Life is too short to spend it trying to be PERFECT! 
Stop being hard on yourself, live a vibrant life, and GLOW from the inside out! 

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It's time to start living!

Do you want to look perfect, have everything under control, shine from the inside out while exceeding results at work AND being the best friend and partner? But remember, you also have to work out regularly and eat healthy ALL THE TIME! Overwhelming!? I know!! 

So many women are perfectionists (including me! lol!), and what's holding them back in life is: PERFECTIONISM! 

You spend time dreaming about possibilities that you never take, because you're too afraid it won't work out. You are ashamed of what others might think if you're not THE PERFECT WOMAN. Maybe you think things need to be perfect in order to change something in your life.

Well, I am here to tell you that there is NO perfect time to get started with ANYTHING in life!

Don't wait for the perfect moment! Because... it will never come!


Two years ago, I wished my days had at least 40 hours! I was working like crazy, spent all my energy in my full-time job, which I did like, but was taking up so much time of my life! I usually got home without energy to cook, do sports, or even meet friends! I knew that I couldn't continue my life like this, but I kept waiting for the right moment - which really never came!

One day, I decided that I needed to change something... Today, I am beyond grateful for my freedom in life and for all the time I have to do things that really make me happy - such as yoga, boxing, reading, spending quality time with friends and family, cooking, and of course helping amazing women like YOU get closer to that vibrant dream life!

On the other side of PERFECT, your LIFE is waiting for you! So travel to the most amazing beaches wearing no makeup at all for two entire weeks while feeling OH-SO sparkling and confident! Finally launch your creative business that you've been dreaming of for so long and feel deeply FULFILLED! Fully savor every bite of that pizza in that very moment! Stop waiting for the perfect time! 

I've been there myself and wish I'd had someone to support me back then! It's time to let go and enjoy life more, girl! And I'm here to support you on this journey, so let's get on the phone!



"Martina Fink is a lady on a mission to create more confidence, peace and radiance for all the women in this world! Martina leads from her heart, is super meticulous, and of course beautifully polished on the inside and out! Martina has tapped into a powerful and impactful way of coaching that the women of the world have been waiting for. She's the next big thing in confidence and lifestyle coaching! If you're ready for serious change, ease and confidence, you will seriously learn everything you need from Martina to create a beautiful and glowing life!"

Amber-Lee Schneider, Business & Lifestyle Coach + Modern Meditation Expert


Glow School: 
Become A Truly Vibrant Woman!

The 6 Module Group Program

Glow School is an online group program where you get together with amazing ladies to work on all areas of life such as skin, beauty, lifestyle, health, happiness and fulfillment. Let go of your blocks and step into that dream life!

4 Months VIP Mentorship


This customized 4 months mentorship is here to support you to get (back) in control of your life. Lighten up and experience confidence, freedom and feel that glow that you have inside of you. Stop trying to be perfect and start living the life YOU choose and ADORE!

Head to Toe Glow:
Lifestyle Makeover For A Glowing Life

30 Days to That inside out glow!

A 30 Day personally customized program to work on your inside and outside beauty to find your best skin care, improve your makeup skills, up-level your food and eating habits for optimal health and beauty, and to assess your life, picturing your most amazing self.



"Martina helped me finally start new habits and supported me to keep going. She helped me achieve my goals, and she completely changed the way I think about beauty inside and out. I can now say that she made me feel beautiful inside and out. Her advice is very easy to implement, but make such a big difference. Martina is very efficient and helps me feel amazing. She is a very strong lady, has such a solid and broad knowledge and totally found her passion to support women on their journey to a better and more fulfilling life."

Silvia Borisch, Style Coach and Image Consultant



“Martina showed me what really matters when it comes to skin care and how to feel well inside and out. She answered all my questions, and I got very useful makeup and nutrition tips that I’m still using everyday. I love watching Martina’s live videos and reading her newsletters, because they help me question my own way of life over and over again! I went through her 7 Day Beauty Challenge and was able to exchange my experiences with other likeminded women. Martina has a great positive energy and is amazing in coaching women about makeup, beauty and lifestyle!”

Sarah B., Digital Product Manager at UBS