T-Shirt: Recycled plastic and Swiss made by Sanikai Clothing, Photo: RND Photo Zurich, Hair: Zopfchopf

T-Shirt: Recycled plastic and Swiss made by Sanikai Clothing, Photo: RND Photo Zurich, Hair: Zopfchopf

Living a glowing life means living a conscious life. And that means that everything we do, and everywhere we spend money, we need to ask for transparency. And this includes clothing.


After watching the documentary @truecostmovie in 2015, my entire life changed. I was SHOCKED by how our fashion is made! I cried during the entire film and thought I was living on a different planet.


Garment workers often have 16 hour days and work 7 days a week.


Moms need to leave their kids with family outside of town to be able to make money and send them to school. The kids grow up without mom. How horrible is that!


The toxins and pesticides that are used to make cotton more productive pollute the ground water, which is then drunk by locals - they turn sick or die. They kill fish and other animals in the water and make the waters dead.


The chemicals that are used to dye our clothing are so toxic that people have horrendous skin reactions.


The waste that is a result of our fast fashion industry (picture you buy a T-shirt just for one party and then throw it away) has accumulated to an amount that is almost no longer bearable by our planet. Plus shipping old clothing to developing countries destroys their local market and economy.


There are no benefits in bulk buying fashion and going with the trend of a new trend per week.


Over the last years of coaching, I’ve noticed that so many women go shopping to cover up frustration. Because they “deserve” it for the hard work or the problems they’re going through. This is just like putting a plaster on an open wound - with the difference that lots of people suffer from that.


You vote with every dollar you spend. Vote wisely and make a difference. Buy less and choose consciously. Ask for transparency. Ask for more details. Made in China, Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia is not the future!


Together with a bunch of conscious people from the Swiss fashion industry, we’re organizing a huge event on SATURDAY @kraftwerkcafe. You can find all details in the link of @fashionrevolutionswitzerlandexcited to see you there!!


On Saturday, April 28, we’re celebrating fashion revolution day at Kraftwerk in Zurich! Find over 30 sustainable fashion brands, interesting presentations, panel discussion, film screenings, fashion show and more! For more info, go to fashionrevolution.org/Switzerland

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