#76 Eidetic Imagery with Wendy Yellen


In this episode, we are talking to Wendy Yellen, one of the top 3 internationally acclaimed transformation experts in her field and best selling author.

After years of a fully booked out Psychotherapy private practice, Wendy craved for deeper work and dove deep into the Holy Grail of transformation work, Eidetic Imagery.

Since then, she has introduced thousands of men and women around the world to the evidence-based treatment of Eidetics, which enable business people and creatives to unlock their full potential and remove the weight of old, often “unseen” vulnerabilities which have been holding them back.


  • How to use Eidetic Imagery for deep healing

  • Why bandaids and surface treatments just aren't enough

  • The difference between Eidetics and visualization

  • How to shift your mind to what you want to experience in your life

    And so much more!


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