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Glow Life 1:1 Coaching

Get your inside out glow on! In a 1:1 setting, you learn how to manage stress, deal with overwhelm, and cultivate a positive mindset, so you can live the life you dream of. Take the best care possible of your body and mind through healthy daily choices and habits. Build a consistent self-love practice with meditation, journaling, and spiritual tools to help you manage your energy for optimal health, confidence, and wellbeing.


Glow Life Meditation Studio

Europeโ€™s first virtual meditation studio! Join me for a monthly meditation class and journaling workshop online, where you get to work on self-love, forgiveness, finding your purpose, acceptance, holistic health, mind-body connection, mindset, dream lifestyle design, and more.


The Glow Camp
Self-Love & Wellness Retreat

Join a unique Glow Camp on one of the most beautiful spots in the world! The Glow Camp is a girls-only self-love and wellness retreat for women who want to change their daily habits and live a healthier day to day life.

The next Glow Camp is Oct 21-26 in Crete, Greece.

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Glow Sister Mastermind

A 12-months intimate sisterhood experience for the woman who wants to take her business and life to the next level while improving her confidence, relationships, creativity and energy. This experience includes regular business, life, and health coaching calls, meditations and online classes, and a private community online. You get to experience all of this with your new group of glowing girlfriends!

Application now open. This program is starting in January 2020.