Time To Give Thanks

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Today, I am taking some time to think about all the beautiful things I'm grateful for. Am this not only includes my family and all my loved ones, but also YOU. I'm so grateful for YOU to be on this journey with me, to follow me on all my adventures, to give me the space in your thoughts or even in your heart. For you clearly have a space in my heart. 

Never had I really believed in the power of social media. Never had I really trusted that one day, I can TRULY live my dream life. And yet, it all happened. It all fell into place. I am beyond grateful for what I have been able to create for myself - and honestly, it all started with gratitude... For years, I'd even say almost for a decade now, I have been a regular gratitude journaler! I filled journal after journal with all the amazing (and often little) things I had in my life. And this includes the clean tap water we have here in Switzerland, a home that I love, being able to read and write, having a family who cares about me, being lucky enough to have been born in a safe country, for my healthy body and my energy... the list goes on.

People often think success just happens. It just comes out of the blue. Or even successful people are lucky. But here's the truth. Success doesn't just happen. It's often years of long preparations in advance, that nobody really sees. It's often countless sleepless nights, struggles with huge fears and self criticism. It's years of gratitude journaling that comes long before all the success...

So if you have a big dream, a project, a mission to complete on this earth, start with writing down the things you're grateful for. Every. Single. Day.

What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments. 📝