#3 Motherhood, Self-Love, and Living A Life Of Freedom With Michelle Knight

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Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business Coach to female entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their story and message out into the world. Through her own journey of stepping into the role of mother and entrepreneur, she discovered that what was seriously lacking in the online space was storytelling, authenticity and vulnerability. 

When her son was born, something inside of her drastically changed and she felt a pull to start her own business as a way to spend more time with him and experience more freedom. Her deepest desire has always been to support women in achieving time, financial and location freedom, and she believes that the best way to do that is through a truly authentic business.


  • Her journey and how she started her business with a one month old baby
  • Why freedom of time, money and location is so important for her
  • The role her family plays in her business and life
  • Self-love and how that makes her an even better mother
  • How any mom can live the life of her dreams

And so much more!


Daring Greatly by Brené Brown
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Glow Camp Retreat in Bali


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