3 Makeup Mistakes Most Women Make + How To Avoid Them!


Ever wondered how some women can walk around with a brown foundation, when their skin tone is actually pale? Or a strong, orange bulky blush? Or eyeshadow sparkling all over their face? Here are the top 3 mistakes most women make with makeup:

1 – They wear the wrong foundation color

When you go to a mall or department store and are looking for a new foundation, the ladies at the beauty counters will love you! They will do everything to sell you their products. Doesn’t matter if the light is artificial and the color will look completely different when you check it in daylight! And we all want to look a little tanned and fresh, right? 

Ok, now here’s how you can avoid this:

  • Before you buy a product, do half of your face with the new foundation only. Step outside to check the color with natural daylight and compare it with the other half of your face.

  • When in doubt, pick the lighter color. You can always add some more color with a bronzer or a darker powder and blush, but when your foundation is too dark, it’s almost impossible to correct.

  • Be honest! When it’s deepest winter, we all look pale! Still pick the color that matches your current skin tone, or it will look like you went to the solarium. If that’s no option, maybe you should book a trip to the Maldives to get some sun kissed tan! 

  • Less is more. Don’t overdo it with foundation. You can always add more if necessary.

2 – They apply too much blush!!

You know what I’m talking about, right? Blush up to the nose and mouth and a rather intense orange-ish or pink color. I totally get it! It can be quite overwhelming to buy a color in a department store or a makeup store, since they have SO MANY colors and lots of them just look the same, right? Most people think a blush is a blush. That’s not true. Because the little nuances make all the difference. The blush I use is a mixture between an earthy pink and kind of a brick color. While it really depends on your actual skin tone, I would not pick orange (only about 3% of the world’s population could even wear this color!!), nor a strong pink. The blush should not stick out, it should just give your face some freshness. Since there’s still quite a group of women out there wearing their blush so intensely, it terrifies other women who then don’t „like“ blush because of what they’ve seen. But really, that’s not how it should be! Blush is simple, and SO BEAUTIFUL, I swear! 

How can I avoid this?

  • Test the blush with a finger on your wrist first. Lots of cheap products don’t even give you almost any color!

  • Try a few different ones on your hand first and then go with the most neutral one to try it on your face. 

  • Go outside to check with natural daylight. 

  • Step a bit back from the mirror to check both sides are about the same in regards to intensity.

  • Add some powder on top of the blush to make sure it’s soft and lasts longer.

  • Don’t go lower than the nose, don’t go over the middle of your eyes, and leave about one finger between blush and the outer corner of your eye.

  • Once more: Less is more! You can always add more if you feel like it, but if you have too much, it’s hard to correct.

3 – They hurry with their eyeshadow

Most people, when they think about makeup, they think about eyeshadow. And lots of people apply eyeshadow without having a proper foundation. In my expert opinion, the most important makeup steps are: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Blush, Brows. All the rest is just nice to have. But let’s talk about eyeshadows now! So most women apply eyeshadow with that small plastic brush that comes with their 3-color eyeshadow palette. Am I right?? It’s like trying to eat with kid’s cutlery! They take 2 minutes and apply it in a rush. Both eyes don’t look the same, and after a few hours, it’s either gone or completely sticking together in the lid wrinkles.

Here’s how to get this right:

  • Get yourself some real expert brushes! Applying makeup with a proper brush is so much easier, faster, and fun! And you will notice that the result is just so much better, too! You need a small powder brush, an applicator or an eyeshadow brush, and a small blender brush.

  • Powder your eye well with a small brush to make sure it’s not moist from sweat or water. This will make your eyeshadow last longer and not get sticky throughout the day.

  • If you want to apply eyeshadow, take your time. The longer you blend, the longer the color will actually last on your eye. This cannot be done in 1 minute normally.

  • Invest in good quality products. $3 eyeshadows will just not last long. Also, cheap products usually have quite big particles of glitter in them, so when you apply it, it all falls down on your cheeks and makes you sparkle like a christmas ball.

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