Is A Retreat On Your Wishlist?

I can't believe it's already February 4! 

I am currently soaking up the sun in Vietnam, sipping my mandatory daily coconut, while my boyfriend is enjoying the wavy beach kitesurfing. Just like I'm more of a sunny weather snowboarder, I am also more of a beautiful water kitesurfer and will postpone the next sessions to a flat water beach somewhere else!


If you're rather new to my world, let me share this little background info with you: I always loved to travel (definitely learned this from my dad!!), but often saw travels as something expensive and something that I could only afford once or twice a year.


In January 2017, I put it out to the universe that I wanted to travel once a month. And I clearly manifested more than 12 trips last year! But this year is going to be even better! I have amazing trips planned for the first 7 months and most of them include sun and warm weather!


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Before we got to Vietnam, we spent a few nights in Hong Kong and then Ho Chi Minh City. Both cities are concrete jungles and overwhelming with traffic and pollution. 


No surprise: I missed the trees and the blue sky (I grew up in nature..). I realized that my times for crazy city trips are over - I need more nature, more balance, more peace and quite in order to be my best self. I need healthy food, lots of water, and a good night sleep in a comfy bed. 

You may think I'm just laying there in my bikini all day - which is true! ;) But I'm actually getting quite some work done while sunbathing, too!


No day goes by without me visualizing my dream life. (Which is actually pretty close to what I'm already living right now!)

No day goes by without me jotting down thoughts, ideas, and random things that are on my mind. Journaling at its best!

No day goes by without me thinking of an amazing trip that lies ahead of me: THE GLOW CAMP.


While my boyfriend and I are on our own little retreat right now, eating smoothie bowls for breakfast every single day and doing yoga, I am also putting together all the final details for my VERY FIRST Luxury Retreat that is starting in exactly one month!

You're asking where? In Thailand!

You can actually see our villa on all photos in this post! Isn't it so breathtaking?




When you started thinking about your DREAMS for 2018, what came to mind? 

  1. What travels did you write in your journal? 
  2. What pictures did you cut out of magazines of places you want to go to? 
  3. What kind of people do you want to meet this year that help you become your best self? 
  4. What kind of personal growth work do you want to work on this year?


If you're anything like me - traveling HAS to be on there! One thing I really want to experience this year is more quality time with people, mainly women, who get me, who don't judge me, who take me for who I am, and who uplift me to become my best self. I also want to improve my meditation practice and become better in manifesting the life I can't stop dreaming about!

So I was wondering: Did you maybe put a retreat on your vision board for 2018?





In the last 2 days, I've been filling pages in my journal with the schedule, details, and ideas for the Glow Camp. So let me share some of it with you here!


We're all meeting on Sunday, March 4 (exactly in 1 month!!!), for brunch in a beautiful hotel by the beach! Everybody gets to meet for the first time and it will be SO MUCH FUN! 


We will then move to our private villa nearby - a luxury villa with an infinity pool, a cozy lounge inside the pool, and a wooden deck for the yoga classes I have scheduled for my girls. Oh, forgot to mention that we have a private beach as well! Our private chef will be taking care of all of our freshly prepared meals and will make sure to serve us fresh coconuts and fruit platters during our pool breaks. Unicorn, pineapple and pink shell floatie will join us as well!


Our days will be filled with daily morning rituals, reflection time, journaling, life-transforming workshops, meditations, yoga classes, individual spa treatments, personal photo shoot sessions and quite a few SPECIAL SURPRISES!

This retreat is an opportunity you won't want to miss - because it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of the participants!!


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  1. This retreat is happening March 4-8 in Koh SamuiThailand
  2. 4 Nights, 5 Days of workshops and coaching
  3. A private luxury villa with infinity pool, private beach, and only sea view rooms
  4. A private chef who cooks healthy food only
  5. Luxury bathrooms with bathtubs and incredible surroundings
  6. Daily morning rituals, meditations, and private yoga classes
  7. A surprise celebration dinner party (not saying more here!)
  8. A private photographer who will also take personal shots of all the girls


Forgot to mention the very special goodie bag my ladies will get upon arrival... Ahhhhh, I am just SOOO excited!!

The good news is: THERE IS 1 SPOT LEFT and if you feel that this is EXACTLY what you had put on your vision board on January 1, then let's make this happen for you! All you need to do is CLICK HERE  and book a call with me to talk about it!



Feeling like you don't have the money?

Well, let me ask you something. Do you think you will EVER in your future just have some extra money on your bank account, just for yourself, to spend on a dream retreat? Nope. At least, I've never had that extra money saved just for fun things like these! I always took the leap and signed up anyway, because it felt so right in my gut.

Also, money is nothing else but energy. When we give money, we get something in return. You pay for your spot in a retreat, the value you're getting in return can't even be put in numbers!


Feeling like timing is not perfect?

Ask yourself: is it really not possible to make this happen, or is it just a fear trying to talk you out of it? Don't let time stand in your way. We all have 24 hours. We all have 52 weeks this year. What do you want to spend your weeks doing this year?


Feeling like it's scary to go on a retreat alone?

I gotcha! I felt EXACTLY that way one year ago, before i went on a retreat to Bali. I was afraid no-one would like me or I would feel shy and unimportant in that group of women. It ended up being just a story in my mind. Trust me, you will NOT feel like this in Koh Samui! All of the women who signed up are incredible powerhouses and all have a really big heart. So no need to worry about this at all!




Are there any other fears or thoughts coming up for you? Any questions you may have? I'm here to support you! Be it about traveling to Thailand, be it that you don't have experience with meditation or any self-development or self-love work, be it fears around investing in yourself (vs. normally always spending money on other people, not yourself!), I am here for you.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!


Let's have some life-changing fun experiences together in Koh Samui! Click here to read more or click here to talk to me!


xx Martina