{Video} Glamorous Smokey Eyes

Time required: 20-30min

Wanna get smokey for the holidays? Everyone loves this look, as it adds a very dramatic touch to your look! Plus you can do it in all colors and varieties, so creating this look itself is already a lot of fun! I think this is the most extensive makeup look, that’s why it requires some time and patience. And don’t worry if your first trial doesn’t look perfect! It takes time and practice for the perfect smokey eye look!

Here’s what you need for this look:


  • A solid foundation (check module 2)
  • A mineral makeup or any other light powder
  • A dark color like brown, black, dark blue
  • A lighter color if you like, to give your smokey eyes some more playfulness (e.g. dark purple, dark blue, dark green etc.)
  • A silver or white shiny eyeshadow as a highlighter
  • A black eyeliner (not liquid)
  • A mascara
  • A few different light and nude lip stick colors to try


  • A big blender brush
  • An applicator brush
  • A small angled brush
  • An liner brush

Anything else? Patience and practice!

Again, step by step:

  1. Powder your eyes well with the mineral makeup to avoid stickiness of the eyeshadow color. 
  2. Apply a dark eyeshadow color.
  3. Blend everything well.
  4. Apply eyeliner and blend it well with the respective brush.
  5. Highlight your brow bone.
  6. Add mascara.
  7. Don’t forget the blush!
  8. Choose a matching lip color (rather nude tones).

And here’s more!! Check out the course that teaches you everything from skin advice to foundation, brushes, and some more Glam Looks for the holidays!!