4 Simple Ways To Get Lucky And Live Your Dream Life Now

4 Simpel Ways To Live Your Dream Life Now

4 Simple Ways To Get Lucky And Live Your Dream Life Now

I’ve been traveling in the Caribbean for a couple of weeks now, almost two months to be precise, and I’m loving it! You can follow me along on my Instagram stories every day, where I share bits and pieces of our travel experience!

Now, while this is an amazing journey we are on, I notice some people dropping comments like „You are so lucky to be able to travel!“ Or „You’re really living the life, Martina!“. Some people (and maybe even you?) may think I’m lucky to be able to go to the beach every day, to see the sun every day, to sleep in every day.

Well, let me tell you: I am and I am not.

I am lucky, because my soul was fortunate enough to be born in Switzerland in the best family ever.

I am lucky, because I can read and write, I had access to education from kindergarten to university, and it was easy to find a part time job at age 16.

I am lucky, because I was born in a safe, clean, and politically stable country. Thank you, soul, for picking all of this for me.

I recently got my nails done and spoke with the beautiful lady from Venezuela. She had to leave her 10 year old daughter back in Venezuela to be able to work and make money on Aruba. When she shared her story with me, she almost teared up and I could feel how hard life was for her. I felt so sorry for her.

So considering that, I am SO lucky, and I’m so grateful for the life I have today.

But let’s get real now. While I am lucky with a solid foundation and safety, I really don’t believe I’m lucky with where I’m at right now in my life! 

Being able to travel with this location freedom is amazing. But it is not a coincidence that I’m doing this right now and it certainly didn’t fall into my lap. It is the result of consistent actions, self-love, and sometimes pretty hard decisions and a ton of courage.

Important to know: I’m not saying any of this to justify my travel privileges ;) I’m saying all of this to inspire you and show you that I CREATED this life for myself. And if I can do it, you can, too!

The 4 Magic Steps You Need To Take To Live Your Dream Life

While all of this magical life I have today didn’t happen overnight, there are lots of things I consistently worked on while on this journey, and I want to share these with you. Here’s what I did to get here:

1. Have A Vision

When you want to live a „better“ life than the life you’re living right now, start with creating a vision. What does your ideal life look like? Where do you live? What kind of environment do you live in? What’s your ideal job? Where do you travel to? Who is with you? How are you making a difference? Get crystal clear on the tiniest details for the life you want to live.

Task for you: Create a vision board for this dream life, or scroll through Pinterest and make a new pin board where you start collecting pins with all the things you would like to see in your life. (In my case, I had lots of beaches on there, sun, travel, kite surfing, sports, and a soulful relationship)

2. Practice Self-Love

What do your current relationships say about you? Are your friends supportive of your dreams, your crazy ideas, your visions, or maybe rather trying to talk you out of it? What is your romantic relationship like right now? Does it make you feel free and like you can be yourself or does it sometimes feel like a burden and is difficult to deal with most of the time? What’s your job like? Are you enjoying your time at work or are you constantly checking the time for when your next break will start? Are you a workaholic and so busy always that you never really have time for yourself?

Self-love isn’t just about getting a massage or new hair cut. It’s more about how much you truly love yourself on a daily basis, with every action you take. Self-love is saying YES to yourself always, in the tiniest decisions.

Make sure that whenever you say YES to others, you don’t say NO to yourself. -unknown

Task for you: Where are you still saying YES to others where you would actually prefer to say NO, but don’t have the courage or are scared? (In my case, I stayed too long in toxic relationships and in a job that I liked, but wasn’t truly the fulfillment of my soul’s purpose and didn’t always excite me in my heart)

3. Heal all the past $#!t

Part of being able to live the life I have today is because I did a lot of healing work. I had held on to so many past experiences, past relationships, friendships that were physically and emotionally draining me - and let’s be honest, mostly not even consciously! These are almost like dark little pieces of trash that we keep carrying around with us and that make the baggage so heavy. When you can forgive the people who have hurt you so deeply in the past, when you let go of the darkness in your life, you can open yourself up for light, for new energy, for miracles, and for new adventures.

Healing takes you to a whole new level and requires you to shed an old version of yourself. It can be painful - don’t even ask me how many tears I had cried in the process :) I went from running away from the fears and the painful stories I kept telling myself to finding my worthiness, finding love for myself and I started giving love to myself regularly, in the form of quality time, reading, spa, face masks, cozy nights in, positive self-talk, and daily decisions that truly serve me.

Task for you: What came up for you as you read these paragraphs? Is there anyone or anything you experienced in the past that somehow traumatized or really hurt you? How can you forgive this person (or yourself) for what they did to you? What can you do to heal this past wound? (In my case, I had to do a lot of forgiveness work, wrote angry letters, forgiveness letters, burnt them, did meditation and clearing rituals about it, and other healing techniques with a mentor. It truly set me free!)

4. Do the scary mindset work

This one goes hand in hand with the healing process. As we shed those old versions of ourselves, we also need to shed old beliefs that no longer serve us. Negative beliefs about ourselves keep us stuck in the past. Working on your mindset and reprogramming your beliefs about yourself, about work, about love, about how you see life, will help you shift the way you see things and open you up to miracles.

Task for you: What do you really believe about yourself? What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror? What is that first thought that pops up? And what would you like to believe instead? (In my case, I went from believing “I am not enough, nobody loves me, I don't have any friends, people don't like me, what are they going to think if I do X?” to the complete oposite, where I now know that “I am worthy of the life I dream of. I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be loved.”

All of these four steps have helped me become a completely new version of myself, a version where I feel confident in taking the best decisions for myself, where I allow myself to have fun, work less, explore more, and just find more joy in my everyday life. A life where I decide what freedom means to me and where I live this every day.

You can have the exact same thing, my dear. Work through these 4 steps and beautiful changes will unfold!

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