The 7 Day Beauty Book


Finally! The very first Beauty Book will launch on October 1! 

Let me give you a short overview about this eBook, so you get a first impression of what it will be like! This Beauty Book will be available as an eBook and is divided into 7 days. Every day, you get inspiration and beauty advice to start your day beautifully and full of confidence. You will get advice for the following aspects on each day:

Your Daily Inspiration

I will share videos, lyrics, songs with you that fascinate me personally and that have inspired me a lot. I am so convinced about these pieces of inspiration that I really wanted to share them with you. They are honest, authentic, sometimes sad, but still so positive that they have the power to really enrich your day!

Beauty from the Outside

This daily advice is all about how you treat your body. I will give you information about the skin, explain why makeup can make sense and why it is important to remove your makeup in the evening (if you haven’t done this regularly so far – you’re not the only one… But then you belong to those who should do something about it :)). I also talk about nutrition and sports, because both of them have a huge influence on a healthy body. So be ready for some interesting ideas!

Beauty from the Inside

So much easier to talk about it than actually doing it! What do you really think about yourself? Most people criticize themselves a lot and are really good at knowing what they’re not good at or what they don’t like about themselves. Let’s turn this upside down and start caring more about our actual values! How much time do you spend with yourself? When was the last time that you did something that you really enjoyed, like going to a Spa and get a relaxing massage or buying flowers just for yourself? We have some ideas for you.

I believe that Beauty is much more than just a mask of makeup and expensive clothes. It’s really about your values, your mindset, but also about respect that you should treat yourself with. Of course, I do have a lot of ideas and advice for makeup and clothes, but real Beauty is about the bigger picture. Just like:

“Be the Most Beautiful Version of Yourself!” – Martina

Stay beautiful,

Martina <3