[Lesson 5] Surround Yourself With The Best People


Here's my last lesson, lesson #5, that I learned in 2018:

Surround yourself with likeminded people.

I know you’ve heard this many times before and it’s really so important. Here’s a quote for you:

Great minds discuss ideas. 
Average minds discuss events. 
Small minds discuss other people.

If you’re a great mind with all these ideas, plans, dreams and you’re only hanging out with people who talk about last Saturday’s party or how annoyed they are by their boss - guess what. You’re not going to get anywhere with your dreams!

Here's why you will or will not succeed

Negative thoughts and emotions are several times stronger than positive ones, so you’re not going to bring those lower vibes people up to your level, but they’re actually going to pull you down to their vibration - which doesn’t serve neither you nor the world. You'll feel like you're not enough, like you can't make it anyway and I mean, why do you even dare to dream?!

Listen, if you really want to make a difference in the world, you have to look at your surroundings. Examine who you spend the most time with and what their energy is like. You want to make sure you're doing whatever you can to stay in a positive vibration.

Change your surroundings, change your life.

How to manifest likeminded friends

If you don’t have the kind of friends or community that you’d like to have, make a list of criteria for how you want these people to be. Once you’re really clear about what kind of people you need more of in your life, you can go out and manifest them into your life.

Visualize how it feels to hang out with them. Feel how you would feel if you were just working on something together. Imagine how you're walking down the street daydreaming about your future.

I did this last year and it worked!

The photo above is from my Glow Camp retreat in Thailand in 2018. All these women surrounded themselves with next level people and experienced massive growth last year, so proud of them.

And you can do the exact same thing!

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