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Glow Sister Mastermind

A 7-month intimate sisterhood experience for the woman who wants to ditch perfectionism and authentically be and express herself, so she can take her wellness business and life to a new level. More confidence, better relationships, and self-love.

Applications now open. Starting in February 2020.


Glow Life 1:1 Coaching

Let go of perfectionism and the need to control every little detail of your life and/or business. It is time to trust yourself and the universe, so you can authentically show up as this glowing and confident woman that is here to make other people’s lives better.


Glow Camp Retreats

Join a unique Glow Camp luxury retreat on one of the most beautiful spots in the world! The Glow Camp is a girls-only self-expression retreat for women who want to reclaim their self-worth and use their voice to speak up and authentically be themselves.


Glow Life Meditation Studio (online)

Monthly meditation class and journaling workshop online to work on self-love, forgiveness, finding your purpose, acceptance, holistic health, mind-body connection, mindset, and more.