3 Ways You're Putting Yourself Last

One of the most common confidence issues women have are often the result of a simple daily habit: they put themselves last. They always worry about others first. They always care for everyone else, and often forget about themselves.

Where does this come from?

Most kids just do whatever the heck they feel like doing. They play the games they want to play in that very moment, they walk away from what they don't like, and they don't care at all what others think of them.

When we grow up, we get trimmed to BE a certain way, to BEHAVE a certain way, and even to LOOK a certain way. We are often put into boxes and try to FIT IN. While trying to fit in, we just want to please others. 

We un-learn to look for yourselves first. We make up stories in our mind, which 99% of the time don't even come true anyway. Instead of wasting your time and energy with all this fitting in, try using this energy for something that really makes a difference: your self-confidence.

3 Indicators You're Putting Yourself Last

Here are 3 typical indicators that you're putting yourself LAST - literally! You only come after your parents, after your siblings, after your partner, after your girlfriends, after your boss, after your household, after your job...

1) You Wake Up Feeling Kind of Unimportant, Empty, or Unfulfilled

Your first thoughts in the morning determine the energy for the rest of your day. Have you ever had a bad day and literally everything went wrong? If you wake up to negative thoughts and feelings several times a week, there might be something going on in your life you need to take a closer look at. Here a few things that can happen to all of us:

  • you didn't eat right and are feeling sluggish
  • your energy is really low and you don't know how you'll get through the day
  • you slept really bad, because of all the stress you're going through at work
  • your face is full of pimples and impurities and you can't even look yourself in the face
  • you just don't want to go back to the office after that fight with your boss
  • you have so many things to do and feel like you never have time to get it all done
  • you wanted to meet with your friends after work, but just can't even imagine going out
  • you're worrying about the stories your girlfriend told you the other day
  • you had an argument with your partner and it just doesn't feel good
  • you're feeling unmotivated, empty and like you're no-one special
  • when was the last time someone even said "thank you" for everything you do for them?

When these emotions are part of your daily life, chances are that you're putting yourself last.

2) You Usually Sleep Through The First Few Days Of Your Vacation

Ever feel like you're so tired and first need to sleep when your vacation starts? I totally get you!! This was 100% me a few years ago! I was always giving it all in my job, and even used up all my spare energy! My batteries were usually below 0 when my days off started, and on my vacation, I usually slept 10 to 12 hours per day and even needed a siesta on top! No matter if I was in paradise at a beautiful beach, in the mountains, or even just visiting my parents. My body could not deal with this and I just needed to rest.

If you feel like this is you, then that's a clear sign that the energy in your life is out of balance and needs readjustments. Maybe there's something you need to change about this.

3) You're Suffering From Adrenal Fatigue

What's that? The adrenal glands are located atop the kidneys and are key factors for a healthy immune system. When they're out of balance, these symptoms might show up in your body:

  • You're feeling tired, but you can't sleep
  • You're craving sugar, sweets, salt, and carbs
  • You're easily irritated and get stressed out quickly
  • First wrinkles and tiredness start showing on your skin
  • You're feeling light-headed and often dizzy
  • You experience crazy mood swings after eating carbs
  • You're blood pressure and blood sugar are low

When you're going through a lot of stress and your immune system is weak, the first thing that happens when you're body gets a little bit of space (e.g. on a longer weekend, or your vacation) is get sick. 

Familiar anyone? I have experienced lots of these health issues without even knowing that this was going on! I definitely didn't put myself and my health and body first back then!

If you resonate with any of these emotions or issues, take a moment and dig deeper. We all have bad days, and that's totally fine. But if you're feeling this way on a regular basis, ask yourself: Do I really want to continue to live like that?

It really breaks my heart seeing BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, AMBITIOUS, and SUCCESSFUL women out there with serious, stressed out, sad, angry expressions on their face. 

You only have one life. And if you're feeling that you're not 100% (and I really mean 100%!) happy with it, it's time to change something about it. So my question for you is:

Are You Ready To Put Yourself First?

After working with many women one on one and experiencing situations of low self-confidence, low drive, and low energy myself, I decided to create this amazing program to help women put themselves first and make a difference in their lives:

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Do you feel like...

  • You’re working like crazy pursuing your career, but never really get to where you want to be (plus you take home your work, which makes it really difficult to switch off your mind)
  • You never have time for yourself and for doing things you'd love to do.
  • You are easily stressed out and find it hard to relax and be balanced.
  • You sometimes can't sleep, because you constantly compare yourself to others.
  • You're struggling with your body image and weight and are never happy with yourself.
  • You are never good enough or pretty enough or skinny enough to be who you really want to be.
  • You've been waiting forever for things to change, but the moment has just not come yet (and you keep waiting for that PERFECT moment!)

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  • Break free from any block, limitations, and negative believes that kept you from being where you dream of being.
  • Feeling balanced in your life and body, knowing exactly how to get what you want for yourself. 

Here's a sneak peak of what's included in GLOW SCHOOL

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Define what it all means to you and decide to do your best to live that vibrant life. Learn about your chakras and how to balance your flow of energy .Tap into the power of meditation and your dreams to get closer to the woman you want to be. Create a lifestyle that is in pure harmony with nature.


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Up-level your self-confidence and live YOUR life to the fullest by PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST! Learn simple daily rituals that boost your self-love, confidence, and happiness.


Nurture your body with healthy food and heal your relationship with food. Get simple recipes and inspiration for healthy food for the busy lady plus shopping lists and more. Open to urban gardening? I've got you covered! Think about women's health and work on yours. Celebrate that you are a healthy and glowing female!


Polish your looks to get that outside beauty glow! Up-level your everyday makeup skills, get hair inspiration and simple styling tips for a busy woman. Plus how to best organize your wardrobe and shop eco-friendly for life!


BIG TIME CHANGES are waiting for you - it's time to create the life of your dreams. Make an action plan for the next 3 months to go out there and get it!! Up-level your beliefs about yourself, about your future, your potential and about money, so you can really design a lifestyle that you ADORE!

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Love & Beauty,

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PPS: This course is NOT for the woman who...

  • doesn't have the desire to be happy (hopefully that's not you!!)
  • doesn't believe that she can change her life, her energy, and her mindset
  • is not ready to do the work and show up for herself
  • is not open to try things she hasn't done before

If this sounds like you, Glow School is definitely not the right thing for you!