REVIEW: The Glow Camp in Thailand (Pt. 1)



Never had I thought I could make this happen. It's been a dream of mine for almost 3 years to host a retreat with women and work with them on self-love and self-care, and on their health, lifestyle, and wellness goals.

Now this dream has come true. And I still can't believe it!

While I've been visualising all of us in our beautiful villa every single day since August, I started preparing all the little details for this magical experience, and I can't wait to share ALL of what we did in Thailand with you here!

Since so many things happened and there were quite a few different parts to the retreat, I decided to make a series of posts about it, so this is only an introduction to this life-changing experience!



I picked the most luxurious and on-brand villa ever! In fact, the reason we actually went to Thailand is because I found that villa and it just felt so right!

All of our spacious rooms had ocean view, and some of them direct access to our beautiful infinity pool. The luxurious bathrooms had a huge window facing little garden with banana trees and tropical green leaves. We had our own villa staff who took care of us 24/7. They were so lovely and supportive all the time. The villa manager even wanted to take a photo with us on the day we left - and we, of course, didn't want to leave!

Days after, the villa posted on Instagram that they can still feel our energy in the space - yayyy!! Our spirit is still there! Energy is so freaking POWERFUL!



We had our private chef prepare all meals for us at the villa, and the food was just beyond DELICIOUS! Some of the women had different food allergies and never eaten Thai food before, so I was a little concerned in the beginning. But I was totally proven wrong! All of them absolutely LOVED the fresh Thai meals, all vegan, unprocessed, and mostly gluten-free as well! 

Our nourishing breakfasts consisted of at least 4 different types of fresh fruit, two difference fruit juices, homemade passion fruit jam and sometimes even freshly baked gluten-free muffins. They also baked their own gluten-free bread, which was so fresh and light that I could have eaten the entire loaf!

Everybody's digestion was PERFECT and everybody was feeling so great and light in their bodies throughout the entire retreat, not to mention the natural weight loss that came with this type of food in this type of environment!



Ahhhh, I could talk about my beautiful ladies for HOURS!!! I am in love with every single one of them and am just so grateful they joined me for this experience! We had a professional chef, a cooking class teacher, a luxury brand store leader, a mental health expert, and a celebrity makeup artist - all of them changing people's lives with their work. They all travelled around the globe from Switzerland, Portugal, and the United States.

The combination of women could not have been more perfect! They bonded so beautifully, found similar stories in each other, and complemented each other in the most perfect way! They all have SUCH incredible gifts to share with the world, and I am beyond excited to be working with such powerhouse women!

I could literally not have better clients than this bunch of glowing women who decided to meet me at the other side of the world!

In the next blog post, I'm sharing everything about what we did during the retreat, the 1:1 coaching, and all the spiritual rituals we had as well!



The next retreat with beautiful goddesses will be in mystical Bali in July this summer! Join me for this luxury experience with a bunch of heart-centred and fun women! Enrollment is now open and limited to 6 women only.

The dates
July 21-25, 2018

What's included:

  • 4 nights in this luxury design villa
  • 5 intensive days of life-changing workshops
  • magical experiences and surprises
  • delicious and healthy vegan food
  • a brunch at one of my favorite local health food cafés
  • incredible transformations
  • dinner celebration party
  • ...

And so much more!

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Limited to 6 women only.