5 Lessons About Energy


I am really excited to share my energy lessons with you today! EVERYTHING is energy, believe it or not. People share energy, even jobs have energy, rooms store energy, money is energy... When we're tuned in, we can feel the energy of others easily. But often, we forget about our own energy.

Are you feeling good today? Or tired, exhausted, sad? Excited and energized? We constantly share our energy with others as well, and I want you to start being aware of what kind of energy you're sending out all of the time!


"You are what you think." said Buddha.

Who are you being right now? Are you one of those who complain from the moment you get up until you get back into bed about your other friend, your mom, your boss, the food, and even the weather? Or are you excited about everything in your life (like me!!) every day you wake up?

I want to take Buddha's quote a step further:

"You are today where your thought have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." - James Allen

Your thoughts are vibrations. Your thoughts are energy. When you're constantly complaining, your energy vibration is low. Don't expect anything positive to happen in this negative space!

While when you're excited about life, like I am right now, you manifest even more amazing things, such as incredible clients, hotel upgrades, which actually happened to me 4x in the last 5 months, the perfect healthy places to eat, new beautiful friends and so much more! It's all about how you see things and how high you're vibing!

So use your powerful thoughts to create the reality you dream of!


Don't let fears rule your life. Fear does not exist, it's only an illusion in our mind.

Every decision we take is always either out of fear or out of love.

Are you not eating that brownie out of fear of gaining weight or out of love to your health?

Are you not going to that retreat out of fear of not having enough money to survive when you come home, or are you going out of love to yourself, because you know how much of an impact it will have on your life?

Are you meeting with that friend out of fear of canceling (I mean, what is she going to think of you if you don't come!?), or do you have enough love for yourself to cancel when you actually need that time for yourself to just chill?

When you do something out of fear, you're going to attract more fear and negativity. LOVE, however, is so powerful! This is definitely one of the top lessons of all of my 30 lessons!

Next time you have to take a difficult decision, ask yourself: Am I doing this out of love or out of fear? Then choose love.

Always choose love over fear!


So many of my clients and friends are SO MEAN to themselves! They tell themselves

"You're not good enough!"

"You're so fat, girl!"

"You will never make it!"

"Why do you look so ugly today?"

Do you say these things to yourself sometimes, too?

NEVER say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to your sister or your best friend! Treat yourself like your best friend, because you truly are. You're probably the only friend you have that will be with you during your entire life!

Watch your energy you're giving yourself


Everything is energy, and we cultivate energy 24/7.

But our energy can easily be impacted by situations and other people, when we don't protect our energy enough! Have you ever met with a friend who was in such a bad mood that you left the meeting feeling frustrated and angry? Have you ever had a customer or client or boss that was so angry that you picked up on their energy?

Usually these situations have nothing to do with us. They're a reflection of the other people's energy.

We need to protect our energy and make sure we keep it up as high as possible.

Surround yourself with people you love, people who lift you up, and say NO to people, situations, jobs, travels that don't excite you or have the potential to drag you down.


We were born with this incredible thing called intuition, or gut feeling. However, we often don't listen to that feeling. We are driven by our mind, by our masculine energy to think logically, where our gut would actually tell us exactly what's right for us.

I actually no longer do ANYTHING where my gut tells me NO.

Trust your gut! Tune in and listen to what FEELS good for you, no matter if you have to take a decision about your next job, about meeting with a friend, about your new venture... Your body ALWAYS knows what's best for you.

If there's anyone in your life right now that needs to hear these lessons about energy as well, it would make me really happy if you shared this with them! <3

The next 5 lessons are about living an ECO FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE LIFE and the things I do everyday to protect our beautiful Mother Earth incl. when I travel!

Love & Glow,