5 Lessons About Money


Not everybody wants to hear the truth.

I shared my last blog, 5 Lessons About Love, to my email list and something really interesting happened...I had quite some people unsubscribe... The first lesson was to forgive, including to forgive yourself. I also talked about speaking your truth, about loving yourself, and about spending more time with people you love (and not typing on your computer 24/7 in a job you hate!).

All of these things don't come natural and aren't easy, I GET IT! Been there myself, trust me!

Funny that so many people did not like what I had to say about LOVE - one of the highest vibrations ever... So sad!

Here's the thing: Forgiveness isn't easy. Loving yourself isn't easy. Quitting a job you don't like isn't easy. And speaking your truth is HARD AF!

BUT: No-one even said love is easy! No-one ever said that living your dream is easy. But it's magical. Love could rule the world, there's no doubt about that! But if you don't believe in love, then fear rules the world.

Reminder for you: Always choose love over fear.

So, I'm grateful you are still reading this blog, because that means you're up for more love in the world :)

Today, I want to talk about money, another topic people sometimes go crazy about and that is dominating lots of political situations in the world today. So here's what I've learned about money in the last 30 years:


Money is neither good nor bad. Money is neutral, it’s a form of energy - until we give it meaning. You pay for a service, you get value and learnings in return. You earn money, because you're giving your energy and your time into your job. When you buy a house, the house is what you get in return.

Money should be in constant flow and is nothing else but flowing energy.

You give, you get.

Money likes being organized and structured. It's all numbers.

And finally, you give money the value and meaning you want.


No matter if you’re super rich or just lost a lot of money, you have to be at peace with money. Trust that there will always be enough. If you lost money in a not-so-fun situation, know that Karma will take care of it. Continue your life and know that there is always enough available to you.

As I said, money is neutral. It is what you make it. IMPORTANT: The law of attraction works all the time.

Hate money? More hatred will come your way. Worried about not having enough? More situations will show up to prove that you're right. When you focus on lack, you're attracting more lack.

At peace with money? Grateful for everything you have? More of it will come your way.When you focus on abundance in all aspects, you will attract more abundance.

This is just how it works - no matter if you believe it or not.


Your money story is the story you’re telling yourself about money.

„Money is bad“.

„Rich people are not honest“.

„Money doesn’t grow on trees“.

"This is not worth the money!"

These are beliefs and stories that are deeply programmed into the subconscious mind. Since it is a programming, you can change it, basically reprogram it.

Those beliefs are not the truth. They are just your truth for now. Start working on your money beliefs and turn your money story into something positive!

„I always have enough money to pay my bills“.

„The more money I have/make, the more good I can do in the world“.

„There is more than enough money for everyone“.

Find your new mantra around money, and change your life.


I have a separate bank account called „Play“ account. Every month, I put 5-10% of my income on this account and I HAVE to spend all this money on myself. Dinner with friends, spa treatment, or a special something on my next trip.

It works just like training a muscle in the gym. Through repetition, this muscle will grow stronger. The more you get used to spending money on yourself, the more you’re going to create your reality in a way that feels really good to you.

Go to the spa, travel business class, drink a glass of champaign, get a mentor, buy that piece of jewelry you really want, go out for dinner...

Hey, you SO deserve to be spent money on!


Since you can read this email, probably on a computer or phone you own, and have wifi access as well, I’m assuming you are probably quite wealthy (compared to my friends from Zanzibar who live with $100 for a year!).

I believe that we all can make a contribution to a better world. Every. Single. One of us. You don’t need to donate millions to make a difference. You can support your parents, your local orphanage, an animal shelter in your town, or a charity project in a third world country. It’s not really about the amount, although the more the better of course, but it’s more about the act of giving that makes a difference energetically.

Just like with the „play“-money muscle, the „give“-muscle also needs to be worked on.No matter if you’re supporting with $10 or $1000 a month, it really does make a difference in somebody's life.

I don’t have my own charity yet ;) but I’m confident you can find an organization or center that needs your help and feels really good to you.

If there's anyone in your life right now that needs to hear these money lessons to stop stressing about it all the time, it would make me really happy if you shared this blog with them! <3

The next and last 5 lessons are going to be about success - the mindset changes I went through to get to where I am today.

Love & Glow,


PS: What fears and stories came up for you? It doesn't have to be so hard! Click here to book your no-pressure clarity call and finally make peace with money. <3