It’s time for #haulternatives, alternatives to the crazy shopping hauls lots of young girls do on YouTube nowadays. It’s not about the masses of clothes you can buy for less money, it’s about the love and respect you have for what you already own.

So let me share my #lovestory with my jeans with you! I can’t remember when I bought these, but it must have been while I was still at university, and I finished Uni in 2010. I bought it at Vero Moda (#whomademyclothes please?) as this was way before there was anything like a fashion revolution.

I just love these jeans, because they were high waste and it just feels really good to wear them!

Now over time, the fabric got thinner and thinner and at some point, the first knee started to rip, right when the ripped jeans trend started! The other knee followed soon, and ever since then, I’m wearing them with even more love. I know it’s time for an upgrade lol, but I just can’t throw these away yet and will wear them til their very last day! Also having struggles finding anything even close to comfortable as these ones!

What’s your clothing love story? Share a story today and use the #haulternative to raise the awareness around sustainable fashion!

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