#8 How Your Mind Creates Your Reality, Listening to Your Heart, And The Law Of Attraction

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Vibeke Schurch is a Success-soul® Living Coach and equips holistic entrepreneurs such as coaches, healers and experts with the tools, resources and mindset shifts they need to have, be and do it all, so they can step into their purpose, create massive impact in the world with their gifts and live a meaningful and abundant life.

After a complete mental, emotional and physical breakdown several years ago, Vibeke realized that she had lost who she was and needed to reconnect with her truth and purpose. After healing herself using her mind, after she had exhausted every other effort, she became aware of the power of the mind and realized she had to teach this to others.


  • The power of your thoughts and how your beliefs become reality regarding health, love, wealth, and abundance

  • How energy REALLY works and how you can use it to create your glowing life

  • How she decided to be the most abundant and successful single mom she could be

  • The law of attraction and a really crazy story of how she manifested an aligator in Alaska!

  • How listening to your heart can only lead you in the right direction

And so much more! 


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
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