#85 Stop Thinking, Start Feeling with Ben Bidwell


Ben Bidwell, aka The Naked Professor, is a mindset and purpose coach, writer and public speaker who helps people get out of their head and into their heart to live a more authentic and purposeful life. Through one to one coaching, workshops, public speaking, his blog, and hopefully soon, his book, Ben shares his own journey of personal growth and shows people that change is possible and absolutely beneficial for all.


  • Masculinity and how to stop hiding behind the mask society puts on you

  • Why what you feel matters and how to express your emotions

  • How to go from ticking boxes for your ego to feeling alive in your heart and soul

  • His best tips to start connecting with your emotions

  • How failing is part of your success

And so much more!


Dare to Lead - by Brené Brown (and all her other books as well)
Michael Maisey
The Naked Professors Podcast
Connect with my friend Kelli Tennant



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