my health and reduces my garbage (and my carbon footprint!) big time! I recycle organic waste, paper, glass, and anything else that can be recycled. I have my own garden. Plus I do so many other things as well!


Minimalist lifestyle

Life is actually really simple! We just love to over-complicate things! Once you know what your big dreams are, what makes you happy and what you really want to make out of your life, all you need to ask yourself every day is: Is what I’m currently doing supporting me and leading me towards my goals and dreams, or is it distracting me from that and going in the wrong direction? That’s it. Your goals - your mission! Simple as that!

A Healthy Mindset

I spend a lot of time just by myself, cultivating a healthy mindset and positive thoughts. I meditate, I write down what I’m grateful for, I go for a walk, spoil myself with a home spa, prepare a healthy meal, dream about my life, plan my next travels… Your thoughts have the power to change EVERYTHING! Spending quality time by yourself helps you see where you're at and refocus on your bigger goals and dreams. 

There's A Reason...

behind everything! It has manifested in my own life over and over again. Believing that there are no coincidences in life helped me get over more than one crisis so much faster than I thought! Trusting in the future and knowing you're on the right path makes up such a big part of your success and happiness. The universe is there to support you, so you can live a life that is more fulfilled than you ever thought possible



My clients are busy and ambitious women who don’t take a lot of time for self-care, but feel like they want to change some things in their life, so they can feel more confident and at peace with themselves. They are open and 100% ready to do what it takes to take better care of themselves, work on their self-confidence, and live a more stress-free, fulfilled, and conscious life.

Many of my clients turn out to be perfectionists and tend to wait for the right moment to do something about what's not going so well. But let me tell you one thing: the right time will never come, because time for change is always now. My clients usually fall into one of these categories:

"I want to become the best version of myself and put myself first!"

You're a very busy woman, ambitious in your job and your life. You don’t have much time, because your schedule is just so busy. You know you “should” be doing things for yourself, but constantly find excuses why now isn’t the right time and other things are more important. You find yourself closer and closer to burning out physically and mentally. You’re feeling disconnected from yourself, exhausted, and emotionally empty and unfulfilled. You know there’s more to life, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to take a first step towards a more balanced life.

"I want to work on my success and self-care, so I can grow my health & wellness business!"

You are working like crazy and can’t seem to find a way to balance yourself and work through the stress. You believe that in order to be successful in your business, you need to work hard and follow a business plan. You’re lacking clarity about where exactly you want to go with your business and struggle with sharing your message, because you’re constantly worrying about what others may think of you. You don’t really believe in yourself and often find yourself standing in your own way. You are afraid to fail and worry a lot about money.

Does this sound like you? I can definitely help you, so let’s talk:


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Cetaphil Influencer Experience Host
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Organization of the Fashion Revolution Week Switzerland 2016-2018


What makes me qualified to support you?

Beauty has been a huge passion for me for almost a decade now. I started learning everything about it out of my own curiosity and interest. The natural and conscious aspects of my coachings has been in my blood ever since I was born. I always felt I was different from others and was trying to find ways to “fit in”, until I realized that the only way to “fit in” was to actually be myself, natural and authentic! I've been there myself: I had a very busy life, didn't have enough time to take good care of myself, including my food, my body, and my soul! I know exactly what it feels like when you put your job first and your personal life and yourself last! It's very stressful and unsatisfying!

In my corporate job as a retail manager, I supported hundreds of people in finding their paths and developing personally to gain more fun and confidence in their job and in their everyday life. I was always blown away how little advice I gave them had the power to completely turn their life and confidence around!

I'm a Health Coach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I not only learned about food and nutrition, but mostly about helping women create the lifestyle of their dreams while considering different aspects like food, relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity. The balance is what makes the difference.

A coach doesn't tell you what to do, but guides you to finding your own path.

I have really big dreams! And I wish I had someone by my side to encourage me to follow my dreams at an earlier stage! I’m so grateful I’m doing all this now and not only in 20 years from now, but it would have been great to have someone to support me in boosting my confidence even more and realizing my vision a few years ago. I know there are many women out there with big dreams like me! Since I’ve gone that path myself, from only having vague dreams to finding my mission, from being scared about the money to quitting my successful career as a Store Manager, I know exactly how you feel, and I want to be the woman that supports you on this journey!