#6 Influencing, Bullying, and Cord Cutting with Monica Woodhams

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Monica Woodhams is an Influencer Consultant and the Founder of 45F Studio Podcast Network, where she hosts podcasts for influencers. She supports influencers and coaches scale their brands through blogs, podcasts, and social media. She has always loved technology and lifestyle, and being an influencer was the perfect mesh of both worlds.

Monica wanted to be able to do this on a greater scale by helping other influencers and business owners do the same. The power of podcasting has become especially important to her as a way for her to share the powerful and amazing conversations she has with others.


  • How stepping into the blogger role helped her grow her confidence

  • Overcoming bullying and how forgiveness can help

  • How she uses cord cutting and tapping to let go

  • The Solar Plexus chakra and how you can shine your light

  • Moving to a different city and how that can change your life

And so much more!


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