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The way you live your life has a direct impact on your wellbeing and on how you take care of yourself.

Take this free quiz to find out what your wellness habits say about you, and receive personalized wellness tips, so you can

  • finally take quality time for yourself daily, no matter what

  • feel well rested, energized, and confident every morning you wakeup

  • take a break when you’re feeling overwhelmed with deadlines at work

  • stop people pleasing and finally speak up for yourself

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A glowing life is a life filled with passion, love, forgiveness, honesty towards yourself, compassion and kindness, drive, and big dreams that you really want to go for!

A life where you do everything you can to achieve optimal physical health, a balanced mindset, a full heart, and a life that excites you every morning you wakeup!

A life where you can just be YOU.

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I’m the go-to girl for all things Glow. My mission is to help others by sharing my love of natural and beauty, sustainable living, maintaining a healthy body and mindset, and promoting self-love and confidence.

I offer a couple of different glow inspired coaching programs, host retreats around the world, and travel with my clients around the globe. I also teach regular local meditation classes and workshops in Zurich and am the host of The Glow Life Podcast.

I’m a certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Makeup Artist and a Reiki practitioner. I thrive on helping others live a more glowing life through healing, self-love, meditation, and chakra work.

Back in 2015, my life wasn’t as glowing as it is now and I wished my days had at least 40 hours! I was working long hours, spent all my energy in my full-time job, and had no love for myself. Today, I am beyond grateful for the freedom I have in my life and for all the time I have to do things that really make me happy.

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Uplevel Your Self-Worth and Learn to Express Yourself

1:1 Mentorship

Up Your Self-Esteem, Balance Your Emotions and Bring Your Glow Out

Glow School

A Signature Self-Worth Course to Help Women Glow from Within

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OCTOBER 21-26, 2019


In this luxury retreat, you will experience overall health and wellbeing, discuss all you need to know about living a beautiful and glowing life, growing your business if you have one, working towards your dreams, and feeling fully aligned with who you are. We do powerful meditations, rituals, dancing, and ceremonies, have a lot of fun with our pool floaties, eat healthy food, and enjoy our private pool. Yoga is part of our schedules as well as time for spa and day dreaming with your new girlfriends!

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The Glow Life Podcast with Martina Fink is all about living a glowing life in terms of healthy food and overall physical health and wellbeing, daily habits, self-love rituals, finding your purpose and living in harmony with our beautiful planet. We speak about the ego, the subconscious mind, and the mean girl that can stand in the way of living a glowing life and we talk about how to overcome the fears that keep us stuck in that life we so badly want to transform!

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Learn more about self-love, healthy living, a sustainable lifestyle and get inspired by our Featured Glow Girl series over on the blog!

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"I started working out, lost weight, and no longer stress out about the little things!"

Andrea, Switzerland


"The last time I felt this inspired was after Gabrielle Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass!"

Sarah, USA


“Joining Martina in Bali is hands down one of the best things I have ever done in my life!”

Téa, USA

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"I finally learned how to manage my time, so I can make money in my business!"

Kaila, USA

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"Being part of Glow School has been the best decision I’ve ever made!" 

Alessia, Switzerland

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“Martina’s beauty and sage wisdom truly glows from the inside out!

Maguire, USA