5 Lessons I Learned In My Business In 2018


Cheers to an amazing new year, lovely! I hope you've had some great first days in this new year and that you're feeling inspired, energized, and rejuvenated after the holidays!

I love this time of the year, because I love dreaming big (which is basically how I've made everything I did last year happen!), I love making plans, and I love being creative and coming up with new ideas, events, and programs for the women I work with.

The 5 Biggest Lessons I Learned In 2018:

This time of the year is also when I reflect and look back on the past year. So much has happened in this past year, and I want to share my top 5 lessons that I've learned for my life and business with you over the next couple of days.

But first, I wanted to share some of the things that happened at the Glow Life HQ in 2018! I am not sharing this to brag, but more to inspire you what's possible when you don't hold yourself back, because you think you're not good enough or you can't do it. Because it's simply not true!

Believe in yourself more!

When you learn to believe in yourself, magical things like these can happen in just 1 year (somebody pinch me!)!


+ I hosted my first ever luxury RETREATS this year! The first one was in Thailand, then another one in Bali. We stayed at the most beautiful villas, all the girls experienced massive breakthroughs and mindset shifts, and made new friends from around the world. To see photos, click here.

+ I started doing EUROPE EVENTS with my signature course, Glow School! We went to Madrid and to London. Meeting my clients in person, giving them a hug, laughing together, eating out and going to fun places makes my heart explode! Glow School will start again soon. To get on the waitlist, just click here and you're all set.

+ I launched my podcast "The Glow Life Podcast" in May and have interviewed some of the most significant people in the health and wellness industry. I just LOVE creating all this content for you! Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes or on the blog.

+ I turned 30 last year and took my family and my best friends to Bali (see photo above)! Yap, never thought I'd ever be able to do this! I got an incredible villa, and we all stayed together to celebrate my birthday in a different way than all 29 years before. The villa gifted me a Balinese dance show in our own garden, it was incredible! Best experience ever!

+ I started my Glow Sister Mastermind group, which is a next level coaching program for health and wellness professionals. These ladies are killing it - filling up their yoga classes, online courses, building beautiful websites, and hosting cooking workshops are just a few things they did in 2018. If you already have a business in the wellness industry and want support to get to the next level, the next mastermind is starting February 1.  Click here for more details. We're going to New York City and have a retreat planned on a European Beach and a Spa & Work weekend in the Swiss Alps!

+ Even though I work a lot, I had more time for myself, my partner, my friends and family than ever before when I was employed.

+ I finally had the courage to quit my part-time job earlier in the year and went full-time with my dream business. I could have quit at least 6 month earlier, but was I too scared and confident enough yet that I could "make it"!

+ I signed up to become a certified Meditation Teacher, which I am so excited about it! My clients love my meditations (not saying this to brag, it's really what they always highlight when I ask them what they love the most about my programs :)), so I cannot wait to record more meditations and teach more classes soon.

What was your no. 1 favorite thing that you did in 2018? Comment below, I'd love to celebrate with you!