REVIEW: The Glow Camp in Thailand (Pt. 2)



Besides the workshops and coaching work we did, which I will talk about in the next blog post, I also had some side activities planned for my girls! (To read Pt. 1 of this series, click here)



We started every morning with a powerful chakra meditation to get our energies in flow. Chakras are energy centres in the energetic body, and each chakra is responsible for certain organs, certain areas of life, and when blocked, can cause emotional and physical blocks and issues. So every morning we cleansed old stagnant energy, and lit up the fire we have inside of us, visualising the colors of the chakras and the power we can cultivate.

When you take the time for yourself on a daily basis, even though it's as little as 5 minutes, your life will change. Every single woman noticed exactly that! The difference in how they felt after the daily morning ritual was immense compared to the busy everyday life back home!

We also used crystals for some of the meditations (a rose quartz was part of the goodie bag they got upon arrival!), saged and palo santoed to clear the energy field around us, and journaled every freaking single day! Journaling really helps to tap into the subconscious mind and bring out stuff that we think has long gone! By writing out things in a journal, I noticed so many shifts in my clients, and they get so much more clarity about their lives that this was a MUST DO for the Glow Campers!

Yeah, so all of that is exactly what glow girls do!



I had some Thai massage therapists come to our villa and every woman got a personalised spa treatment right in our luxurious space! While Thai massage is a bit different to what most people  think is a massage, everybody loved it and definitely felt relaxed and zen after the treatment!

Cara, who lives on Koh Samui, was our Yoga teacher on two early mornings - everybody loved her, not only for her classy British accent, but for the way she taught the classes. She's also a Qi Gong expert and prepared some unforgettable morning practices for us on the mat as well as on the lawn, where we connected with Mother Earth and recharged ourselves with the grounding energy of nature. Bliss!

And funnily, Glowy, our unicorn floatie, followed us from the yoga mats to the lawn and back to the mats. I knew she has a soul!

On one of the first evenings, our private chef gave us a Thai cooking class and showed us how to prepare vegan Tom Ka, a delicious coconut lime soup, Pad Thai, and tempura vegetables everybody loved. Surprised about how fresh and easy it is to prepare Thai food, everybody felt really inspired to take this lightness and simplicity around food back home after the retreat.



Besides all the hard work we did, we had plenty of time to jump into the pool with our floaties, among others with "Glowy", our unicorn floatie! I had pre-ordered 30 coconuts, so everybody got a coconut a day as an inside beauty treatment!

Our retreat photographer Cherry had a personal photoshoot session with every woman - which will give them memories of this experience that they will never forget! And this is definitely something that you won't get at any other retreat! The girls can use their photos for personal use, but also for their websites, Instagram and other online platforms.

Every night, our villa team prepared a bonfire at the beach for us, which everybody was obsessed with! I actually only had 3 bonfires planned, but the girls wanted me to make sure we get one every single night! We could chill in the big bean bags on the beach, and look up to the stars - these fires also burnt quite some fears and forgiveness letters throughout the retreat as well...!



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Limited to 6 women only.