Why You Should Know About The Chakras


Hey Beautiful!

This really blows my mind: The Chakras.


Chakras are the 7 energy centers located along our spine in our energetic body. Every energy center is responsible for a specific area of life, certain organs, and energies we have in our life and therefore responsible for our health and happiness. 

A simple example: The heart chakra. This energy center is located in our chest, in our heart space. It is the green one in my photo above. The heart chakra is responsible for the love energy in our life. Now this includes relationships with others, but also the relationship we have with ourselves - which is where many people struggle, because there they have NO relationship with themselves!

This is the area where heartaches, breakups, and toxic relationship energies are stored energetically. As long as we don't let go of old partners, of toxic people, of love traumas and tragedies that happened to us in the past, this energy center will be blocked. The heart also wants even give and take, so if you're one of those endless givers who always thinks about yourself last, you'd better listen!

Which leads to the fact that Prana, life energy, cannot flow seamlessly through your body, and makes your life difficult, you see yourself in a victim position, are scared to fall in love again, feel lonely, or always pick the wrong guy!


We want flow.

We want the glow.

We want alignment.

We want peace.

We want true love.



A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the beautiful Janna Scharfenberg, a medical doctor, yoga teacher and Ayurveda expert from Zurich for her podcast In Good Health! She asked me all the juicy stuff about the chakras to share with her podcast listeners and I want to share this with you now!

This podcast is in German, so in case you don't speak German - bare with me and give me a little bit of time. People absolutely LOVED this episode and I figured I need to share more about the chakras with you, and how they are connected to overall health, self-confidence, and inside out beauty and glow! So over the next few months, I will definitely share more about this!

In the meantime, I have a free meditation for you (in case you're new here!) that leads you through the chakras, calms your mind, and sparks your confidence:

Now go get your chakras in flow!

Love & Glow,