Period Talk + My Top Tips


I really want to address this topic, because several of my clients struggle with their period. From the complete absence of their period to severe PMS to hormonal issues, the pill...

Luckily, I’ve never really had issues or severe pain with my period, but I would be lying if I said I “really liked” the period.

I used to believe it was something negative, told myself “oh no, now I have my period again!” And the emoji how I felt about it would 100% be this one: 🤦🏼‍♀

Today, I see things a little differently. I came to realize that the period is natural! It is a gift from nature to us to create new life. In fact, a healthy period is a sign of a healthy body.

I have learned to embrace it, have learned to live with the different phases of the cycle. I got off all hormones and stopped using nasty tampons. My cycle is now synced with the moon cycles, which just blows my mind! I have never felt better about my cycle before! ♻🌙 And I want you to feel good about it as well.


1) Learn to listen to your body.

The week when you’re bleeding is a week we’re meant to slow down and focus inwards. In this week, don’t expect your body to run as fast on the treadmill as on other days. Reduce your stress at work as well.

2) Take charge of your cycle and your schedule.

If your cycle is regular, you know pretty much exactly when you’ll have your next period. Plan some chill time during those days, so it doesn’t catch you by surprise!

3) Give your body nourishing foods.

Especially when you experience PMS and you’re already easily irritable and emotional, your body needs more love in the form of healthy foods - not chips and chocolate, they can actually make your symptoms even worse.

4) Be loving and gentle with yourself.

If you feel like cuddling up in bed, do it. Don’t push yourself to do things that don’t feel good.

5) Use a menstrual cup.

This is not only #zerowaste, because you basically save 12.000 tampons in trash, it’s also very easy to use and it saves your body from nasty chemicals & pesticides that are used to grow the cotton for it ❌♻ My favorite is from @rubycup Buy 1 + give 1 to a girl in Africa