5 Lessons On Living An Eco Lifestyle


I get lots of messages from people asking me how I do LIFE in a harmonious way with Mother Earth and our planet. I am obsessed with this topic and it has been my lifestyle ever since I was born! I learned a lot over the years, too, so I'm really excited to share these learnings with you!


I recently counted the number of countries I’ve visited in my life: over 37! I'm not saying this to brag or anything, but these experiences have truly made me who I am today. It's part of me.

I have seen so many different cultures of this beautiful planet, from China to Malaysia, Thailand to Sri Lanka, Australia, Tanzania, North America, Caribbean and almost all of Europe!

Traveling has immensely broadened my horizon. I’ve seen richness in luxury villas in Vietnam, roof top bars in Thailand and Hongkong, people living on the street in Miami, little kids taking care of each other in Zanzibar…

Experiencing different cultures, languages, foods, and traditions has humbled me so much that I am FOREVER grateful for growing up where I grew up.

In Zanzibar, people can buy food with $100 for 1 entire year! It’s insane, but it’s the truth. And in fact, they may even be happier than lots of people in the western world! Crazy, right?

Traveling puts things into perspective. It grounds us and connects us with what we truly need - love, food, water, and a roof. Everything else is really secondary. It opens our eyes to the wonders of this beautiful planet we call Earth.

Life is a miracle, and the more you travel, the more miracles you will discover.



Waste is a huge problem in the entire world. I just got back from a week in Los Angeles and am once more shocked about the incredible masses of trash I saw (and produced myself!). Even in a restaurants where you can actually sit down, my almond chai latte was served in paper and salads and bowls come in plastic.

You don’t need to support this fast-paced throw-away society. You can cook more at home, bring your tumbler to the cafe, say no to unnecessary plastic bags and bring a reusable bag with you when you get groceries.

You may think you're too small to help this change, but you as a consumer can make a difference with your everyday decisions.

A latte per day in your own tumbler saves 30 paper cups, 30 lids, and 30 plastic sticks a month. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t make a difference!



I ask myself this all the time: Why are people consuming so much? Often, it is just to fill a void. Feeling stressed out? Get some new clothes and you’ll feel better. Really? I mean, really?

This is just like taking a pill when you have a headache. It only treats the symptom, not the root cause. It’s not going to make you happy in the longrun, it's going to make you feel miserable.

Be mindful how you spend your money. You vote with your dollars. For sweatshop clothes, plastic bags, and low quality clothing. Or for high quality designer bags, consciously produced clothing and locally grown food.

Buy less, choose consciously, and ask your brands #whomademyclothes to promote transparency in your clothing consumption.


Recycling, buying less, buying organic cotton clothing, fair trade only, no meat, no airplanes… When you’re trying to be perfect in living a sustainable life, you’re most probably going to burn yourself out.

Unless you go live in the forest in your own little hut with no electricity, your own garden, your own chickens and cows, wearing the same clothes for 20 years, it’s not going to work.

The secret is this: There is no perfectly sustainable lifestyle. But you can make a difference when you are mindful of your every day choices. That's why it's a lifestyle and not something you consciously have to think about all the time. It's just what has become your eco habits.


Stop the water while you brush your teeth.

Bring your tote bag to the grocery store.

Filter your tap water, if it’s potable, instead of buying plastic bottles non-stop.

Make a CO2 emission contribution when you fly.

Buy local food from local farmers.

Eat seasonal.

Grow your own veggies.

Turn off the lights when you leave the house.

Eat real food and eat more plants.

Do as much as you can. It may not be perfect, but Mother Earth will feel your positive intention.



Nowadays, there are so many chemicals in everything. Be it to make products last longer, make cotton grow faster, make veggies grow bigger, have cows produce more milk, it doesn’t matter.

It’s shocking!

Buy organic and local food. It’s free from toxic chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides.

Buy organic cotton and fair trade clothing. It not only saves the farmers from deadly illnesses, but also the ground water and therefore the health of the local population. It's just how it should be!

Buy natural skin care. There are so many amazing skin care and makeup brands out there nowadays that it’s really easy to do this! Your skin is an organ, it absorbs everything we put on it into your system.

Buy organic tampons. They are free from toxic bleaches that can get into your system and cause a lot of damage in the long run. Even better: go #zerowaste and use a menstrual cup. This will save up to 12’000 tampons in a lifetime, and will save you a lot of money, too!

If there's anyone in your life who needs a little bit more eco in their lifestyle ;), it would make me really happy if you shared this blog with them! <3

The next 5 lessons are about L.O.V.E.! Really simple lessons actually, but oh-so powerful!

Love & Glow,


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